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Chief Cheran (right) reports to Wedge Antilles

Viera Cheran served as Chief Technician for Rogue Squadron. She was the squadron's main technician and crew chief, responsible for overseeing the maintenance of the squadron's starfighters and all flight deck operations. Known to many as simply "Chief", Cheran believed her job to be a thankless one. The fighter pilots got all the glory, while she and her crew got none.

Shortly before the Battle of Gall, a weary Cheran was offered 10,000 credits by an operative who wanted Luke Skywalker dead. She saw killing Skywalker as a means to get enough money to buy her own light freighter and become a free-trader, working only for herself. Cheran decided to take the bribe. At the Rogues' temporary base on Kile, she tampered with the R2 unit of Wes Janson's X-wing fighter so that it would take control and fire on Skywalker's. The plot nearly succeeded, but the Rogues managed to stop the droid before it could do too much damage.

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