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The Vault 101 Distress Signal appears as a Radio broadcast, which you can pick up via your Pip-Boy. This signal is broadcast from Vault 101 by Amata and initiates the quest Trouble on the Homefront. To pick up this signal simply wander near Vault 101 (Megaton is close enough) anytime after completing The Waters of Life quest (which is part of the main storyline).

If you ignore the radio signal entirely and never listen to it it will eventually disappear again. In this case, merely listening to the signal (and thus finding the password to the door) is enough to keep it available. However, if you complete Operation Anchorage after this radio signal becomes available, but before completing the quest, the radio signal dies permanently and the Vault becomes inaccessible. Oddly enough, if you lose the signal because of Operation Anchorage, you can receive the signal again if you downloaded The Pitt DLC. After returning from The Pitt, the signal will become available upon entering the Capital Wasteland (xbox360 confirmed).

You will not receive the signal at all if you were exceptionally rude to Amata when leaving the Vault. If you were at least somewhat kind you can still get it - even if you killed her father.

Amata's Message

This is an automated distress message from Vault-Tec Vault 101. Message begins:

It feels like you left home a long time ago, but I know you're still out there. I just hope you're still alive to hear this.
(Alphonse alive) Things got worse after you left. My father's gone mad with power. If you can hear this, please stop looking for your dad and help stop mine.
(Alphonse dead) Things got worse after you left. The new Overseer is insane. If you can hear this, please stop looking for your dad and help save us.
I changed the door password to my name. If you're hearing this, and you still care enough to help me, you should remember it.
Message repeats.


Radio in Fallout 3

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