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"Ivalice will know a new Dynast King, and Man will keep his own history! The tyranny of the Gods is ended!"
—Vayne Carudas Solidor

Vayne Carudas Solidor (ヴェイン・カルダス・ソリドール Vein Karudasu Soridōru) is one of the main characters of Final Fantasy XII, and the game's primary antagonist. He is the third son of Archadia's Emperor, Lord Gramis; the older brother of Larsa Ferrinas Solidor, and part of House Solidor. Vayne is voiced by Elijah Alexander (English) and by Nobuo Tobita (Japanese). Driven by the desire to free mankind from the Occuria, he is also highly ambitious, seeking to become a new Dynast-King, and is lauded by friend and foe alike as a devious politician, skilful leader and administrator, and a true military genius. While he is a great leader and general, he is also ruthless and obsessed by power, though he does hold a soft spot for his younger brother Larsa.



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Early Life and Family

Vayne and his younger brother Larsa.

Vayne had two older brothers as he was growing up. While it is never revealed what their names were, Vayne killed them in cold blood, at the request of his father, most likely because they were planning an uprising. Vayne also has a younger brother, the innocent Larsa. Vayne has sworn to protect his younger brother, making sure that the latter would never see the atrocities of war.

While it is not known precisely when Vayne first met Venat and Dr. Cid and began conspiring with them to "Put the reins of history back in the hands of Man", it is known that he masterminded the invasions of Nabradia and Dalmasca in order to gain the Dusk Shard and the Midlight Shard, two pieces of Deifacted Nethicite that would be critical for Cid's research at Draklor Laboratory, using the uprising of the Pro-Rozarrian faction in Nabradia as a pretext for invasion, with the excuse of restoring peace and order to the country.

During the Dalmascan counterattack at Nalbina Fortress, Vayne was responsible for masterminding the elaborate plot to fool the people of Dalmasca into thinking that Basch fon Ronsenburg was a traitor, and responsible for killing their King. Using Basch's twin brother (Noah fon Ronsenburg), they played out an entire scenario in front of a wounded Dalmascan soldier, Reks, who would serve as witness.

Consul of Rabanastre

Two years later, Vayne is appointed Consul of Rabanastre, making him the de facto ruler of Dalmasca. Despite much pomp and ceremony, his tenure is short-lived. The Imperial Senate, favoring Larsa as a puppet Emperor over his ambitious and ruthless older brother, recalls Vayne to Archades.

When Vayne confronts Gramis on this decision, his father reveals his belief that Archadia is moving in the wrong direction, and that only Larsa can put them on the right path. Vayne reminds the Emperor that Archadia's power was built on military might over peaceful negotiation, a fact which Gramis acknowledges, but declines to comment on further. Vayne states that ruthlessness at this point would be necessary, both to ensure that House Solidor retains power and remains sovereign, and that his brother Larsa would be protected from the schemes of the Imperial Senate. Gramis appears to have little power over the Senate at this point.

Shortly afterwards, Gramis is found dead in the throne room, supposedly poisoned by Chairman Gregoroth, who has also committed suicide. Vayne has the senators arrested for supposed regicide, and "temporarily" dissolves the Imperial Senate later. He then begins acting as the new Emperor of Archadia.

Judge Drace, seeing through the cruel facade, attempts to place Vayne under arrest. Despite pleas of mercy from Judge Zargabaath, Vayne tries Drace for High Treason, and Judge Bergan, happy to serve his ruthless new Emperor, strikes her down. In a cruel test of his "hound's" loyalty, Vayne orders Judge Gabranth to administer the killing blow to Drace, which he does reluctantly.

A New Dynast King

Vayne concept art
"Your lives are forfeit, and your insurgence along with them. Dalmasca will again know order. For good and all, I shall put your futile attempts at rebellion to an end."
—Vayne Solidor

Now holding absolute power, Vayne proceeds with his original plan, that of becoming Ivalice's new Dynast King, and putting history's reins back into the hands of man, and out of the Occuria's. He does so by sending Dr. Cid to the Pharos at Ridorana. There, Dr. Cid manages to use the Sun-Cryst to spill forth a terrible mist over Ivalice, which is then absorbed by Vayne's new Sky Fortress, the Bahamut, thereby powering it. Using this new Sky Fortress, Vayne starts his complete rule over Ivalice.

However, the player party manages to get aboard the fortress, and confronts Vayne in battle with Larsa's aid. He is easily defeated, but by using the power of manufactured Nethicite that had knocked Larsa out, he transforms into Vayne Novus. During the battle, Judge Gabranth turns on his former master, and when Vayne is weakened, he plunges his sword deep into the latter's chest. Vayne then fatally wounds the former Judge Magister in retaliation, and almost kills him, but is stopped by Larsa. While shocked by Larsa's actions, Vaan mananges to wound Vayne mortally.

Managing to get outside, a dying Vayne can't help but laugh at his current state. Venat offers comfort, that they had succeeded in releasing the control of history from the hands of the Occuria, giving Vayne its power as a way of thanks. Wanting to take out as many people as he can before dying, Vayne uses his newly-gained power to fuse parts of Bahamut unto his body, to become a giant mechanical dragon, similar to the real Bahamut. This new form, called the Undying, proves troublesome for the party, but he is eventually defeated, and explodes into a cloud of mist.


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The party fights Vayne onboard the Sky Fortress Bahamut. Larsa assists the player's party during the battle. It should be noted that Vayne bears no weapon in this first battle, instead opting to use his fist in the same style as a Monk would.


  • Some of Vayne's attacks resemble Basch's Quickenings. During the first battle, Vayne uses a cinematic attack that has him use a series of punches that "crack" the screen, similar to Ruin Impendent, and one of Vayne Novus' attacks is to command the five Sephira to glow and impale an opponent, similar to Flame Purge.
  • There is more than a slight resemblance between Vayne Novus and Guildenstern's initial boss-form in Vagrant Story: the lack of shirt, altered skin tone, and gold image-colour are present in both bosses, as is the tendency to use sacred objects as weaponry (Guildenstern's sword being shaped like the Rood of Iocus, and Vayne's Sephira by their name and appearance being associated with the sacred). While this can certainly be attributed to the fact that they share a character designer, it is intriguing nonetheless. The two have similar goals in mind - to restructure a world they see as irreparably flawed - but their motivations are quite different.

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