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Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel armor
Vault-Tec Advanced Power Armor
name AC value
armor: Advanced Power Armor 130 30000
helmet: Advanced Power Helmet 39 6500
gauntlets: Advanced Power Gauntlets 45 8500
boots: Advanced Power Boots 45 8500
The following is based on Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

The Advanced Power Armor in Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel is not like the Power Armors used by the Brotherhood of Steel, or Enclave, or American military forces before the war. It does resemble the T-51b Power Armor a bit, however. The origin of this armor is probably an attempt by Vault-Tec to produce some valuable combat equipment to help their own Secret Vault to successfully enter the post-apocalyptic world. The advanced version was probably made in order to improve the first prototype, was never fully implemented.

Vault-Tec had access to vast knowledges of the government and other companies and probably tried to use all the technologies they could get access to. Having no option to manufacture or buy T-51 Power Armor in big amounts, they probably started they own research and produced something at least similar to the original.

The only one such known Advanced Power Armor could be found in Secret Vault laboratories.

Other valuable armors like Metal and Tesla, that could be found in FO:BOS, might be produced by Vault-Tec as well during the same development project.


Appearances in games

The Vault-Tec Advanced Power Armor appears only in Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel.

Armor of Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel
Power Armor in the Fallout games

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