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Varrock Teleport
File:Varrock Teleport icon.png
Members only? No
Level 25
Runes 1 Law
3 Air
1 Fire
Spellbook Normal
Experience 35
Quest None
Lectern Oak

The Varrock Teleport is a Teleportation spell in the normal magic spell book. It teleports the caster to the Varrock market square. Like most teleports, it does not work past level 20 in the Wilderness. This spell requires 1 Law rune, 1 Fire rune and 3 Air rune with a level of 25 in Magic to cast. Casting this spell gives you 35 experience.

If you are a member and have completed all the easy tasks in the Varrock Diary, you have the option of teleporting to the south entrance of the Grand Exchange. To change your teleport location, talk to:

  • Rat Burgiss if you’ve completed the easy tasks
  • Reldo if you’ve completed the medium tasks
  • Vannaka if you’ve completed the difficult tasks

This will also affect your teleport tablets, as well as the portals and scrying pools in your house. You can change your teleport location back to the original spot in the Varrock Square by talking to the appropriate person again.

Varrock Teleport costs 337 coins for each cast, 301 coins if an Air staff is equipped and 332 coins if a Fire staff is equipped.

Remember, you cannot use Ancient Magicks or Lunar Spells if you are using regular Magic.

A player using teleports from Basic Spellbook.


Teleport tablet

The Varrock Teleport tablet is an item that can be used by any member to teleport to Varrock. Players can create this item on any lectern as long as they have 1 Law rune, 3 Air runes, 1 Fire rune, and 1 Soft clay and at least level 25 Magic.

This tablet can be made regardless of the player's current spell book. The user does not need to know the relevant magic level to use the tablet, which shares the same rule with all tablets and the player will not receive any experience. Though making the teleport does give 35 experience in magic.

The Varrock Teleport can be used as a good way to make money also. Players can buy the runes and the soft clay for around 625 coins and sell the teleport for about 985 coins.

A player breaking magic tablets to teleport.


  • Players used to only be able to teleport to Varrock Square. With the 13 January 2009 update, players are able to change their teleport location (in member servers) to the entrance of the Grand Exchange (after completing the easy tasks of the Varrock Diary and speaking with Rat Burgiss).
  • In RuneScape Classic the runes were in the following order: Air, Law, Fire. Now, in RS2, the order of the runes has been changed. In RuneScape 2 it's this order: Fire, Air, Law

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