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For the Second Doctor's companion Victoria Waterfield see separate entry.
Vicki Pallister
Also known as: Cressida
Race: Human
Home Planet: Earth
Home Era: circa 2493
Appearances: Full List of Appearances
Actor: Maureen O'Brien

Vicki Pallister more usually simply known as Vicki and later Cressida, met the Doctor on the planet Dido and came to join the crew of the Doctor's TARDIS.

Vicki's last name is never mentioned on screen in any televised episodes, but was provided in PDA: Byzantium!.





Early life

Vicki was born on Earth. (DW: The Rescue) As the product of a 25th century school system, she studied medicine one hour a week, and by the age of ten had obtained a certificate in medicine, physics, computers, chemistry and other disciplines. (DW: The Web Planet) Vicki was also skilled at cutting hair. (DW: Galaxy 4) Vicki's mother had died at an early age. Vicki's father took a job on the planet Astra. The ship taking them there, the UK-201 crashlanded on Dido. Most of the passengers lived, but one night Bennett, unknown to her, murdered all the survivors other than Vicki as well as all but two of native Didonians.

Joining the TARDIS

When the TARDIS landed on Dido, Barbara Wright used a flare gun to kill Vicki's "pet" Sandy, a Didonian Sand Beast, thinking it a threat to Vicki. It took some effort on the part of Vicki to forgive Barbara for this act. Bennett pretended he could not move his legs, while Vicki took care of him. When the Doctor discovered the truth and the Didonians appeared to take revenge on Bennett, she was left with nobody. The Doctor, perhaps because he missed his recently-departed grand-daughter, asked Vicki to come with him and the others, thus making her the first companion that the Doctor was seen to willingly invite to travel in the TARDIS. (DW: The Rescue)


Once Vicki left Dido with the others, she was keen for adventure. Vicki was often bored with the travelling to their destinations, and the less adventurous moments of their lives. When the travellers were staying at a villa near Rome she quickly became bored, and disappointed that there was no adventure. Vicki's innate sense of adventure was teamed with a sense of awe and wonder, and these never diminished during her travels. She was bursting with excitement when she first saw Nero, and the sight of Rome burning excited her. (DW: The Romans) It is no doubt these characteristics which reminded the Doctor of Susan. Whether teasing, or merely undiplomatic, Vicki had a knack of saying the wrong thing to Barbara, despite their having a close relationship. Firstly, she said that Barbara Wright must be "about five hundred and fifty years old" as she came from 1963. (DW: The Rescue)

On Vortis, Vicki said that aspirin tablets were old fashioned – until she saw some in the Doctor's First Aid kit she had never heard of them. She also offended Barbara by responding to her statement that the main subjects taught at her school were the 3 R's by asking if Barbara's school had been a nursery. (DW: The Web Planet) Vicki also mentioned that she didn't know The Beatles played "classical music", and called 1960s New York City "ancient". (DW: The Chase)

Vicki was initially exasperated at Steven's skepticism towards time travel

Vicki's youth and spirit of adventure enabled her to save the travellers from danger by inciting the Xeron rebels to action whilst at the Space Museum. Using her considerable analytical and technical skills, Vicki reprogrammed the Morok armoury's computer to allow the rebels access to it, enabling them to fight. (DW: The Space Museum)

Despite her bravado, Vicki was terrified of heights. Escaping from the Mechanoid City, the Doctor had to blindfold her, and the travellers, with Steven Taylor's assistance, had to lower her the 1,500 feet by rope. (DW: The Chase)

Leaving the Doctor

It would appear that most of Vicki's skills and knowledge were based in science, but she also had some historical knowledge. When the travellers materialised on Earth during the Trojan War, she displayed her knowledge of Greek heroes and the Trojan Horse. While in Troy, Vicki called herself Cressida and met Troilus, a young Trojan. They fell in love, and Vicki left the Doctor to be with him. Their tale would later be written as a poem by Geoffrey Chaucer and as a play by William Shakespeare. (DW: The Myth Makers)

Key Life Events


Behind the Scenes

  • The production team had originally considered the older and more independent Jenny, from The Dalek Invasion of Earth as Susan Foreman's replacement in the cast. Originally, Vicki had the more futuristic-sounding name Tanni. Earlier drafts of The Rescue bore the title Doctor Who and Tanni.
  • The Past Doctors Adventure novel Byzantium! revealed Vicki's previously unknown last name.
  • Before settling on Vicki, the production team thought of several names to use, these were: Valerie, Millie, Tanni and Lukki. The Rescue was at one time going to be called The Doctor and Tanni due to this.
  • Vicki is one of several human characters featured in the series whose last names were never revealed on screen. Others include Ace, Polly and Mel, though, like Vicki, spin-off media provided last names.

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For other uses, see Vicki (disambiguation)

Vicki is Kermit's young assistant at MuppeTelevision on The Jim Henson Hour. She greatly admires Kermit's leadership skills and the Muppet legacy. However, she made Kermit feel his age when she told him that she loved watching The Muppet Show while she was in day care.

The puppet was later used as Scary Mary in Muppet Time.

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Vicki is a pilot who flies a Helitours Maverick. The player can enter his helicopter at Higgins Helitours and he can take the player on a number of aerial tours around Liberty City including a tour of the bridges. Vicki's services cost $150. The player can kill Vicki, but he will always be back. Despite his name, Vicki is in fact a male and appears to be teased about it often. When the player enters his Helitours Maverick for a tour, he will say things like; "No questions about my name", or "Don't worry about the name, there is no joke I haven't heard".

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