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A Zabrak vigo.
"To be a Vigo in Black Sun is to enjoy more power than all but a handful of beings in the entire galaxy."
Xizor to his assembled Vigos

A vigo was a lieutenant in Black Sun that reported directly to the organization's head. Each of the syndicate's nine vigos was responsible for a region of the galaxy and a particular segment of Black Sun's operations. After the syndicate leader died, a new leader was appointed from the nine vigos. Xizor himself was a vigo before rising to command Black Sun. The word vigo meant "nephew" in Old Tionese, which "fostered the illusion that the top managers of the organization were family and thus made them appear stronger to outsiders."[1]

The known vigos in 33 BBY were:

Although all nine vigos were massacred by Darth Maul in the course of that year, the organization nonetheless recovered. In 27 BBY Jango Fett accepted and carried out a contract from Dreddon the Hutt to kill a vigo named Antonin. A Twi'lek named Cash Garrulan was a vigo by 24 BBY, and Xist, a Falleen, held the rank in 19 BBY. Ziro the Hutt also held the rank of vigo during the Clone Wars. Little further evidence is available, however, until the last years of the Galactic Empire.

The vigos at the time of 3.5 ABY included:

In 3.5 ABY, Prince Xizor ordered Guri to kill Green the Human, as Green had betrayed Xizor despite Green's high position in Black Sun.

By 137 ABY, the Houk Lun Rask was Black Sun's vigo in the Arkanis sector.


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