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Verpine shatter gun
Production information

Magnetic accelerator weapon




15,000+ credits

Physical and technical specifications



1 kg

Usage and history

Verpine shatter guns were handheld projectile weapons produced by the Verpine. They ranged in size from small handguns to powerful sniper rifles. The weapon was based on a magnetic coil principle, similar to a rail gun. When shot, the weapon would make no sound, but would cause great kinetic damage.

Shatter guns launched metal alloy projectiles using advanced magnetic coils. They were nearly silent, had excellent range and accuracy, and inflicted extremely large amounts of kinetic damage. Verpine shatter guns were easy to use, and an inexperienced gunman could do massive damage with a single projectile. As such they were sometimes favored by Assassins who wanted to make sure that one shot brought down the target without giving away his or her location.

Because of the weapon's reliance on metal alloy projectiles, the number of rounds able to be held by the weapon was somewhat limited. Usually 8 shots could be fired before the weapon needed to be reloaded.

The weapon's projectiles were nearly impossible to block with a lightsaber due to their small size and extreme speed. Thanks to this, even a Force sensitive would be at a disadvantage.

The Killiks, another insectoid species, used large numbers of these weapons.

Shatter guns could be configured for range, making them a very effective sniper or could be built as a pistol. This Weapon was also used by Ghez Hokan and Kal Skirata.


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