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The Via Infinito is a vast labyrinth dungeon below Bevelle. It can be accessed during the 5th Chapter of Final Fantasy X-2.

The Dungeon comprises of 100 Cloisters and a final 'Infinity' Cloister where the party can challenge the Boss, Trema. For each Cloister block of 20 levels, there are about 6 level designs which appear at random as each one is completed. Because the dungeon is swarming with monsters, equipping a Charm Bangle for No Encounters will have no effect. Every oversoulable fiend except for the Georapella and Precepts Guard can be found here. Tonberries can also be found wandering the levels in real-time, approaching them will initiate a battle, but most of the time they can be avoided. On rare occasions, the Tonberry will offer a random item in lieu of a fight.

On each level, the party has the opportunity to save the game and escape the dungeon if they wish. When returning to the Infinito, they are able to begin from the deepest level reached or start again from the beginning.

Every 20th Cloister a boss battle will begin:

  • Cloister 40 - Black Elemental. Only 9,999 HP but has maximum Magic and Magic Defense stats. Ultima attack is very lethal. Was once Lord Jyscal Guado, former Maester of Yevon and father of Seymour Guado, who murdered him. Remains a troubled unsent due to his horrible murder by his own son and his knowledge of Seymour's inhumanity, which apparently continues to plague his soul even after Seymour had been defeated and sent for two years.
  • Cloister 60 - Concherer. Getting tougher now with nearly 350,000 HP. High stats across the board, he can inflict very heavy damage. Has a likeness to Neslug of the Monster Arena. Was once Grand Maester Yo Mika, who had long been an Unsent even before Yuna began her pilgrimage. He descended to the Via Infinito upon learning that Yuna and company had felled Yunalesca, only through which he thought that Sin could be defeated. Though he was proven wrong, he may have failed or still refuses to believe that Sin was defeated by means other than the Final Aeon.
  • Cloister 80 - Chac. A super-strong Basilisk with 430,000 HP who naturally is able to Petrify the party in an instant. Was once Lady Yunalesca, the first High Summoner and keeper of the inner sanctuary inside Zanarkand Dome. Amusingly, the three forms she took on during the battle against her in Final Fantasy X made her resemble Medusa, who had snakes for hair and whose gaze instantly petrified.
  • Cloister 100 - Paragon. The big brother of X-2's Omega Weapon has only 200,000 HP but with high stats can be tough work to defeat. After the battle, Paragon will be wiped away by Trema, and the final battle will begin. Was once Lord Zaon, Yunalesca's husband and the first Final Aeon. It is probable that this is the form Zaon took on by becoming such. Though he had never interacted with Yuna at all, the only possible motive he had for attacking her was to avenge Yunalesca's two defeats at her hands.
  • Cloister Infinity - Trema. The former head of New Yevon, banished to the Via Infinito is the toughest boss of Final Fantasy X-2, with 999,999 HP and maximum stats, his Physical and Magical attacks are both deadly. Hint: use MP Absorb, Osmose or a Soul Spring to rob Trema of his MP, preventing him from using magic.

All of these bosses are major characters from Final Fantasy X. Trema was a minor character in Final Fantasy X when Tidus and the gang made it to Zanarkand for the first time. When reached to the entrance a man (who was Trema) asked Yuna if she was ready to take the final trial in order to get the final aeon.



  • Crimson Sphere 6 is received at the entrance of the Dungeon after the initial cut-scene.
  • Crimson Sphere 8 is a reward for defeating Aranea.
  • After defeating the Black Elemental, a chest will appear containing various items and accessories. Among them is the Cat Nip with the ability SOS ????, which when equipped, will grant the wearer 9,999 hit points on all attacks if their HP is at critical.
  • When Trema has been defeated and the dungeon complete, the accessory Iron Duke is awarded. This very handy item raises all stats by +100 (except Agility and Luck which are +10 and +50 respectively) and boosts HP and MP by 100%.

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