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Vercetti Estate

Vercetti Estate, formerly Diaz's Mansion, is a property in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, located on Starfish Island. It was Ricardo Diaz's home until Lance Vance and Tommy Vercetti took over the estate, killing Diaz in the process in the mission Rub Out. Members of the Vercetti gang can often be found in and around the estate after its seizure. The final mission of the game, Keep Your Friends Close, takes place in the mansion, where Tommy kills Lance Vance and Sonny Forelli. The property consists of the mansion surrounded by a low wall, a hedge maze, and several pools and lawns. On the southern end of the property there is a private dock that Tommy can use to go to his mansion. On the western side of the property there is a small alleyway that leads directly into the water, and has a hidden package at the end of it - be careful not to fall off the edge. On the eastern end there is another private dock with another hidden package. The longer one plays the game, the more garbage piles up around the house, especially by the front door - garbage bags, cigars, wine bottles, and pizza boxes gather around the stairs.

Diaz's mansion as seen from the right wing being built.

On the roof there is a helipad that has a helicopter on it. After collecting 80 of hidden packages, Sea Sparrow spawns on water near pier.

In the main room directly at the top of the stairs, there is the save icon and some clothes. The revenue for the asset missions is $5,000. In Vice City Stories during some of Ricardo Diaz's missions you are given a view of the interior of at least one additional room though it is unclear where exactly it is located in the mansion.

When you reach 100%, you receive a change of clothes called "Frankie," which says "I BEAT VICE CITY AND ALL I GOT WAS THIS LOUSY T-SHIRT", and three bodyguards that you can pay to follow you around.





Vice City

Vice City Stories


Vice City

Vice City Stories



The mansion is a parody of Tony Montana's mansion in the famous 1983 movie Scarface. The interior lobby of the mansion is of the same design as Tony's mansion, except that Tommy's mansion sports a middle staircase rather than two side staircases. Also, the "The World Is Yours" fountain -into which Montana fell after being killed- is absent.

Comparison of building structure

In Vice City Stories, the prostitution business lobby is almost the same as that of Vercetti Estate in GTA: Vice City. In San Andreas, certain interiors that appear during the Burglar side-mission appear to have a similar layout to this mansion.

Circa 1984

The mansion's left wing is under renovation during Vice City Stories. The Estate also seems to be under construction. In 1986, a maze is present beside the left wing on the mansion. In 1984, a pond was in the place of the maze. Also in 1986, the back of the mansion, under the staircases, lies a pathway leading to an indoor pool and the mansion interior. In 1984, all of these were absent and was only replaced with an opaque window.


By the time the player reaches 100% there should be pizza, beer, and trash all over the estate. Inside the first room is an unplugged TV with trophies on top of it (if the player passes all the Hyman Memorial Stadium missions, there is also a table with more pizza and a tiger rug, plus a box for an RC helicopter (if Four Iron was passed). In the second room there is Tommy's desk with books, paper work,and a few pictures of Candy Suxxx on top of it, and a vault filled with money. In the basement there is nothing but Health,Body Armor, a Pump Action Shotgun,and an M4. Outside there are nine swimming pools and a large backyard followed by the ocean; and if one collects 80 hidden packages, there should also be a Sea Sparrow.

Easter Egg

In Tommy's office there are twelve security televisions to the right of the room. If the player looks closely at them, they are pictures of Tony Montana's mansion. One picture is only a rear picture of his mansion (which is most likely from the climax of Scarface), but the other is of the inside of his mansion showing the one of the two side staircases and showing most of "The World Is Yours" fountain.

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