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Vault 108

Gary 25, 43 and 36.
map marker: Vault 108
cell name: Vault108a (Entrance)
Vault108b (Living Quarters)
Vault108c (Cloning Lab)
ref id: 0001852D (Entrance)
00018530 (Living Quarters)
00018533 (Cloning Lab)

Vault 108 is one of the Vault-Tec Vaults in the Capital Wasteland, located southeast of Canterbury Commons and northeast of Corvega Factory.



The Vault 108 Entrance area is inhabited by a colony of several Mole Rats. The Vault 108 Living Quarters and Vault 108 Cloning Lab are inhabited by a dozen hostile clones named Gary.

With the exception of Gary 1 and three other random Garys, all other clones initially use melee weapons. Their AI, however, may direct them to pick up stronger weapons.


In the Citadel Vault-Tec computer, the premise of the experiment was explained to study conflict for leadership and power in a vault. The Vault Overseer was known to have a genetic predisposition for a rare form of cancer that was expected to kill him within 40 months of the experiment's inception, and positions of authority in the Vault went undesignated and discretion was given to the Overseer. The main power supply was also scheduled to malfunction after 240 months (20 years while the vault was planned to be sealed for 30), and the back-up power supply was intentionally insufficient to meet the Vault's needs. On top of all this, the Vault was given three times the normal armory stock and no entertainment recordings.

As part of the Vault Experiment, the vault houses a cloning lab. It is full of hostile clones, all named Gary.

There is a Holodisk found in the Cloning Lab (A on map) (located near a body near one of the examination tables, this room also has a Very Easy Safe in it as well as Gary 12 and 36) that slightly explains the fate of Vault 108. Every time Gary was cloned, it immediately became hostile to non-clones, with each one becoming more violent. After the 53rd was no different, they began to wonder what to do with all of the clones, as the Vault's observation rooms were becoming full. The other entry in the holodisk says that Gary 54 was the same way, having injured a Doctor Peterson during an examination.

The entry also states that they will be destroying some of the clones, to make room for "many more tests." What happened next is not clear. What is clear is that the only current survivors are the Gary clones.

Notable Loot

Vault 108 Cloning Labs


  • A Stealth Boy can be found in the entrance, between two terminals that are just to the right of the door to the Living Quarters (to the right, if you are facing the door). It is located in the northwest corner of the room.
  • A Nuka-Cola Quantum can be found behind some crates in a narrow room in the Entrance area, to the east of the door to the cloning labs.
  • An apparently inaccessible Tumblers Today can be seen on the floor below a step ladder behind some crates near the SE corner of the entrance level. This is a glitch of the physics engine. It's in the same room/location of the Nuka-Cola Quantum. It possibly can be made accessible through the extensive use of explosives.

Living quarters

Cloning lab

  • Bobblehead - Charisma - Located in the Vault Cloning Lab on a table in the observation room (located in the center of the map), which looks into the main operating room. If you get lost, go to the black operating tables (one should have a skeleton on it) and look through the glass into the observation room (or the room with four beds). There you will see the bobblehead on a table beside a microscope.
  • In the Cloning Lab, on a different table in the same room as the Bobblehead - Charisma is a Lying, Congressional Style.
  • The Holodisc in the cloning lab ("Cloning Log") that slightly explains the events of Vault 108 is in the room where there's a black cube safe that can be lockpicked. Look for a skeleton on the floor next to an examination table; the holodisc is close by.


  • There seems to be a lowercase lambda symbol painted across the number 108 on the Vault's main door, but in fact it's a graphical bug due to the bump and specular maps of the door's texture being misaligned. ( see discussion)
  • The Garys may occasionally say things other than "Gary." Gary 27 and 41has been known to say "Damn" or "I'm hit!" when hit with a melee weapon or shot and others may yell "Nooo!" when you land the killing blow (or shot).
  • There are seven Vacuum Cleaners in the Living Quarters. This is exceeded only by the 14 found in L.O.B. Enterprises.
  • One can see what is typically the Overseer's office, in the main Vault atrium in the Living Quarters (second story, west end). It has a square window (not round, as is usual), and a door can be seen in the room. This room is not accessible. Turning clipping off shows that there is nothing in the room, and the door is marked as Inaccessible.
  • Gary 23, can be found in the Outcast Outpost in the Operation: Anchorage add-on, behind a locked door (Easy).
  • On the Vault map, located in the Citadel, Vault 108 is shown much closer to The Republic of Dave.


  • The vault door may be found in the open position. There is a possibility that it may not be able to be closed. (confirmed all platforms) Pressing on the actual vault door will make it close and open.
  • Two Garys can be found having normal conversation dialog, if in sneak mode, and left unnoticed.
  • If you bring Fawkes in to Vault 108 he may get stuck in the door, but he will get unstuck if you move a certain distance away or fast travel.
  • When first entering Vault 108 there may be a Wastelander stuck in the top of the cave.

Behind the scenes

  • This may be a reference to Being John Malkovich in which John Malkovich encounters clones who can say only "Malkovich."


This Vault appears only in Fallout 3.

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