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Venat, the Heretic
"Indeed. What claim does Gerun have on history's reins... seated on throne immortal, rent from time?"

Venat (ヴェーネス, Vēnesu) is a member of the Occuria, a race from Final Fantasy XII. While its motives are understandable, and even commendable, Venat is considered one of the game's main antagonists. Though Venat speaks with a female voice, it is apparently genderless.



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"Venat is a heretic!"

Venat is an Occurian that has forsaken the ways of the Occurian race. Unlike the other Occuria, Venat believes that the inhabitants of Ivalice should have full control over their own destiny rather than following a plan set forth by the powerful Occuria. Venat represents chaos to their order and it works through Humes and other races to achieve its goals. The team first see Venat controlling Fran's sister Mjrn in the Henne Mines. Later, it is seen accompanying Judge Bergan at Mt. Bur-Omisace.

Venat is also often seen accompanying Dr. Cid, having discussions with him about mankind and their right to have control over their own history. However, once Cid is killed at the Pharos at Ridorana, it began to accompany Vayne Solidor on the Bahamut.

Venat's final goal is the destruction of the Sun-Cryst, the source of the Occurian control over the world of Ivalice. Only when this is gone will the people of Ivalice have control over their own history.

Venat and Dr. Cid

How Venat met Cid or how long it objected the Occuria's ways of controlling lesser beings is never discovered. All the player gets to know is that they met 6 years ago, while Cid was conducting research at the Ancient city of Giruvegan. After they met, Venat presented Dr. Cid with a plan to create Manufacted Nethicite, Nethicite that can counteract Deifacted Nethicite and other magical powers.

Venat's plan to destroy the Sun-Cryst succeeds, but perhaps not as it had planned, when Reddas destroys it with the Sword of Kings.

The Undying

While the Occuria are immortal, or at least they claim to be, Venat, with its intent fulfilled, gives up its own life and dissolves in wisps of energy that entered Vayne, giving him great power. Using Venat's powers, Vayne fuses pieces of the Bahamut onto him to create dragon-like armor around his body, becoming the being known as The Undying. However, this power isn't enough, and the team is able to defeat Vayne, who dies in an explosion of Mist. Venat seems to have foreseen this, claiming that it and Vayne would walk the path of death together.


Venat is derived from Latin word 'Venari', meaning "to hunt".

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