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The Veldt, a vast plain
"Gau become stronger on the Veldt."

The Veldt is a region in the game Final Fantasy VI. It is a seemingly endless plain which attracts monsters. Gau lives there, and must learn all of his Rages there.


World of Balance

The Veldt lies to the south of Barren Falls, and contains the town of Mobliz and Mt. Crescent. Sabin and Cyan wash onto The Veldt, and Gau saves them. However, he runs away immediately after. Sabin and Cyan head for Mobliz and purchase some Dried Meat. When they toss it in Gau's direction, Gau agrees to help them out. He tells them of his "shiny thing" which he keeps in Mt. Crescent, and can supposedly help them reach Narshe. The "shiny thing" is, in fact, a diving helmet.

World of Ruin

The WoR's version of The Veldt

Gau has returned to The Veldt, but would not join unless a party of three people approach him. There is a Cave in the Veldt, but other than that it is just an endless plain.

Monster formations

Most monster formations from the game appear on the Veldt, and there are even several bosses who appear as well. The formation will not appear until it is encountered in a location outside The Veldt. The monsters do not have to be defeated in order to show up.


"Wild West" from Final Fantasy VI
Image:FFVI - Wild West.ogg
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"Wild West" is used as the background theme for the Veldt, and as a battle theme for all battles that take place inside it.



The word veldt (commonly used as veld) is an English word referring to a wide-open, rural plains in southern Africa. The word "veld" is used in the Afrikaans and Dutch languages to mean "field".


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