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Also known as:
Race: Sontaran
Home Planet: Sontar
Home Era: 20th century
Appearances: DW: The Two Doctors
Actor: Tim Raynham

Major Varl was a Sontaran officer of the Ninth Sontaran Battle Group.


Under the command of his superior, Stike he and a large group of Sontarans attacked Space Station Chimera and killed nearly all aboard. Only Varl and Stike went with their new ally Chessene of the Franzine Grig to Spain. There Varl and Stike waited while Dastari attempted to find a way for them to possess time travel. Chessene betrayed them and attacked them with Coronic acid, they dissolved and Varl died. Stike survived, but his wounds were catastrophic, and he died in the explosion of his ship. (DW: The Two Doctors)

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Mid Rim


Hutt Space[1]


Ardos system [1]

Grid coordinates


Primary terrain


  • Airless craters


  • Polluted wastelands


  • Forests
  • Oceans
Native species
Immigrated species
Primary language(s)




Major cities



Varl was the original home world of the Hutts, t'landa Til and possibly the Rybets. According to Hutt legend, it was devastated in a cataclysm that vaporized its atmosphere and obliterated all other planets, as well as its moons within its star system.




The Cataclysm

A Hutt

According to Hutt legend, the planet Varl orbited around two suns, Evona and Ardos. Evona and Ardos were venerated as gods by the Hutts. Evona was consumed by a black hole, and in fury, Ardos expelled its gaseous external layers and destroyed the other planets of the star system in 15,000 BBY.

Somehow, Varl survived, though its atmosphere was vaporized, its biosphere was annihilated, and it was left as wasteland. The Hutts fled Varl before the cataclysm, and soon resettled at their colony on Evocar which they promptly renamed Nal Hutta. They believed that by surviving the cataclysm they had been elevated to the status of 'near-gods'. The planet they left behind was reinhabited by the descendants of abandoned servants of the Hutts, with only a few squalid manufacturing centers built in airdomes.


The tale was generally dismissed as more Huttese hyperbole, and the most commonly accepted alternate theory was that the Hutts destroyed their world themselves in some ancient civil war.

Interestingly, there were signs indicating that the cratered wasteland of the planet Varl was once a pleasant green world, and besides many asteroids, no other world orbited the white dwarf, Ardos. Presumably, the asteroids were the remains of Varl's moons, as researchers at the Baobab Archives claimed to have found Hutt artifacts "on the moons of Varl."

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