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A Vial of water is used in the Herblore skill.  Certain combinations of ingredients can be mixed in a vial of water to create potions using the Herblore skill. Adding a clean herb to a vial of water creates an unfinished potion.

Obtaining a Vial of Water

Players can obtain a vial of water in several ways besides trading with a player or buying them on the Grand Exchange.

One way is by using an empty vial on a water source other than a well. A bucket can be used on a well and then the bucket on the empty vial instead.

Vials of water may also be received as monster drops. Water Elementals have vials of water as a 100% drop.

A fast way to obtain vials of water is to buy them from a shop. Several good shops for this are:

Price History

The price of this item has varied due to countless shop updates over the years. Vials of water were hovered between 150 and 200gp prior to the Grand Exchange. Afterward, the price rose slightly. When shops were updated to have unlimited stock, the price of vials of water plunged and then steadied at about 70gp each. Then, due to the personalized shops update, the price of this item increased past 240gp because of the limited number of items in each shop. Vials of water received a price cap of 103 GP on 13 October shortly after the update, along with eyes of newt, lowering it by over half the price. Vials of water were virtually out of stock on the Grand Exchange due to the sudden price change. In order to compensate for the shortage, the vials of water stock increased in Shilo Village from 200 to 1000 on 20 October. On 9 November, 2009, vials and vials of water started to be sold in Item packs in many stores, allowing players to buy large amounts at once. The ease of obtaining vials of water caused the price to crash again to around 50gp.



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