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For general information about all super mutants, see super mutant.
Super Mutant
variations: Super Mutant
Super Mutant Brute
Super Mutant Master
Super Mutant Overlord
Super Mutant Behemoth
location: Capital Wasteland
appearances: Fallout 3
base id: 1CF93 (gun)
3A147 (melee)

Vault 87 Super Mutants are Fallout 3's version of the Super Mutant.



By 2277, the Super Mutants have appeared on the East Coast of the United States. These Super Mutants were created in the Evolutionary Experimentation Program, the experiment assigned to Vault 87. The modified strain of FEV which created these mutants resulted in a new strain of Super Mutants which, in addition to becoming senile, grow larger and stronger as they age. They are different as they are green-yellow in skin color and less intelligent, but look more "healthy" than the western Super Mutants, as they are never seen with any cybernetic parts or organic disorders. Every Super Mutant's facial expression is permanently set in a sneer. However, unlike their counterparts, they are less human, and after the transformation no clues on how they looked in their former lives could be found. They take prisoners to transform them into more Super Mutants. Just like on the West Coast, the by-product of the Vault 87-based creations are Centaurs, who act as watch/attack dogs.

During exploration of Vault 87, information from a terminal reveals more about the process of mutation that Super Mutants go through, at least when it comes to the specific strain of FEV found in the Super Mutants of the Capital Wasteland. As a human mutates, its muscular and skeletal systems develop rapidly, while their mental faculties diminish. Most sexual characteristics are eliminated, transforming the subject into an almost asexual state.

Despite their supposed lack of intelligence, even compared to West Coast mutants, they are somehow able to organize themselves into a coordinated army (as evidenced by numerous raids and the attempt to reinforce their positions at the Capitol which led to the attack on GNR), procure large amounts of advanced weapons, ammo, and equipment, and even maintain the FEV infrastructure necessary to transform humans and increase their numbers. How they are able to pull this off is never explained as the player never meets a leader or governing body in the game. It is possible they are now being controlled by one of the more intelligent mutants from the West Coast, but the super mutants were a theat in the Capital Wasteland before the death of the Master. Another possibility is that some of the violent mutants have retained their intelligence just like Fawkes and Uncle Leo, but unlike these two, they either lost their sense of morality due to the mutation or they may have been evil before being changed. Yet another possibility may be a hive mentality amongst their kind.

In the ruins of D.C., the super mutants are looking for F.E.V (a conversation between two super mutants in Vault 87 reveals that they are running out of the "green stuff") and Humans to expand their army.

The future of the D.C. super mutants is uncertain; it is possible that the Enclave destroyed the super mutants or ended their operations in Vault 87 when they captured the Lone Wanderer there. Even if this is not the case, the Lone Wanderer notifying the Brotherhood of Steel about Vault 87 as the origin of the super mutants would almost certainly herald an end to the production of any new mutants at the vault. However, if the super mutants found a new source of FEV they would likely continue their activities, considering the mutants previously mentioned organizational capabilities.


The East Coast Super Mutants are divided in the following categories:


Regular (Super Mutant)

SPECIAL Level Hit Points XP Combat skill Attack damage Special damage
ST, 3 PE, 8 EN, 5 CH, 3 IN, 5 AG, 5 LK 6 100 50 N/A N/A

The youngest and weakest of the Capital Wasteland Super Mutants. They never walk alone and usually attack in groups led by a stronger Super Mutant. Regular Super Mutants have almost twice as much health as most standard human NPCs, but this is somewhat offset by their lack of body armor.


These Super Mutants are generally stronger and better armed. They are the most common of all super mutants once you get to a high enough level.


The Super Mutant Masters are the group leaders of the mutant army which plagues Capital Wasteland. They have the most Hit Points of all the super mutants (without Broken Steel).


The Mutant Overlords are old, powerful Super Mutants who appear to already be on their way to becoming Behemoths. Their intelligence (in comparison with other types of Super Mutants) is questionable, but they are smart enough to wield energy weapons. Sometimes they are seen leading groups of Super Mutants, but they more frequently tend to act alone or in pairs.


The greatest threat among the Eastern Super Mutants, there are only five of these Behemoths. They are the oldest and the strongest of their kind, being much bigger than any other humanoid creature.

  • Usually armed with rather large Fire Hydrants mounted on the hydrant's water main pipe, used as a makeshift Melee weapon, or they could also just use their enormous fists. Both cause major damage.


Known quotes of Super Mutants in Fallout 3:

  • "Die human!" - When combat begins.
  • "Game OVER!" - When combat begins.
  • "RAAAHHHH!" - Also when combat begins.
  • "I'll wear your spine around my NECK, human!" - when combat begins
  • "I'm going to RIP YOU TO SHREDS, MEAT!!" - when combat begins
  • "I love a good fight!!" - when combat begins
  • "HAHA!!" - Usually they say this when they are in a group and start shooting at you.
  • "Uh, hello? Anyone there?" - Super Mutant sensing someone is in the same location they're in.
  • "Hurry up and die, I'M HUNGRY!!!" - Super Mutant getting mad because they can't kill you.
  • "RAAAARGH WHY WONT YOU DIE?!!?" - Super Mutant getting mad because they can't kill you.
  • "Why do you humans ALWAYS FIGHT?!!?" - Super Mutant getting mad because he can't kill you.
  • "JUST... STAND....STILL" - Super Mutant getting mad because he can't hit you.
  • "We Are Unstoppable!"- Super Mutant (Possibly other ranks) occasionally during a fight.
  • "We are the Future!"- Super Mutant (Possibly other ranks) occasionally during a fight.
  • "Come out, come out wherever you are..." - Super Mutant looking for you while you're in sneak mode.
  • What's the matter, human? Are you scared? HAHAHA!!" - Super Mutant looking for you.
  • "Well I was hit on the head the other day, and I remembered that I'M A WOMAN!" "Uh, yeah... I go back to doing what I was doing..." "AAAAAH!" - Super Mutant talking to another Super Mutant
  • "OW! Arm HURTS!" - Super Mutant upon injury, typically when shot in the arm.
  • "What you up to? Something fun? Something to eat? ME BORED!" "Why you care?! You human or something?!" "Never mind! You too dumb to talk to!" - Super Mutant talking with another Super Mutant.
  • "I have a joke for you. Ready? Knock knock. Who there? Humans. Humans who? Kill the humans, kill them ALL HAHAHAHAHA. HAHAHAHAHA Oh that's a good one HAHAHA!"- Super Mutant talking to another Super Mutant.
  • "Knock knock. Who there? Humans. Humans who? Pitiful humans! Can't evolve!"
  • "AH! Wounded!" - When injured by player.
  • "HAHAHAHA Stupid robot" - When Metro Protectron asks for tickets towards Super Mutant
  • "Ears playing tricks on me again" - When they sense you but can't find you
  • "FOUND you!" - When they find you
  • "I can hear you... bah, I'm hearing things." - When failing to find the player in sneak mode.
  • "You're here, you're here.... STOP HIDING! - When searching for you.
  • "You can't hide from me, I can taste your fear". - When searching for the player.
  • "PAIN" When you shoot a super mutant behemoth with the smugglers end.
  • "RUN AWAY!" - When a grenade is thrown at them.
  • "AWAY FROM THERE!" - when a grenade is thrown at them.
  • "HOT POTATO!" - When throwing a grenade.
  • "EXPLOSIVE!" - When an explosive is set off in their "pockets"
  • "Never Stop us...." - Various mutants when killed (If they have their head intact).
  • "Imposs...ughh" - Various mutants when killed (If they have their head intact).
  • Super mutants also have conversations with one another, specific to where they are or a certain quest
  • "He Make Big Crush"- Super Mutant conversing with other about Behemoth.
  • "Now try and hide, from THIS!" - when the super mutant spots the player
  • "Die buckethead!" - when fighting someone equipped with a power armor helmet on. (example: Brotherhood of steel, Outcasts, Enclave, and the player if they have power armor equipped)
  • "Yes, by all means, LET'S!" When Fawkes is asked to trade equipment.
  • "Get away from me. You're STUPID!" - Super Mutant talking to another Super Mutant.


  • There is a single, friendly Super Mutant occasionally found roaming the the Capital Wasteland named Uncle Leo (Random encounter). For more information see Uncle Leo
  • Another unique thing about The Capital Wasteland Super Mutants is that Giant Ants and Mirelurks are not hostile towards Super Mutants and vice-versa.
  • Super Mutant Overlords and Fawkes appear to be the only ones that know how to use high tech weapons.
  • There is a super mutant overlord which may spawn in Germantown Police Headquarters which has been reported to carry an unconventional weapon such as a hunting rifle or nail board (Confirmed on 360).
  • Any Super Mutant (with the exception of Behemoths) who is using a melee weapon will usually carry several Frag Grenades as well.
  • Occasionally, wherever Super Mutant Masters/Overlords may appear (Germantown Police Headquarters, The National Archives, etc.), while the physical appearance and stats remain the same, viewing the Master/Overlord up close or in VATS the name onscreen may simply read "Super Mutant" possibly causing confusion to players who find that their attack causes an unexpectedly low amount of damage (Confirmed on 360).
  • Super mutants are not hostile torwards ghouls and vice-versa but the ghoul mask has no effect on them.


Quick fight with Super Mutant Master

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