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Release date Unknown edit
Race Undead
Members NPC? Yes
Quest NPC? Miniquest - Ghostly robes
Location Edgeville Dungeon, Slayer Tower
Sells items? No
Skill requirement? No
Quest requirement? Yes - Desert Treasure, The Restless Ghost
Gender Male
Examine Seems to flitter in and out of existence...
Notable features Cursed by Zaros to exist in the Shadow Realm
Viggora was once a powerful and vicious human warrior who followed Zamorak, who, at the time of Viggora's life, in the late Second Age, was a Mahjarrat general serving under the Empty Lord, the god Zaros. Nowadays, Viggora wanders as a cursed spirit; an invisible ghost who cannot be seen or heard, save for those who possess enchanted jewellery such as the Ring of Visibility, which can be obtained after completing the Smoke diamond section of the Desert Treasure quest. Viggora is the final NPC that players must speak to in the Ghostly Robes miniquest, and explains much of the story of Zamorak's betrayal of Zaros.


Viggora was, for much of his early life, a warrior, and claims that "I had little interest in gods and their magicks, and certainly didn't respect them.", but, all the same, found himself involved with the forces of Zaros, a powerful deity who had come to much power during the Second Age, known as the Age of Gods. Viggora was a close companion of Zamorak, an esteemed member of the tribe called Mahjarrat, a mysterious race of shapeshifting mages that Zaros had freed from the desert god Icthlarin, who had brought the Mahjarrat to Gielinor from their native plane of Freneskae.

Viggora was something of an abnormality in the close-knit ranks of Zamorak's ever-growing followers, given that he was a human. At the time of Zamorak's betrayal, the majority of his followers, or at least his closest warriors, were either Mahjarrat, Vampyres, Demons and Dragon Riders. Viggora remembers with pride that he was considered equal to the other magical races that made up the bulk of the army, and says "I remember Lucien, who struggled to lift a blade.", and believes that in some ways he was even more powerful than them.


Involvement in the Betrayal

Once the Staff of Armadyl had passed into the possession of Zamorak, through a series of events involving the other cursed ghosts (Valdez, Rennard, Kharrim, Lennissa and Dhalak), Zamorak and his most trusted generals (namely Hazeel, Viggora, Drakan and Zemouregal) went forward to Zaros' castle, under the pretense that they were there to discuss battle plans, and there they engaged Zaros in battle. Viggora and the others kept his legion of bodyguards, for whom they were more than a match, at bay while Zamorak flanked Zaros and plunged the Staff of Armadyl into his back. This enraged and weakened Zaros, but did not kill him, and he retaliated, managing to impale Zamorak upon the Staff along with himself. After this, Zaros faded away, cursing all who had aided in the Betrayal, including Viggora, and Zamorak eventually attained Godhood, which later led to the Godwars and the Third Age.

Viggora can be found at the following locations:


  • Viggora seems, in appearance and title, to be similar to Vannaka, the Slayer Master who is often referred to as the "Greatest swordsman alive".

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