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The Vault Sign is a sign used in Vault 101 for identifying a level or room or pointing in a general direction to where a level or room is. In a gray sign cover with an opaque plastic panel, there are indicator lamps for signaling the status of a hatch (green - open, red - close), an independent power source for powering the sign, and motion sensors for detecting the movement of the hatch. Black text and directional symbols are printed onto the panel. This text is visible from at least 10 feet away. Signs are associated with hatches and are often accompanying them. The sign is either ceiling-mounted or wall-mounted in a Vault's corridors.


Sign Configurations


Sign Configuration #1

A sign is wall-mounted to a concrete wall slab above a hatch's frame.


Sign Configuration #2

A sign is ceiling-mounted to a concrete ceiling slab near a hatch.


  • Clinic (directional sign ↑, in the Cafeteria corridor)

Sign Configuration #3

Two signs are ceiling-mounted back-to-back on a concrete ceiling slab.


  • Classroom (directional sign →, in the Classroom/Clinic corridor)
  • Reactor Level (directional sign →, in the Cafeteria corridor (2 locations))

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