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Vincent is Jacob's Nemesis


  • When the plane crashes there is no way Vincent could survive as he is locked below where the luggage is stored. Like mentioned below he would have drowned being locked away in his kennel.
    • Perhaps Walts special powers saved Vincent somehow, it is interesting that both Walt and Vincent had no injuries from the crash
  • Jacob's nemesis possesses Vincents body as a way to infiltrate the survivors to watch over them, carefully watching them to select his pawn.
  • Vincent periodically disappears from the survivors possibly to morph into other forms such as the smoke monster.
  • As far as the photo of the dog in Jacob's cabin it could be a reminder of who he is fighting against in this on going war.
  • After much observation Vincent/Nemesis could see that John Locke was where the others rested their faith. This was his opportunity to then possess him and fight against Jacob as Jacob requested to see John. This could explain the two John Lockes in the season finale of season 5.

Vincent is an incarnation of the island.


  • Vincent should actually have died (drowned) in the plane crash - he would have been locked in a kennel under the plane.
    • Vincent did die in the crash, now he's back to life in the same way that Christian Shepard is, probably being itself, but at the same time being an instrument in carrying the will of the Island.
  • The Island can manifest animals (i.e. Kate's Horse and "Hurley Bird".)
  • When Jack, Charlie and Kate move out for the jungle to get the transceiver from the cockpit in "Pilot, Part 1", they are watched by Vincent. The camera direction seems to indicate this is significant.
  • Vincent does not ultimately leave the island with Walt - perhaps because he cannot. He does however try to swim after Walt during his first attempt to leave with Michael. This may be 1) an attempt to protect Walt from the futility of trying to sail away from the island and the accompanying physical risks, as well as how the Others learn of the attempt and where to find Walt.

Wally Bole - Reincarnated

  • Vincent the dog could be Dr. Vincent 'Wally' Bole. Dr. Bole met Alvar Hanso at a life extension workshop. As a way to prolong his life, perhaps Dr. Bole infused his conscience with that of Vincent the dog. A bit far fetched I know but people are moving through time so come on. Seeing as he was only mentioned in the ARG or 'The Lost Experience' I doubt the writer/producers will ever touch back on it. Here's hoping they will though.

Vincent Jacob's spy


  • Even is Vincent's body didn't wash up on shore, the presence of (Jacob's) similar looking dog on the island might pass for Vincent.
  • Jacob took the appearance of Vincent to act as a to determine the good and bad people among the Losties for his list. This is how he got his information.
  • Taking on the appearance of Vincent also allowed Jacob/the Island to protect/observe/comfort/guide Walt - who according to Bea and the Others is one of the "very special" people (such as Locke) and does not want to leave the island.
  • In the 13th mobisode, Christian tells Vincent to go wake up Jack right after the crash. Christian claims to speak on Jacob's behalf.


  • While it appears that the Island can manifest people and animals (i.e. Christian, Kate's black horse), it is not clear that these are Jacob, though in Cabin Fever, it mas evidenced that Jacob can leave the cabin.
  • The producers have attributed some of these apparitions as manifestations of the Monster.

Vincent IS Jacob


  • The producers have said that Jacob was in the pilot and that we have already seen him. Vincent was the second character we met.
  • In an interview done prior to Jacob's appearance in "The Incident", Michael Emerson says that we have never heard the person who plays Jacob "speak", and we will probably never hear him speak again.
  • Searching for or chasing after Vincent is the driving force when important events have happened. However, Vincent doesn't directly make any of these things happen. In "The Incident," when Jacob tells Hurley about the Ajira flight, he says "It's your choice. You don't have to do anything you don't want to." Jacob, whether in Vincent form or man form, appears to only be able to influence events by putting the Losties in a position to do or not do certain things, but cannot do them himself or make anyone do them.

Vincent is immortal

  • Vincent has eternal life, perhaps similarly to Richard. He has always inhabited the island and will always remain there. After traveling back to the '70s, he remains there for the next 30 years until Flight 815 crashes again, and he then once again becomes the same Vincent that we have seen. The cycle then continues indefinitely. Walt's dog prior to the crash was a completely different dog that died in the crash.
    • I find this theory very interesting but it seems unlikely that: 1)the one dog on the island is of the same breed as Walts. and 2)That Walt couldn't tell it wasn't Vincent, pet owners know their pets behaviour and small details in their appearance. Although weirder things have happened on the island.

Vincent as plot device (primarily).


  • Javier Grillo-Marxuach called Vincent "the dog of doom," perhaps signifying that his appearances are bad omens. Bad things seem to happen to people who are around him: Vincent is the cause of Walt being attacked by the polar bear, Shannon is killed (which is partially his fault, as Shannon was looking for him when she was shot), Vincent tripped the alarm when Scott Jackson was killed, leading Sayid, Locke, and Boone away from the beach, Ana Lucia briefly takes care of Vincent and is later killed, Nikki and Paulo are buried alive when Vincent is close.
  • It is Vincent, not Walt, that has psychic powers: when something "strange" happens to or around Walt, Vincent is with him (the bird in the flashback, throwing the knife, etc.); when Walt appears to Shannon, she's taking care of Vincent; Vincent finds the DHARMA van and knows Nikki and Paulo are still alive.
    • The birds during the Room 23 scene happened without the presence of vincent.
      • Dogs have extremely heightened senses compared to humans so its not all that outrageous that he could tell Nikki and Paulo were still alive
  • Before the series' end, Vincent will have his own on-island flashback, a la "Expose," revealing on-island character and island secrets that he has witnessed.
    • This would be a clever idea, because he can't understand human speech and could therefore randomly walk off at cliff-hanger moments.
  • Vincent is somehow connected with, which is a Hanso Foundation-affiliated organization from The Lost Experience that involved yellow Labrador retrievers with telepathic powers. In support, Vincent is a yellow Lab, the director of Retrievers of Truth is Dr. Vincent "Wally" Bolé, who shares his first name with Vincent, and "Wally Bole" is an anagram for "yellow lab". Also one of the website's original passwords was "Porter", the same as the last name of Brian Porter who was Vincent's original owner. Brian Porter also resided in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, which is relatively (on a global scale) close to Luxembourg, where Wally Bole was based.
  • Vincent will get a flashback and in it we will find out what he's seen whilst away from the survivors.
  • Vincent could be a reference to Trixie, the late dog of the thriller-fantasy writer Dean Koontz, and a hint or salute to the writer's work.
  • Vincent is the dog who appeared to Locke's foster mother after his foster sister died, and stayed with her for 5 years. After the island moves to the past (with Locke and Vincent among others) Locke will eventually be able to send Vincent to the real world (in the past as well). Remember that Locke descrived that dog as a Golden retriever, and Vincent is a Yellow Labrador Retriever.

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