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Verity is a human from the IDW portion of the Generation One continuity family.
Rare moment of not doing wild takes.

Make no mistake; Verity Carlo is intelligent, nimble, resourceful, self-reliant and cunning. Problem is, she likes to think she’s tougher, smarter and has more guts than pretty much everyone else. It’s a good part of what allows her to maintain her rootless teen-aged existence hitch-hiking across the United States, living on theft and what little kindness she receives from strangers (although two mace sprays nestled in her backpack attest to how little she’s willing to trust said strangers).

Something happened to Verity when she was a child, though, something that hurt her so badly that she refuses to form a serious bond with anyone or show any sign of fear. It’s been with her so long that she abandoned several foster homes and (presumably) welcoming families when she was in her mid-teens. Because of that hurt Verity sees most people as marks, dupes or threats. Fear of getting hurt again keeps her moving when she maybe ought to settle down, and makes her abrasive and superior.

Whether it’ll get her killed one day is anyone’s guess…

Fh. I've not been wanted anywhere, by anyone, since I started crawling. Why should it be any different this time around?

—Verity reacts to Prowl being a prick, Escalation #1



IDW comics continuity

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The inside of her mouth turns white when she lies.

While on the run, as usual, Verity had the (mis)fortune of stealing the palm computer of a Machination agent—a computer she couldn't know mapped out secret Decepticon bases. After fleeing the bus the two were on and hitching a ride with Hunter O'Nion, the Battlechargers and Thundercracker pursued the pair, destroying Hunter's bus. Fortunately, Ratchet was nearby, and offered them aid. Infiltration issue 0 They fled to the garage of Verity's friend Jimmy Pink, but they had been followed, and Jimmy was forced to join them on the run. Infiltration issue 1

That's right Bobby! As a woman, I have no testicles!

Verity was not content to just wait at Autobot HQ, though. When the Autobots discovered the Decepticons' abandoned Oregon base, Verity, Hunter, Jimmy, Ratchet, and Bumblebee disobeyed orders in order to reconnoiter it. Verity was almost killed by Decepticons trying to cover their tracks when she went deeper into the base, finding the corpses of people turned into facsimiles, and Megatron. Infiltration issue 4 She went into shock at the sight of Megatron, fear shattering her tough image, and had to be rescued by her friends when the Decepticon base began to collapse and almost buried her alive Infiltration issue 5, but initially still tried to act unbothered and like she wanted to continue. Hunter had to tell her that in this situation, it was okay to show she was scared. Infiltration issue 6

Ask to be his pet. You just might live.

When the Machination seemingly killed Hunter and Sunstreaker while under Optimus Prime's orders to return the humans home, Verity became visibly distraught, despite her "tough girl" personality. Escalation issue 1 The hope that Hunter could still be alive compelled her, Jimmy, Ratchet, and Ironhide to break Autobot orders again. Jimmy's mechanic skills and Verity's hacking skills led the quartet to a Machination facility in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Escalation issue 3 Verity and Jimmy managed to break into the compound, hidden under an auto parts store. Verity located a strange business card, emblazoned only with an "M". Unfortunately, soon after, the two were knocked out with gas. Escalation issue 4 Ironhide and Ratchet managed to save the duo, but at the expense of Ironhide; the facility exploded, severely damaging Ironhide. No one knew it yet, but the unconscious Verity, safe inside Ratchet, was clutching the "M" card. Escalation issue 6

The palm-top which Verity stole was examined by Nightbeat and contributed to the Autobots' decision to relocate the Ark-19. Devastation issue 1 Unfortunately, the vessel was shot down by Sixshot; Ratchet, Verity and Jimmy ejected in an escape pod before the crash. Devastation issue 2 Verity was injured by Sixshot's attack, but Ratchet's avatar was able to treat her wounds. Sixshot located the Autobot and his human guests and gave chase. When escape seemed impossible, Ratchet dropped off his human friends for their own protection. Devastation issue 3

As the other Autobots arrived and battled Sixshot, Verity overheard plans for an all-out human airstrike on the warring parties. She and Jimmy stole a motorboat and police megaphone, using them to warn Ratchet of the incoming strike. With seconds to spare, Ratchet took the two humans along with him as the Autobots escaped via orbital bounce to the orbiting Ark-32. But the process was too traumatic for the humans to endure, leaving them lifeless. Devastation issue 4 Ratchet did manage to restore Verity and Jimmy's vital signs, but only after a prolonged flatline whose final effects on the pair remain unknown. Devastation issue 5 The Ark-32 then left orbit for Garrus-9, with no indication of having returned the two humans to their home planet.

Given that Verity and Jimmy were both clinically dead for over five minutes, the chances of massive brain damage to both is highly likely, given that only a few minutes without oxygen causes irreparable cell-death in the brain. Irreparable that is, to human science! Devastation issue 6 Or not. Verity and Jimmy survived and look fine. What's more, the two reunited with Hunter after he was rescued from the Machination. Maximum Dinobots issue 5

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