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Vault City

map marker: Vault City
leaders: First Citizen and the Council
doctors: Troy
factions: Vault City
quests: Get a plow for Mr. Smith

Deliver Moore's briefcase to Mr. Bishop in New Reno
Deliver a sample of jet to Dr. Troy
Solve the Gecko powerplant problem
Deliver Lynette's holodisk to Westin in NCR
Rescue Amanda's husband, Joshua
Deliver beer and booze (10 each) to Lydia
Deliver pliers (tools) and a wrench to Valerie
Scout the eight sectors around Gecko and return to Stark.
Enter NCR and return to Stark
Find Mr. Nixon

Vault City is a high-tech settlement in West Nevada, established by the inhabitants of Vault 8 after the Great War. The Vault opened in 2091 after receiving the all-clear signal (origin of which remains unknown, but it's likely that it was the Enclave). The city was built around the Vault, using its fusion generator as a power source and knowledge contained in the GECK to establish the first structures.

The city's population is very strictly regulated, with all pregnancies scheduled and insemination performed by the Vault's autodoc. Interestingly, there seems to be no accidental pregnancies occurring from direct intercourse, the reason behind which is not disclosed (possibly because of chromosomal damage).



The Vault City is a very small, but high tech settlement. The citizen population (in all departments) was 103 in 2241, with an unspecified number of outsiders residing in the courtyard area. It was small compared to the hundreds of residents that lived in Redding or Broken Hills.

Despite its small size, the city boasts sophisticated technology, as outside the NCR, Shi, Brotherhood, or the Enclave, they're the most advanced faction in the wasteland, possessing cutting edge medical technology, allowing it to mass produce medical supplies and chems (such as Stimpaks) as well as perform radiation removal and sophisticated surgical procedures, including replacement of lost limbs and organs via cloning and grafting armor plating to one's skeleton. Aside from medical technology, it's also an advanced military force, with all guards and patrolmen rigorously trained and equipped with advanced weapons and armor.

Seat of the Council

The city's ruled by a Council, led by the First Citizen, established in 2101, after the Vault Overseer retired. The council rules in a completely authoritarian way, controlling every aspect of life within the City. Their regulations are strict and enforced to the full extent of the law. For instance, no drugs, real alcohol (artificial imitations are legal), prostitution, gambling or any other vices are allowed within the inner city. All citizens found breaching any regulations, be it even badmouthing the First Citizen, are usually swiftly incarcerated and reeducated.

The Citizens aren't much better, as most are extremely bigoted, hypocritical and arrogant, treating outsiders like dirt and leading boring, conformist lives, content with the state of affairs. Although healthy and very well educated, they are also extremely dull and bland, with little to no concern for the outside world. Many do not even venture beyond the protective walls of the City proper.

The Vault City Guard secures the city from outside threats. While small, it is extremely well trained and equipped, able to deal with any threats when supported by laser cannons of the City, save for a full-out siege.

Relations with the outside

The slums of Vault City

The city is very antipathetic towards outsiders, generally considering them thieves and braggarts, however, if an outsider is able to pay the rent, he/she can live in the "Courtyard" of the Vault City, protected by its walls and heavy laser turrets, but with no access to other city services, like the Amenities office or the Vault medical lab, as those are reserved for full citizens. The courtyard is kept peaceful and protected from the raiders of the wastes by Vault City, but its denizens are subjected to harsh rules and regulations and taxed heavily. Denizens of the courtyard feel squeezed between the desolate horror of the wastes outside and the suffocating repression of Vault City: they hold both new arrivals from the wasteland and the Citizens of Vault City in contempt.

An outsider can enjoy the benefits of the city if he becomes a Servant, which basically means becoming a slave. Vault City residents claim that it's just because they give the servants shelter, food and protection, but people like Thomas Moore object to this heavily, and call it hypocrisy since they frown at those who openly call it slavery and do slaving (The Den, for instance).

Despite their antipathy to the outside, the city maintains regular caravan routes with other cities, trading its superior medical technology (medical supplies, Stimpaks, possibly pre-War drugs like Mentats and Buffout) for raw materials and supplies they can't produce within city limits.


Day Passes

Day passes are issued to non-citizens able to provide a bona fide reason for entering Vault City. (Examples: slaves, uranium, gold, or gecko pelt traders, diplomats, and non-citizen agents of Vault City.) Day passes allow a non-citizen access to Vault City proper during daylight hours, but not the original Vault 8 itself. While the customs office is nominally strict in its rules regarding the issuance of day passes, there are some corrupt elements willing to sell false citizenship papers.

New California Republic

The expanding Republic considered Vault City a fantastic candidate for inclusion into its growing organism, however, offers of joining were repeatedly declined, with Vault City preferring to stay independent. With no progress being made on the diplomatic side, the NCR Congress approved a secret initiative intended to force Vault City to join. The person selected to carry out this campaign of terror against Vault City was John Bishop of New Reno, who employed mercenaries to act as raiders and regularly attack Vault City to eventually force it into NCR's hands. In return, Bishop was guaranteed the status of congressman and concessions for the annexed New Reno.

In 2242, the long lasting feud was brought to a conclusion by the Chosen One, though since the outcome is heavily based on the player's actions, no canonical ending is available.


Generally, the only normal way to become a Citizen of Vault City is to be born into it. Personal intervention by the Senior Councilor (currently McClure) or the First Citizen (currently Lynette) can grant a non-citizen citizenship (though this is never done lightly). In addition, non-citizens can take a citizenship test (administered by the Proconsul, currently Gregory), which is intentionally designed to be so difficult as to be virtually impossible by someone not of extraordinary intelligence, perception, and luck. So hard is the test that the majority of born citizens would fail it were they to take it. Some of the subjects covered by it include advanced mathematics, spatial relations, deductive reasoning, language comprehension. A thorough physical exam is also included.

Full Citizens have access to all of Vault City, including the original Vault 8 itself, although few people still use it much, except for its medical bay, and it is mostly used for storage (including a huge number of Water Chips, which were accidentally shipped to Vault 8 instead of Vault 13, while Vault 8's second GECK was shipped to Vault 13 instead of Vault 8).

Vault 8

Vault 8 was designed as the control group for the vault experiments. Opening thirteen years after the war it still remained in pristine condition by 2241. Every element of the vault is still intact, from the Overseer's chair to the entry door. It is off of the Vault's nuclear energy[1] production that Vault City's power is supplied, though its capacity has severely limited the expansion prospects of Vault City. The majority of the vault is now unoccupied and used for storage. Interestingly, the Vault had two sets of doors - massive external blast doors and regular, round Vault-entry door.

Holodisks by Vault City

Fallout 2 Restoration Project changes

  • New Location: Village Outside Vault City - New characters involved as well as several others modified to fit the quest.
  • Learn some info about the Vault Experiments from Vault City's Vault.


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