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Vault 112

The Tranquility Loungers.

Vault 112 is reached through Smith Casey's Garage.
map marker: Smith Casey's Garage
quests: Scientific Pursuits
Tranquility Lane
cell name: Vault112a
ref id: 0001852C

Vault 112 is one of the Vault-Tec Vaults located in the Capital Wasteland. It was built well hidden underneath Smith Casey's Garage, north-east of Girdershade.



Vault 112 was one of the last to be constructed. The construction started in November 2068, and finished in June 2074. It was intended for only 85 occupants and indefinite duration of the experiment. The vault was built to house and tend to the needs of Dr. Stanislaus Braun, creator of the Garden of Eden Creation Kit. Within it Braun installed a virtual reality simulator and cryonics system, initially containing several simulated utopias including Tranquility Lane. The system should have permitted a select few to live a 'perfect life' practically forever.

What Vault 112's occupants didn't know was that once they entered the virtual reality pods, they had no means of leaving without Braun's authority, and thus were forced to be at the will of any actions Dr. Braun might commit. Dr. Braun, after becoming bored of various simulated worlds, would proceed to kill each one of them. Each time after killing them he would wipe their memory and resurrect them within the program.

Vault layout

Vault 112 houses an entrance area similar to all other vaults, which serves as the airlock and the only connection to the outside world. A single passage in the entryway leads down to the main hall. In it are twelve Tranquility Loungers built around a big pillar, each connected to a terminal which monitors the respective conditions of the "subjects" inside the loungers. There is also another Tranquility Lounger, found in the Overseer's Office, located south of the main hall. The only medical unit of the vault is accessed east of the main hall (where the loungers are).

Since it cannot be maintained by any human inhabitants (they're all in the Tranquility Loungers), Vault 112 is instead maintained by a group of Robobrains. The Robobrains are non-hostile and the player, upon entering the Vault, is simply scolded for being "202.3 years late".

Because of being constantly maintained by Robobrains, and being slightly better hidden than many others, 112 is the only intact vault, other than 101, in the Capital Wasteland. The outcome of this particular experiment is ambiguous - if Braun intended the simulator merely to satisfy his sadistic urges when he designed it, then it fulfilled its purpose completely; if, on the other hand, he sincerely intended to create a virtual heaven for the residents to live in eternally, the nature of his godlike position subsequently drove him insane to make the other resident's existence an eternal hell, it is arguably the most ghastly, abject failure of all the vaults.


The entrance, inside Smith Casey's Garage, has several Mole Rats and Radroaches.

No real dangers here.

Notable loot

With a skill of 75 in Science, you can hack the terminal to the east of the Tranquility Loungers. This will grant you access to the equipment room, where you can obtain a holotape with the password to the overseer's office.


  • Vault 112 is the only vault in Fallout 3 which is completely unaffected by irradiated (or even hostile) creatures.
  • It is easily possible to stumble on Smith Casey's Garage and subsequently find Vault 112 long before the game has indicated to go there as part of Scientific Pursuits; in fact, the player can find it as early as just after finishing Escape!, subsequently skipping Following in His Footsteps and Galaxy News Radio entirely, similar to the possibilities in previous games. If the player walks completely into the vault and triggers the initial dialogue with the RoboBrain about how they are 202.3 years late for their entrance into the vault, the game will automatically begin Scientific Pursuits whether the player wants to or not. Dialogue from this point forward will reflect the new position in the plot.
  • It is possible to lock yourself into Dr.Braun's office
  • Only eleven of the thirteen Tranquility Loungers in the main hall are actually in use by official inhabitants. One is broken down, while another is used by the Lone Wanderer to enter the simulation. The final tranquility lounger is used by the Lone Wanderer's Dad, assumed to be an extra tranquility lounger when the vault was constructed, to enter the simulation.
  • The Lounger Monitors in the main hall can be activated. Some of them give information on the subjects, e.g. Old Lady Dithers shows "inconsistent readings" and "anomalies". In fact she is the only vault resident who has somehow managed to retain, despite Braun's constant killing and mind-wipes, the knowledge that she's really in a simulation.
  • Attacking the RoboBrains will not make them hostile, however you will lose karma if you kill them.
  • Due to the vault's one-time use, it can be used as extra storage space, or another home, to the Lone Wanderer. Safety of items stored here has been confirmed.
  • Vault 112's residents are wearing Vault 77 suits outside the simulation
  • The map, which is based on Vault-Tec's own records, that shows all DC Area Vaults in the Citadel doesn't show Vault 112. Likewise, the Vault listing in Vault-Tec's own mainframe at the Vault-Tec Headquarters does not mark it on your map.
  • If you keep dropping the Vault 112 uniform and talk to the Robobrain, you can rack up an unlimited number of the uniforms.
  • In one of Doctor Pinkerton's journals in his terminal it says that he stole a memory chip from this vault.


  • The RoboBrains may refuse to speak to you as they are "not at liberty to chat right now". The first one you come across will even stop you just to say she is busy. This may be due to entering the Citadel and accidentally starting the quest Picking up the Trail. However, you can still get a Vault 112 jumpsuit from the upper level clinic on one of the tables or the lockers which allows you to access Tranquility Lane. Note that this particular jumpsuit may be invisible, though you are still able to pick it up if you manage to find its exact position (look under notes).
  • Upon exiting the Tranquility Lane simulation, you may find that you have mysteriously received dozens of Frag Grenades. (Confirmed PS3 and Xbox 360)
  • Before entering the Vault, or better before entering the Garage it is recommended to save , because it's possible that one (or more?) of the Followers (e.g. Charon) disappear after leaving the Vault. If the Companions enter with you the Vault, they may need to be re-hired, at their "home"-position. (Confirmed on PC) Alternatively, once in the simulation a note on screen will announce that Dogmeat has returned to Vault 101, on exiting the simulation you still find Charon waiting for you nearby.
  • Sometimes, when exiting the Vault, the final door before the entrance may glitch, and be unusable. After opening it, you will be bounced back across the hallway to the first robobrain.
  • When walking through Vault 112, screens may change to monochrome purple (Xbox 360). This color state stays in the savegame and reload. Probable graphics error.

Continuity Errors

  • Though the Robobrains insist they will only allow someone to sit in the Tranquility Lounger if they are wearing a Vault 112 jumpsuit, when your father comes to speak to you in Vault 112, he is still wearing his Vault 101 suit.
  • After completing the quest, and when your father has left, the monitor in front of the Tranquility Lounger he occupied still displays his information.

Appearances in games

This Vault appears in Fallout 3.

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