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Vendoth battle cruiser
Vendoth battle cruisers were large warships fielded by the Vendoth military. These ships were larger than the D'deridex-class and heavily armed.

Like all Vendoth ships they were equipped with shields that solidified when hit by weapon fire. This outer shell then acts as a sort of bandage over the damaged portion of the shield, allowing it to be repaired.

They were also armed with a type of energy weapon that when fired appeared like a plasma burst. Its effects however were very different: When it came into contact with another ship's shields, it solidified that area of the shields. These weapons' firepower was similar to more conventional energy weapons used in the Alpha Quadrant.


Premature arrivals

The nature of how the Vendoth travelled from their galaxy to Earth had a temporal component and several of these ships also arrived at various places and times in Federation history.

Two such vessels along with a Vendoth scout arrived in 2374 in the Badlands. They engaged the USS Swiftfire-A and nearly destroyed the Federation ship. One of the battle cruisers was destroyed by Dominion forces lured into the area by the Swiftfire. The other was sabotaged by Mer'jat Vendoth rebels to stop the ship from imposing the Vendoth's will on the rest of the quadrant. (Star Trek: Swiftfire: "The True")

Attack on the Federation

Twenty-five vessels of this type were part of the sixty-four ship fleet that attacked Earth in 2376. (Star Trek: Swiftfire: "United We Stand")

Ships of this class

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