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This article is about the bladed weapon type. You may be looking for the pirate vessel Vibroblade.
"The hum of the vibroblade gives it away. That's the only reason I still have my face."
Captain Nym, after a bounty hunter attack on Lok

Vibroblades were a type of bladed melee weapon that used ultrasonic vibrations to increase cutting effectiveness. Swords, pikes, knives, and axes all consisted of the same basic design: the weapon's hilt or handle usually contained a compact ultrasonic generator, causing the blade to vibrate at an incredible speed, making even the slightest glancing blow become a gaping wound. It could be fitted with cortosis weave, allowing it to parry the blows of lightsabers and energy swords. Vibroblades were dangerous to use against electrical weapons, as they conducted electricity. Electrocution, however, would be the wielder's last concern. Traveling up the length of the blade, the electricity would connect with a vibroblade's powercell and sonic generator. The result would be a miniature explosion with enough force to take off a hand.

The cortosis weave became less common when the probability of fighting a lightsaber-wielding opponent decreased. By the time of the Galactic Civil War, knowledge of cortosis weave, as well as the mineral itself, was extremely rare.

Vibro-bladed weaponry was more common on isolated, less civilized worlds such as Tatooine. Jabba Desilijic Tiure's personal Gamorrean guards were known to use vibro-axes, and his skiff crew also used pikes with vibro-bladed cutting edges. During his infiltration into Jabba's Palace, Lando Calrissian used a SoroSuub BD-1 Cutter vibro-ax as his primary weapon. Vibroblades were popular among criminals, resulting in them being banned on many worlds.

Clone Commandos had retractable Knuckle plate vibro blades. Vibroweapons were common during the Jedi Civil War and the surrounding times.



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