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"Vengeance! Vengeance for genocide!"
Drend Navett

Vengeance was the code name used by a group of Imperial Intelligence operatives working for Moff Vilim Disra and the Imperial Remnant during the Caamas Document crisis of 19 ABY. During that crisis, they operated as though they were an anti-Bothan terrorist group within the New Republic, angered by the refusal of the Bothans to admit collective responsibility and pay the penalty for their part in the destruction of Caamas.

The Vengeance cell, led by Drend Navett, committed several acts of sabotage and instigated riots on several planets. Among them was a riot on Dordolum where they used a Bith-made grenade captured from a Myomaran resistance cell in order to make the Bith appear to have joined the anti-Bothan faction. Another operation took place on Bothawui itself, where they used a Xerrol Nightstinger to make it appear that Han Solo and Bothan dignitary Rayl'skar had fired on a crowd of civilians rioting outside the Combined Clans Center Building.

Their final mission involved the sabotage of Bothawui's planetary shield generators in the planetary capital, Drev'starn. Vengeance managed to carry out this mission, despite the interference of Wedge Antilles, Corran Horn, and Moranda Savich. Navett was killed carrying out his mission on Bothawui, while the other members of his team—Klif, Pensin, and Horvic—infiltrated the Ishori cruiser Predominance. Once the shields were down, the three remaining agents seized control of a weapons turret and began the bombardment of Drev'starn, setting off the Second Battle of Bothawui.


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