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Guard Source in Final Fantasy VII

Vit Up, also known as Guard Source or DEF Boost, is a recurring item in the series. It permanently boosts a character's Vitality by +1, and is a very rare item in the games it appears in.



Final Fantasy VII

  • Boss reward from Dark Nation for after fight with Rufus on the roof of the Shinra Headquarters
  • In Kalm in the last house in a row, upstairs in the cabinet to the left of a girl.
  • In Junon the last house in the first area on the 3rd floor (next to the soldier guarding beginner's Hall)
  • In Wutai, from the Turtles Paradise Bar, reward for completing the "Turtles Paradise Bar Flyers" subquest.
  • In the City of the Ancients, at the intersection take a right and search the first house.
  • Once you have the Highwind, head back to Rocket Town and go to the item shop (with the old man outside) in the room behind.
  • When returning to Midgar to stop the cannon, just after your fight with the Turks head down instead of up, its quite a way but there is another further down in a chest.
  • At Northern Crater there are three, the first is down the spiral path, in the second chest, at the next screen your given a choice of going right or left, choose right for the second source. From here continue right, to an area that looks like a maze, and jump off the ledge, and choose right again. Stand on the right end of the ledge, facing left to jump up. Enter the cave and open the chest to recieve the last one.
  • Can be Morphed for from Unknown 2, Bagnadrana, Spiral, Maximum Kimaira, and Armored Golem.

Final Fantasy VIII

Vit Up can only be stolen once from Norg Left Pod, and as such can only be Refined from 1 Knight's Code for 1 Vit Up, or 10 Adamantine for 1 Vit Up.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates

DEF Boost can be bought for 500 and raises Defense by 1.

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