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Vault 101's clinic, James is seen in his doctor coat.

The Vault Physician, or Doctor, is a career position in the Vaults. A vault physician is trained to diagnose and treat the physical and mental health issues of Vault residents. Physicians develop confidential relationships with patients. Physicians can prescribe pharmaceuticals. Physicians consult the Vault-Tec Medical Protocols for a list of physiological and psychological conditions and their treatments, a standard of ethics governing the profession, and regulations for the operation of clinics.

A vault physician has a private office. In their office, the physician stores files on patients and experiments in a Medical Data System. The medical files are considered confidential.

Normally, a physician is assisted by one or more trained medical technicians. These technicians begin their medical training as interns. The physician is responsible for the payroll of the clinic's staff.

Vault 101

In late 2258 or early 2259, Overseer Alphonse Almodovar hires the Lone Wanderer's father James as the new vault physician.

In 2268, the Vault 101 PA System offers this piece of helpful advice, "Remember - Vault Depressive Syndrome, or VDS, is a treatable condition. See your vault physician today for an anti-depressant that's right for you."

In the late 2260's or early 2270's, Jonas Palmer is re-assigned by Overseer Almodovar to the Clinic. Jonas is trained as James' assistant.

Prior to August 3, 2274, James diagnoses Freddie Gomez as suffering from Vault Depressive Syndrome, diagnoses Stanley Armstrong as suffering from overwork and exhaustion, and performs a medical exam on Amata Almodovar.

On August 3, 2274, James checks his child for sickness. He diagnoses them as being healthy and orders them to class for the G.O.A.T.

James later escapes from the vault, and Andy becomes the new doctor.

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