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Veld (ヴェルド, Verudo), also known as Verdot, is the leader of the Turks in Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-. His official Shinra title is "Head of the Department of Administrative Research." He is very particular on matters relating to succeeding in missions and very unforgiving when it comes to failure. Though many of his subordinates are intimidated by his severity, they all deeply respect him. After a disaster in Kalm caused by his own commands, Veld's family was killed and he lost his arm. He replaced it with a prosthetic with a Materia inside it, so that he could continue to fight alongside his Turks.



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Before Crisis

Veld is the original leader of the Turks during their battle with AVALANCHE. Though he leads them with competence and foresight, AVALANCHE manages to get away due to their special intelligence from a traitor inside Shinra. President Shinra suspects Veld, and replaces him with Heidegger for an operation in Junon. But Heidegger almost destroys the entire city, so Veld takes back command of his Turks by blackmailing President Shinra. What he uses to blackmail the President is unknown.

When Veld learns that the AVALANCHE commander, Elfé, is really his daughter Felicia, he defects from Shinra. The Turks are ordered to capture him, but they instead join with him to find the Support Materia for Zirconiade and save Elfé. He is captured by Scarlet in the Corel Prison, but is later rescued. After Zirconiade is defeated, his second-in-command Tseng reports that Veld and Elfé are dead. Tseng takes control of the Turks, while Veld disappears along with his daughter and the player Turks.


Veld has a minor appearance in On the Way to a Smile: Case of Shinra. He appears in Midgar during the fall of Meteor with the player Turks from Before Crisis, and with the four current Turks they all witness Holy destroy Meteor.

Veld later returns after Meteorfall alone to see the Turks, who are helping to protect Shinra property in Midgar from scavengers. He tells them about Mutten Kylegate forming a team to scavenge for supplies, and by supplying them Kylegate's rank causes them to realize Kylegate is holding Rufus captive. Veld then leaves for Junon to meet with Reeve, and tells Tseng that his other Turks are out collecting information around the world, but also lead their own lives now.


Main article: Veld (Boss)

Veld is fought as a boss in the Training Mode.


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