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EverQuest 2 Spell Information
Spell Icon
Heroic Opportunity Icon
An augmentation that increases the strength and wisdom of the templar's ally. This spell does not require any concentration, but can only be maintained on a single ally.

Target Group Friend
Power 36
Casting 2.0 seconds
Recast 10.0 seconds
Duration Until Cancelled
Range Up to 20.0 meters
Level 26



  • Increases STR and WIS of target by (see below)
Virtue Spell Line
26 40 54 68 79
Spell Effects by Spell Rank
Effect Apprentice Journeyman Adept Expert Master Grandmaster
Increase STR and WIS  ? 33 36 42 48

Gray cells correspond to unavailable ranks of the spell.

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From the eWrestling Encyclopedia.

Federation Name Virtue
Established 1976 (2010)
Owner Michael Weaves
Federation type Roleplay based
Pay-per-views None.

Virtue was a low budget, untelevised wrestling company in New York from the mid-seventies to the mid-eighties. It was known for being a fed that paved the way for many other wrestling organizations to build upon; being the root for many successful federations to come. The business was followed mostly by a cult following of attendees and subscribers to the VHS package that began in 1985.


Early History

In 1976, Michael Weaves founded the New York City wrestling territory, Virtue. Implementing its unique eighteen-inch high ring, it became the center for the growth of high flying competition, while clashing with the traditional mat-based and power house styles.

The unique blend of styles gave Michael Weaves and his brain child, Virtue, a stronghold over the New York City territory. Despite existence based solely on word of mouth and actual fan attendance, the company saw sold out arenas wherever they went in the tri-state area.

Though, from its inception on into the mid-eighties, its push was merely a result of fierce in-ring competition, who were paid per show. The only consistent superstars were those who held the Cup of Nineteen Virtues or the tag teams that held the Brothers In Arms belts.

All of that changed in 1985, when Michael Weaves found his own plot of land and founded the Frontier Arena in Downtown, Manhattan. With a hotel and a restaurant built inside, it was perfect. The boom began.

This time, however, has no recorded history due to the more basic nature of the company. As such, the timeline before 1985 is rarely discussed.

The Golden Age

The Golden Age of Virtue began when the Frontier Arena was purchased, lending to stability for the company. It was further exacerbated by VHS packages on subscription to followers of the business.



  • Virtue Forums

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Marvel Database

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From Marvel Database

Character Template Help
Moral Man

Ethan Edwards (Earth-616)
Real Name
Ethan Edwards (adopted name)
Current Alias
Moral Man

Moral Man, Virtue, the Tiller



Ma, Pa, and Sis Edwards (adoptive family)


Base Of Operations
formerly Iowa and New York, currently somewhere overseas


6' 10" (Variable)

295 lbs (134 kg)




Marital Status

Aid worker; former reporter for the Daily Bugle

Alien; Enhanced Skrull

Place of Birth
Unknown planet in the Skrull Empire

First appearance

Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #13
(June, 2005)




Many years ago Galactus had chosen to devour a planet inhabited by Skrulls. The planet's chief scientist knew the planet was doomed. He devised a plan to ensure the safety of his newborn son. The scientist imbued his son with powers far greater than any previously seen in the Skrull race. The child was then placed inside a specially designed craft and set course for a new planet. Upon arrival the child would disquise itself as a native until it was deemed ready to conquer the planet.

The craft landed in Iowa one night and a couple witnessed its arrival. Upon inspection of the craft it opened, and the couple was amazed to see a child inside. They considered it a divine gift and decided to adopt him, unaware of his true nature. Named Ethan and raised on the farm, he had a strong moral upbringing. After realizing Ethan had incredible powers his parents taught him the importance of keeping them a secret. Eventually once Ethan had become a young man he felt he had a greater purpose in life and so left the farm.


After moving to New York, Ethan landed himself a job at the Daily Bugle, and was soon being referred to as their 'new star reporter' by J Jonah Jameson. Peter Parker was at the Bugle in time to be introduced to Ethan and was then teamed up with him for a feature on Spider-Man after landing himself a new full time position.

On Peter's first day back, he and Ethan were taking a trip downtown when they spotted a man hanging from a window ledge. Peter quickly found a place to change into Spider-Man but the man fell from the window. He was caught in the air by a hero wearing a green cape. Inside the building Spider-Man tangled with the Absorbing Man. The green caped hero reappeared and sent Creel halfway across Manhattan with a single blow.

The two had a rendezvous atop a building, where the hero revealed himself to be Ethan and that he knew Spider-Man's identity. Ethan also revealed he wanted to use his powers for the good of mankind and Peter reluctantly agreed to be Ethan's superhero mentor.

Wanting to discover the full extent of Ethan's powers and their origins, Spider-man took his new friend to the Baxter Building. Following some tests by the Fantastic Four, Ethan (now calling himself 'Virtue') proved to be in the same strength bracket as the Thing, able to see in any light spectrum, and able to match the Human Torch's speed and maneuverability in the air. Later that day Ethan's face was captured and broadcast on TV. Upon returning to the Bugle everyone knew who this new hero was and wanted his story.


Peter got a call from Mister Fantastic. Reed explained he and the FF had found the craft that brought Ethan to Earth. In Iowa near the site, the Fantastic Four were quizzing Ethan's dad when Ethan arrived. The craft suddenly began to talk to Ethan in Skrull. He attacked the Fantastic Four before his dad defused the situation. Ethan then flew away.

Back in NY, Ethan was now seemingly operating on a new set of directives, again appearing as Spider-Man was investigating Absorbing Man and the Owl. Ethan destroyed the building, unknowingly killing an informant Spider-Man was looking for.

He returned to the Baxter building and demanded to see Reed Richards again. However, the Fantastic Four were still examining the craft back in Iowa. After smashing through the exterior of the building, the Avengers (who had been alerted by Spider-Man) arrived to try and stop him.

Seeing the events on TV, Aunt May and Jarvis arrived from Stark Tower. They managed to talk Ethan down by convincing him of the good he could do in the world by helping the needy. Following this advice Ethan moved overseas to help the less fortunate. He began to heal the sick and wounded. Hearing this from Parker puzzled Mister Fantastic; the craft did not mention any healing powers...

Powers and Abilities


  • Shapeshifting
  • Superhuman strength at a level equal or greater to the Thing
  • invulnerablity
  • flight on par with Johnny Storm if not faster
  • heat beams from eyes
  • enhanced vision
  • healing

    Strength level

at least 85 tons


  • The character's similar origins and abilities show a strong influence of Superman (albeit parodied so that everything that usually works for Superman just seems stupid when Ethan does it), particularly with regards to an alien origin, a sole survivor of a race, and his arrival in the countryside of Earth, where he was taken in by an older couple. His powers also reflect those of Superman, such as super strength, flight, super speed and maneuverability, x-ray vision, and the ability to project energy beams (though from his hands rather than his eyes). However, he lacks the character's invulnerable 'aura', meaning that although he himself is never injured his costumes always end up in tatters. Ethan's healing power can also provide a link between Superman and Jesus Christ (the very religious figure than Ethan was raised to believe in).


Discover and Discuss

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From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki.

Production information

Imperial prison barge

Technical specifications
Hyperdrive system



Rise of the Empire era

Earliest sighting



Galactic Empire


The Purge was an Imperial prison barge used during the Galactic Civil War.


The Imperial prison barge Purge was in service to the Imperial Corrections Service around the time of 1 BBY. Warden Bissley Kloth was commander of the ship at this time. After the barge's engines became non-functional while in transit to a detainment moon, the crew was forced to send a salvage team aboard a nearby derelict Star Destroyer in an attempt to scavenge repair parts. Some of the prisoners onboard during the journey were Aur Myss, Von Longo, his sons Trig and Kale, and the smugglers Han Solo and Chewbacca.

The team obtained the necessary parts, but didn't encounter any crew members aboard the Star Destroyer. Shortly after returning to the Purge, however, most of the salvage team began to show symptoms of an unknown infectious disease, which proved to be uniformly fatal in the short term. Even though the Purge's chief medical officer, Zahara Cody, immediately quarantined the members of the team, it did not stop the spread of the virus. Almost all the beings aboard the Purge were quickly infected with the pathogen, overwhelming the barge's medbay. Less than twelve hours after the initial engine malfunction, only six beings were left alive on board the Purge: two Imperial officers, Dr. Cody and Captain of the Guard Jareth Sartoris, as well as four prisoners, the two Longo brothers, as well as Han Solo and Chewbacca. After being attacked by the mysteriously reanimated corpses of the barge's crew and prisoners, the survivors were forced to abandon the Purge and take refuge in the derelict Star Destroyer, the Vector.

Following the incident, the Purge was recovered, and messages that were found aboard the barge were released to the public for academic purposes.



  • Death Troopers: Recovered Messages from Purge

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