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Vault 74

Exterior of Vault 74
map marker: none
factions: Raiders
quests: Exploring Vault 74
The following is based on the official Fallout 3 editor tutorial and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Vault 74 is one of the Vault-Tec Vaults located in the Capital Wasteland. Not much is known about its fate except that it was overrun by raiders. It's small, consisting of just an atrium, a clinic, and an overseer's office. There were quarters but it was blocked. The state of disrepair in the Vault, is most likely due to the fact that everyone in Vault 74 perished, and that the Raiders had raided and looted Vault 74.


Related quests

The Vault comes with a simple quest called "Exploring Vault 74". You start the quest by simply entering the vault and you complete the quest by taking the Vault 74 Overseer's log:

Data Log #10.44.78

The Vault has been breached. There was not enough power to level Five!

God have mercy on our souls.


Vault 74 is a Vault that the Bethesda Softworks developers made for the official G.E.C.K. tutorials and it does not appear nor is mentioned anywhere else. Given that, the location is likely non-canon. This means that This Vault can't be found in any console versions of Fallout 3, only PC.



Vault 74 Overseer

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Vault-Tec Vaults

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