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Vima Sunrider
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Before 4,000 BBY

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Red (previously blonde)

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Old Republic era

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Jedi Exile (Informal)[1]

Vima Sunrider was a female Human Jedi Knight in the days of the Galactic Republic. Born c. 4,000 BBY, she was the daughter of Nomi and Andur Sunrider.





"The Force had already been awakened in my daughter. I shouldn't have been surprised. She was the daughter of one…well…two Jedi."
―Nomi Sunrider — (audio)Listen (file info)
Vima on Rhen Var.

As a child Vima attracted much attention from her parents and other Jedi for her Force potential. In the years following the end of the Great Sith War, her mother Nomi lived on Coruscant, where she held the title of 'councilor'. Nomi was also a well-known Jedi Master, becoming leader of the Jedi while becoming embroiled in Republic politics on the capital.

Thus, she had little time to spend with her daughter Vima, who grew up to be somewhat rebellious and impatient as she. During the Jedi Convocation on Exis Station in 3,986 BBY, she became bored and stole one of the small ion mining ships in an attempt to fly with a corona work crew. Unfortunately, Vima found herself trapped in the magnetic storms of the star Teedio. Luckily, Vima was rescued by the Twi'lek Jedi Tott Doneeta who brought her back to Exis Station, where she faced her mother's stern rebukes. Nomi questioned her daughter's actions, asking how she could expect to become a Jedi with such brash choices. Vima responded by saying that if Nomi would spend more time training her, she could have gotten out of it herself.


"I am the daughter of Nomi Sunrider. I won't leave this place until I'm a Jedi."
―Vima on Rhen Var
Vima trains with Ulic Qel-Droma.

Impatient and frustrated, Vima stowed away on the spacer Hoggon's transport. When Hoggon discovered her, she showed him a hologram of the ex-Jedi Knight and former Sith Lord Ulic Qel-Droma. He immediately recognized him as the man whom he transported to the frigid world Rhen Var in the Outer Rim. Having arrived, he gave her a transmitter to contact him before leaving the planet. She then braved the snowy wastes of the planet and eventually came across Ulic's fortress.

Having met him, Vima persuaded Ulic to train her as a Jedi. He refused to do so at first, but after rescuing her from a blizzard, he reluctantly agreed and began instructing her in the ways of the Force. Despite the fact he could no longer touch the Force, the fallen Jedi was proven to be an excellent teacher, and Vima was proven to be an excellent learner.

Vima in training

Shortly before her training was complete, her mother arrived on Rhen Var. She tried to take Vima back home, but Vima refused to go with her, claiming that Ulic was her master now. She then showed her mother how far she had progressed, and Nomi decided that she had made the right choice on her master. But shortly after this, Ulic was fatally shot by Hoggon. Before dying, he thanked Vima for helping him find peace with himself. Nomi once again took her daughter as her apprentice to finish her training.

Later History

In 3,980 BBY she placed an entry in the Great Holocron regarding Ulic's redemption. Vima eventually became one of the greatest Jedi of her generation, and even thousands of years later she was described as "legendary". Vima was also one of several Masters to train the Jedi Exile before the Mandalorian Wars.[1] Vima's descendant Vima-Da-Boda was also a Jedi, roughly 4,000 years later.

Behind the scenes

Vima Sunrider was originally planned to be one of the main characters in the videogame Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic instead of Bastila Shan; the name Bastila Shan then belonged to the Cathar Jedi, one of the player's party members. The use of Vima in the game had to be abandoned, apparently due to trademark issues over the name "Sunrider." When the developers made Bastila a Human taking Vima's place in the plot, the Cathar character was renamed Juhani.


Vima's lightsaber.
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Vima Sunrider

Vima Sunrider was the daughter of Nomi Sunrider and a Jedi Knight.


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