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Vestara Khai
Biographical information



27.5 ABY

Physical description




Hair color

Light brown[1]

Eye color

Dark brown[1]

Chronological and political information

Legacy era


Lost Tribe of Sith

Known masters

Olaris Rhea

"Praise circumstances for the time of your birth, young one. For you will know the honor and responsibilities and delights of being among the first in five millennia to leave Kesh…and rejoin our brethren, from whom we have been separated for so very long, to take your place in ruling a Sith galaxy."
―Olaris Rhea, upon the hour of Vestara Khai's apprenticeship

Vestara Khai, nicknamed Ves, was a Human female Sith apprentice and the daughter of Sith Saber, Gavar Khai, in the time following the Second Galactic Civil War. Her mother was a non–Force-sensitive woman named Lahka Khai. Vestara was part of the Lost Tribe of Sith, as the apprentice of Lady Olaris Rhea, on the remote planet of Kesh. She was good friends with Keshiri Sith, Ahri Raas.




Early Life

In 37.5 ABY, ten-year-old Vestara participated in a competition to obtain a uvak. She was successful in that endeavor and named her uvak Tikk.[2]

Under "Ship" guidance

In 41 ABY, Vestara was a 14-year-old Sith Tyro. One day while sparring with her Keshiri friend Ahri Raas, she sensed the approach of Ship, who had flown to Kesh. Ship sensed Vestara's desire to become a Sith Master and offered to teach her.[1] Since Vestara's was the first mind that Ship touched when it came to Kesh, she was summoned before the Circle of Lords, the ruling Sith council. There she was apprenticed to Sith Lady Olaris Rhea, and began her training in the Sith Temple. It was during this time that Vestara also learned that the Sith in the rest of the galaxy had been nearly exterminated and that the Jedi had grown numerous.

Under Ship's guidance, Vestara and other Sith began traveling beyond Kesh to capture other ships and form a Sith armada. Over time, she went from being an innocent who never even inflicted a serious injury on anyone to a skilled killer. During these travels, a battleship was captured and renamed Eternal Crusader, which Lady Rhea would command and on which Vestara would serve.[1]

Strike Team member

Two years later, in 43.5 ABY, Vestara was one of the Sith who felt Jedi Master Luke Skywalker's power in the Force, the result of an Aing-Tii artifact Luke had touched. Vestara was made a member of a small elite strike force that would seek out and eliminate Luke Skywalker, after being taught much about him by Ship. Before it could deploy, the strike team's mission had to be changed to seek and recover Ship, which had departed Kesh without warning.[1]

Using her connection to Ship, Vestara led the crew of the Eternal Crusader to a planet deep within the Maw. There Vestara and the Sith encountered a strange and powerful being named Abeloth. While Abeloth appeared as a beautiful woman to the others, Vestara could perceive Abeloth's true form. Despite attempts to convince her fellow Sith of Abeloth's true nature, Vestara could only watch as most of the crew were killed off.

Vestara survived and along with the other surviving Sith, traveled to another part of the Maw under orders from Abeloth to capture Luke Skywalker and his son Ben. Vestara and the Sith arrived at Sinkhole Station and attempted to ambush the Jedi, but most perished until only Vestara and her Master Lady Rhea remained.

At one point during the Skirmish at Sinkhole Station, Vestara dueled Luke in single combat and managed to slice open a large gash on his cheek before being incapacitated. As Luke used this opportunity to mark Vestara with a Blood trail, it is possible that Luke allowed himself to be cut by Vestara.

Vestara and Lady Rhea later battled the Jedi Grand Master inside a large elevator and down into a shuttle hangar. During a moment of distraction, Luke decapitated Vestara's master and, recognizing she was alone, Vestara saluted the Jedi and fled.[3]

On Dathomir

Vestara managed to locate an abandoned space yacht on the space station and used it to flee the Maw. Convinced that the Jedi would attempt to locate the Lost Tribe by following her, Vestara sought to hide her presence on a world with a large concentration of Force-sensitives. There she could send a secure message back to Kesh and warn the Sith. The planet she ultimately chose was Dathomir, a planet rich with the dark side.[3]

Personality and traits

"I am Vestara Khai, daughter of a proud heritage. I have what is necessary to command the dark side and bend it to my will. To use it for the good of the Tribe, and the People."

Vestara possessed all the desired physical qualities of a Sith save for a small scar on her lip, which in her society was considered a degrading flaw. However, Lady Rhea told her that she believed the scar was beneficial, giving her the appearance of a constant smirk. Vestara is also extremely cunning, and was able to percive Xal's true motives without it being mentioned by Ras, or her Master.

Powers and abilities

Vestara possessed a red-bladed lightsaber, the traditional weapon of the Sith. She also carried a Parang, and a Shikkar, which she used to kill Yuvar Xal during the fight on Sinkhole Station.

Behind the scenes

Vestara Khai was introduced in the Fate of the Jedi series. She appeared on the front cover of Fate of the Jedi: Omen.


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