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Ventriloquist of the Dead

Ventriloquist of the Dead


Ventriloquist of the Dead

Alternate names

Puppeteer of Death

Debut (Manga)

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist - Duel 015

Appears in

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist





The Ventriloquist of the Dead, known as Puppeteer of Doom in Yu-Gi-Oh! Reshef of Destruction, is a Player Killer, who duels Yugi Mutou using a puppet of Seto Kaiba. In the anime, he is replaced with "Ghost Kaiba".


Yugi challenged Saruwatari to a Duel on Duelist Kingdom. Since Saruwatari doesn't play games himself, he arranged for the ventriloquist to face Yugi instead.

He claimed the puppet of Seto Kaiba he had was carrying Kaiba's dark side of the soul and sought revenge on Yugi. Using Kaiba's stolen Deck, the ventriloquist had the puppet play the cards, including Kaiba's "Blue-Eyes White Dragons". This made Yugi worry that Kaiba has betrayed Yugi's faith and sold his soul for revenge.

Yugi defeated the first "Blue-Eyes" using "Dark Magician", "Magical Hats" and "Spellbinding Circle". Far away from the Duel, Kaiba woke from his coma, after the ventriloquist summoned the second "Blue-Eyes". The Dragon refused to attack Yugi and disappeared, since Kaiba's will was inside the card. Reviving the second "Blue-Eyes" with "Monster Reborn" and increasing its ATK, Yugi defeated the third "Blue-Eyes" and won the Duel.

After losing, the ventriloquist received a Penalty Game, where he believed a puppet of himself was attacking him and got killed.


The Ventriloquist of the Dead used Seto Kaiba's Deck, which had been stolen by KaibaCorp employees working for Industrial Illusions.

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