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Vialco was a Dark Jedi in the service of the Galactic Empire.


Around 0 BBY, Vialco was stationed on Nysza III where he oversaw the creation of a communications bunker. His duties included protecting the construction from outside attack. Vialco's skills were called into action when the Harrier Infiltration Team smuggled themselves inside the building and attempted to destroy the structure with thermal detonators.

As the team silently infiltrated the bunker, Vialco sensed the presence of a Jedi, Fable Astin and engaged the team in battle. The Dark Jedi immediately killed Arecelis Acosta with his lightsaber and then turned to defeat the rest of the squad. Astin dueled Vialco to a standstill, but his skills proved much greater and he Force pushed the young Jedi across the bunker. Unfortunately for Vialco, the duel distracted the Dark Jedi from the detonators, and he was forced to evacuate the building, leaving the bunker to be destroyed.

However, Vialco sensed that Fable had survived, and he began to reach out to her through the Force. His skill with the dark side began to affect Fable's mind, inducing dark side nightmares. Most of these nightmares concerned the death of Fable's teammate Arecelis. Eventually Fable went out of range of Vialco's abilities and the dark sider's preoccupation with the Jedi ended.

Vialco duels Fable Astin on the plains of Trulalis

Several months later, Vialco received word on the whereabouts of Fable Astin. The Jedi was taking refuge on the planet Trulalis with Imperial Inquisitor, Adalric Brandl. Vialco arrived on the planet ready to engage Fable one final, deadly duel. Fable's fear of Vialco and his abilities initially gave him the upper hand; however, Fable had been training during the previous months and she began to slowly take control of the fight. As the fight grew more difficult, Vialco became furious and unleashed Force lightning upon Fable. Unfortunately, Fable's abilities with the lightsaber helped her deflect Vialco's lightning putting the Dark Jedi on the defensive. In one final surge, Fable disarmed Vialco and left him lying helpless on the ground.

Forced to wait for his final fate, Vialco listened as Lord Brandl encouraged Fable to execute him. Fable refused, but an illusion created by Brandl gave the appearance that Vialco was reaching for his lightsaber. Fable brought her lightsaber down onto the Dark Jedi, killing him.



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