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The Series

Virus cards are cards that involve tributing a DARK Monster with varying attack points to cause some sort of disruption in your opponents hand and deck for three turns after its activation. Virus cards always have a Kanji in their artwork in both the OCG and TCG. An interesting fact is that the two words coming before Virus always have the first letter the same and the letter ascends with each new release (the exception being Planet Pollutant Virus, as it was created for Aliens.) Seto Kaiba uses some of the Virus cards in the anime.

Play Style

These cards are probably best put in a Zombie Deck for their ability to disrupt your opponents monster flow while you get out your more powerful Zombies, or almost any deck that utilizes a large amount of Dark Monsters with a lot of monsters with different attack points. Another good place to put these cards are in a Cyberdarks deck since the Cyberdarks are DARK Attribute meaning they can be tributed, they can change their attacks by changing their equip monster so they can fill the requirements of any of the Viruses, and lastly if you are using One of the Cyberdarks' effects to equip a monster the equipped monster will be destroyed.

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