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The Vikings' Cove
The Vikings' Cove on the World Map

The Vikings' Cove, also known as the Viking Base, is the base of operations for a group of vikings in Final Fantasy III. It is located on the Floating Continent, in the Myraluka Valley beyond Tozus, and south of the Nepto Temple.

The Inn here charges 40 gil and there is a Revive Wellspring in a secret passage. The cannon inside is a scenery element and can be used, but doesn't affect gameplay.



Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. (Skip section)

As the Light Warriors leave the Tozus Tunnel, they find themselves at the Myraluka Valley. There they find a village of Vikings inside a cave. There they learn that the Nepto Dragon has gone rampart and try to search for its cause, being rewarded with the ship Enterprise for discovering it. They thus head for the Nepto Temple.

After restoring order in the shrine, they return to the Vikings' Cove to alert the Vikings that all's well. They then leave to explore the sea.




Item Cost Effect
Potion 50 gil Restores 50 HP.
Eye Drops 40 gil Removes Blind.
Antidote 80 gil Removes Poison.
Gold Needle 100 gil Removes Petrify.
Maiden's Kiss 100 gil Removes Toad.


Item Location
Spark Dagger Hidden area in First Floor
Blizzara Hidden area in Second Floor
Fira Hidden area in Second Floor
Thundara Hidden area in Second Floor
3000 Gil Near Wellspring
Viking Axe Near Wellspring


Item Cost Type LV Effect
Fire 100 gil Black 1 Deals fire damage.
Blizzard 100 gil Black 1 Deals ice damage.
Sleep 100 gil Black 1 Inflicts Sleep.
Thunder 700 gil Black 2 Deals lightning damage.
Poison 700 gil Black 2 Deals damage, inflicts Poison.
Blind 700 gil Black 2 Inflicts Blind.
Mini 1000 gil White 2 Causes and cures Mini status.

Enemy Encounters

Outside (Land)

Outside (Sea)

Note: The Nepto Dragon will only appear if you attempt to go through the small channel to the ocean before the plot event in Nepto Temple. It is too strong to defeat.


Similar to Kazus, the "Djinn's Curse" is played, followed by "Return of the Warrior" when the Nepto Dragon's rage is quelled.

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