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Map of the farm area.

Vinesweeper is a Farming-based members-only minigame released on 19 February 2008. Official worlds for this minigame are 51 and 78.



  • Spade (or 5 coins to buy one; the Tool Leprechaun can store a spade)
  • 5,000 coins to rent 10 flags, possibly more in case you lose a flag. First 10 flags are free.
  • or 50 points per flags.

Getting to the Minigame

At any farming patch with a Tool Leprechaun wandering around, right-click him and click 'teleport'. Request to be teleported to the minigame. He will then say "Avach nimporto" and you will find yourself at the minigame. There is a portal North-East of the farmhouse to return to the patch. Familiars and pets cannot be brought into the minigame.

The message received when trying to bring a follower to Winkin's Farm.

Playing the game

A player inspecting.

It is suggested to go to world 78, for world 78 is where most of the players go. To start, speak to Farmer Blinkin or Mrs. Winkin, who will give you 10 free flags and tell you how to play the game. You can only have a maximum of 10 flags.

The game involves a grid of holes. After digging at a hole with a spade a number will appear at the digging location. The number indicates the number of adjacent squares that hold a seed. The numbers range from zero to seven. (0 is invisible, 1 is blue, 2 is green, 3 is red, 4 is yellow, 5 is purple, 6 is teal, 7 is very light brown.)

A player planting a flag.
In case of a zero, the minigame will show an empty area if the edge of the empty area is close enough the numbers on the edge will be displayed instantly too. Digging at a location that carries a seed, destroys the seed.

After locating a square with a seed indicate the location by planting a flag. A farmer will retrieve the seed and give points as a reward. If the indicated location does not carry a seed, the flag will be lost and the number of points is reduced.

Once you have used your 10 flags, you will need to retrieve them from Farmer Blinkin or Mrs. Winkin, who will also offer to replace any you have lost for 500 coins each. Mrs. Winkin will also sell them for 50 points.



A rabbit.

After planting a flag, rabbits will race the farmers to the indicated spot. Rabbits can be chased away by feeding them Ogleroot, which can be found during the digging process. This will give you 30 Hunter experience. If a rabbit reaches your flag before the farmer is finished digging up the seed, you lose the flag and get no points.


  • There never is a seed on the edge of a numberless spot, so if there are mounds next to an empty spot its always safe to click those.
  • If you don't know where to start or if you think there is a seed but you are not sure, use the investigate option. It doesn't always work, but it doesn't hurt to try.
  • Don't plant a flag near a rabbit hole (they're on the outer rim of the fields).
  • Always stay close to farmers to increase the chance a rabbit will be too late.
  • If you can't figure out where the seeds are, it's possible to follow other players, but you get (less) points that way too.
  • The number of points received for identifying a seed is related to your farming level. At very low levels, digging up ground is more efficient than planting flags.
  • As this minigame is based on Minesweeper, see the Wikipedia page for more information. If you do not wish to risk losing flags while learning to play, playing Minesweeper can be a good way to start off. Many computers automatically have this game, and free online versions can be found.
  • Playing near edges helps you when a seed is near your chance to pick a seed, because there are less holes to pick from.
  • Whenever possible, play with other players.It allows you to cover more land and locate seeds quicker. You should remember that you can get points for their finds as well as yours (providing you are close enough). It also makes the game more enjoyable as a whole.



The points interface.
Action Amount of points received
Digging up empty spot 1 per square uncovered
Farmer digs up your seed Varies from 1+
Farmer digs up someone else's seed Note 1 10+
Digging up seed -10 (penalty)
Farmer digs up empty spot Flag lost
Rabbit finds your flag Flag lost

Points can be spent by trading with Mrs. Winkin inside the house.

Note 1 You have to be close to the spot where the flag is planted

Farming experience

One farming experience costs from 1 point (at level 40+) to 7.75 points (below level 40.) A player would need around 101.01m vinesweeper points to get 1-99 farming in one exchange unless the game automatically changed the rates while exchanging; in this case a player would need around 13.16 million points.

You only get farming experience for trading in points.

Farming Seeds (and other items)

Mrs. Winkin trade option.

Item name (top row) Points needed Item name (middle row) Points needed Item name (bottom row) Points needed
Tomato seed 10 Woad seed 30 Poison ivy seed 30
Sweetcorn seed 150 Limpwurt seed 70 Acorn 100
Strawberry seed 165 Asgarnian seed 5 Willow seed 1800
Watermelon seed 680 Krandorian seed 20 Maple seed 12000
Guam seed 10 Redberry seed 5 Pineapple seed 10000
Marrentill seed 10 Cadavaberry seed 5 Yew seed 29000
Ranarr seed 4000 Dwellberry seed 5 Palm Tree seed 35000
Kwuarm seed 1000 Jangerberry seed 10 Spirit tree seed 55000
Tarromin seed 10 Whiteberry seed 25 Super compost potionNote 1 5000
Nasturtium seed 10 Wergali seed 3800 Flag 50
Note 1 The Super compost potion needs the Garden of Tranquillity quest to be completed. Although labeled as Super compost potion in the trade window, the item name is Compost potion (4).

Making money

Most items traded from Mrs. Winkin can be sold to other players or at the Grand Exchange. Flags are not tradeable. Experience for planting per seed bought is also given. It assumes an average harvest of 15 for allotments, 7 for clean herbs, 10 for hops, 4 for bushes, and 6 for fruit trees (even though bushes and fruit trees can be harvested more than once). Experience growing a seed can be compared to the points needed to buy it, as points can be traded directly for experience. Note that allotments and hops require planting multiple seeds.

Prices are updated at Grand Exchange Market Watch/Farming.

Item Points needed Coins per seed Coins per point Experience per seed grown Coins per seed harvested per point
Tomato seed 10 7 0.7 74.17 38
Sweetcorn seed 150 496 3.31 100.67 3.4
Strawberry seed 165 767 4.65 153.67 1.36
Watermelon seed 680 4,217 6.2 288.67 0.68
Guam seed 10 24 2.4 98.5 420
Marrentill seed 10 10 1 118.5 428.4
Tarromin seed 10 28 2.8 142 598.5
Ranarr seed 4000 40,300 10.08 240.5 18.9
Wergali seed 3800 3,070 0.81 413.3 8.43
Kwuarm seed 1000 10,700 10.7 615 46.45
Nasturtium seed 10 2 0.2 130.5 19.1
Woad seed 30 4 0.13 136 0.73
Limpwurt seed 70 1,237 17.67 141.5 32.39
Asgarnian seed 5 18 3.6 32.63 3.5
Krandorian seed 20 3 0.15 53.13 0.88
Redberry seed 5 17 3.4 93.5 82.4
Cadavaberry seed 5 40 8 148.5 12
Dwellberry seed 5 76 15.2 237 114.4
Jangerberry seed 10 31 3.1 410.5 359.2
Whiteberry seed 25 460 18.4 631.5 1033.6
Poison ivy seed 30 868 28.93 974 862.4
Acorn 100 31 0.31 481.3 1.59
Willow seed 1800 9,828 5.46 1481.3 0.04
Maple seed 12000 56,300 4.69 3448.4 0.01
Yew seed 29000 119,200 4.11 7150.9 0.16
Pineapple seed 10000 16,200 1.62 4791.7 0.04
Palm tree seed 35000 106,000 3.03 10509.6 0.25
Spirit tree seed 55000 untradeable N/A 19501.3 N/A
Super compost potion (4)
on 4 compost buckets
5000 2,436 0.49 48 0.66
Super compost potion (4)
on 4 compost bins (60 buckets)
5000 57,660 11.53 720 9.97
  • Experience and return/point values for "harvesting" supercompost are the differences between using/selling supercompost versus using/selling compost.
  • For a lot of the high level seed rewards, the amount of experience for growing per seed is less than the experience you could get by purchasing farming experience. For example, it takes 29000 points to purchase a yew seed. The experience for growing per seed is only 7150.9 xp while purchasing farming experience is 29000 exp (if your farming level is 40+).



  • Vinesweeper is almost based on minesweeper, a computer game.
Vinesweeper farm house
  • The house in the farm is similar to that of the Hobbit holes in The Lord of the Rings.
  • The main NPCs bear the names "Winkin" (the Mrs. and absent Mr.) and Farmer "Blinkin". This is a reference to a bedtime poem about three fishermen named Wynken, Blynken, and Nod who sail into the sky in a wooden shoe. The poem alludes to a sleeping child and, specifically, the world of dreams. "Now Winkin' and Blinkin' are two little eyes and Nod is a little one's head. And the wooden shoe that sailed the skies is a wee one's trundle bed." Full text at Home of Love - Nursery Rhymes.
  • When you examine the portal is says: Gnome sweet Gnome?, a pun on Home! Sweet Home!? (examine of the house portals)
  • The Tale of Peter Rabbit is a children's book about a rabbit sneaking into Mr. McGregor's garden and eating as many vegetables as he can before being chased around. He is also in another book The Tale of Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle (name similar to Mrs. Winkin).
  • During the quest Grim Tales it is possible to find Mr. Winkin imprisoned near the Witch's Experiments.
  • You were not able to enter Vinesweeper - even after the Christmas Event - with an Ice amulet.
  • It is very difficult to completely solve the entire game as dug up holes will eventually reset. This has been done by a few players who spent roughly 2 hours doing so, nothing different happens than filling a small area so unless you have time on your hands this is not recommended. In Minesweeper, it is possible to solve the game without planting flags.
  • If a gnome farmer gets to your flag, and then a rabbit gets there before the gnome farmer says anything, the rabbit will eat the seed and you will not receive the points.
  • If you are wearing a Cap and Goggles or a Runecrafter hat, with the goggles on, you can still get the message, "You get some mud in your eye and it stings! You have no idea what is in the hole."
  • It is possible to trade while playing the minigame, so it's useful for giving items to a friend who would normally be far away.


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