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Crewman Vargas (played by Raymond Cruz) was a member of the Starfleet battalion under the command of Captain Loomis which was sent to protect a captured Dominion communication array on the planet AR-558 in 2375.

After seven months of prolonged combat with constant waves of Jem'Hadar soldiers, Vargas had grown tired and developed a negative attitude that was reinforced by his grim surroundings. He was slso afflicted with several health problems, such as breathing difficulties, due to his stay there.

Vargas also went partially insane following the sudden death of Crewman McGreevey, who, even though Vargas hated due to the fact he "never shut up", McGreevey liked him and treated his wounds until the day he was killed.

Vargas was part of the defense of the array during the Jem'Hadar's last attempt to retake the Array. Though many Jem'Hadar were killed by Houdini mines and Starfleet phaser fire, they overran the defenses and engaged the Starfleet troops in hand-to-hand combat. Vargas himself was able to kill three Jem'Hadar soldiers single-handedly by that point; his back was exposed for a split-second; enabling another Jem'Hadar trooper to jam his kar'takin blade in the back of Vargas's skull. He died instantly. (DS9 episode: "The Siege of AR-558")

Reese recalled Vargas later in the year. (DS9 short story: "Requital")

In 2376, Nog recalled Vargas and his death at the hands of the Jem'Hadar. (DS9 novel: Cathedral)


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Paladin Vargas
race: Human, Caucasian
affiliation: Capital Wasteland Brotherhood of Steel
Lyons' Pride
role: BoS Paladin
location: Galaxy News Radio
appearances: Fallout 3
quests: Following in His Footsteps
Take it Back!
actor: Pete Papageorge
base id: 0001D44E
ref id: 0001D42D

Paladin Vargas is a Brotherhood of Steel Paladin patrolling the lobby of the Galaxy News Radio building. He is wearing Lyons' Pride Power Armor & Recon Armor Helmet and carries an AER9 Laser Rifle. After completing the Following in His Footsteps quest he can be seen patrolling the Citadel.

Vargas appears to be unkillable during the GNR Plaza firefight but is killable in the final mission Take It Back. Vargas has been found dead in front of the citadel at the start of Take it Back, as Liberty Prime will not move forward without Lyon's Pride assembled this will prevent the quest from being finished. To fix this, one must move Vargas's body to the base of primes feet.



The sergeant of Lyons' Pride, Vargas is 30, and a no-nonsense, professional type. He is Sarah 's right hand man; she relies on him for his experience and advice, and he supports her and mentors her. There is a very close but mostly unspoken friendship between them.

Related quests


Apparel Weapon Other item On death
Lyons' Pride Power Armor
Recon Helmet
Brotherhood Power Helmet*
AER9 Laser Rifle
Brotherhood Holotag

* Only during Take it Back!



  • It appears that after the quest, Take it Back! , Vargas dissappears from the game and Paladin Artemis takes his place patrolling the same pathway through the Citadel as Vargas did.
  • Vargas actually becomes a different character after the quest, Take It Back! . Knight Artemis is identical in voice and appearence to Paladin Vargas.


Paladin Vargas appears only in Fallout 3.

The Citadel

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Final Fantasy

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Vargas' in-game sprite

Vargas is a non-playable character in Final Fantasy VI.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. (Skip section)

Vargas is the son of the martial arts master Duncan. Thus, he was next in line to be the master of the dojo he trained at, which was located near Mt. Kolts. Hovever, he had a major rival in Sabin, who was more talented than him. Vargas always thought Sabin would be the next master and vice versa. According to NPCs and Sabin, Vargas attacked and killed Duncan out of rage for what he perceived as a snubbing when Duncan chose Sabin to be his successor. This is later revealed to be untrue however, and Duncan is found alive by the player later in the game.

One day, however, Vargas snuck out of the dojo and began climbing Mt. Kolts. Terra, Locke, and Edgar caught up to him and Vargas picked a fight with them. However, Sabin showed up, confronting Vargas about his apparent murder of Duncan. Vargas reveals his reasons, and Sabin claims that Duncan had chosen Vargas as his successor, not Sabin. Vargas refuses to listen and duels Sabin one-on-one. Sabin defeats Vargas using a Blitz technique, catching Vargas by surprise as he hadn't expected Sabin to know such an attack yet.

After their duel, Vargas is not seen or mentioned again throughout the game, and the ending of the battle and the way Vargas' sprite vanishes from the screen leaves it ambiguous if he fled after being defeated or was slain by Sabin.


Main article: Vargas (Boss)

Vargas is fought as a boss at Mt. Kolts with two Ipooh enemies.

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Marvel Database

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This is the Vargas disambiguation page.

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NOTE: This page contains spoilers for those who have not completed Blood Runs Deep. If you have not completed the quest, and do not want the quest to be spoiled, do not read further.

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King Vargas
Release date 29 November 2004 (Update)
Race Human (Temporarily Yeti)
Members NPC? Yes
Quest NPC? Yes - Throne of Miscellania, Royal Trouble, Glorious Memories, Blood Runs Deep
Location Second floor of Miscellania castle.
Sells items? No
Skill requirement? No
Quest requirement? Yes
Gender Male
Examine Yeti:
He's in no state to rule a kingdom.
Ruler of Miscellania, newly returned to human form.
Prince Vargas:
Is he supposed to be a yeti? or Heir to the throne of Miscellania.
Notable features King of Miscellania.
A detailed image of King Vargas, after Glorious Memories.
A detailed image of King Vargas, before Glorious Memories.


King Vargas (called Prince Vargas in some cutscenes) is the king of the island of Miscellania. He was turned into a Yeti, which made him unsuitable to rule as king, and therefore he attempted to find a regent. The player then rules in his stead as regent after completing the Throne of Miscellania quest. He seems to be possessive of his land, and without the player knowing it, he seems to try to take back his land. He also occasionally makes decisions for the player when he is not there.


The transformation from Yeti to human.

During Throne of Miscellania, the player has to act as a diplomat between the two fragile nations of Miscellania and Etceteria. Afterward, a treaty from Queen Sigrid will be given to King Vargas. Because of his yeti-like features (not to mention size), he cannot sign the treaty with a normal pen. The player must then get a giant pen nib from Derrik and attach it with some logs to make a giant pen for the king.

During Royal Trouble, he has an argument with Queen Sigrid and declares war on Etceteria. After the quest, the player finds out this is all a big sham, plotted by some teenagers from Rellekka wishing to complete their trials for adulthood. The player must then give King Vargas a letter from Queen Sigrid. He doesn't expect what Sigrid wrote to him, as she hinted dating him after he is cured from his yeti state. The quest will end and he will give the player a reward.

The method of how Vargas became a Yeti was revealed in the quest, Glorious Memories. During the cutscewnes in the quest, he is the younger version of King Vargas called Prince Vargas. He is human at first, but then it is revealed that the attack of a Gnoeals caused him to turn into a yeti. Only a little of it got on Prince Vargas, so he didn't immediately turn into one. Managing to fight the curse for several years, he finally succumbed to it and became a yeti. He is later cured when the player gives him a Yeti curse cure during the quest. The player remains his regent as he wishes to go back to adventuring. He also received a graphical update (the update was for his Yeti form; his human form is entirely new). After Glorious Memories, Baba Yaga will tell a story about King Vargas.

In Blood Runs Deep, he is found trapped in Waterbirth Island and the player must guide him to the entrance. He also gets married to Queen Sigrid and loses his children, Prince Brand and Princess Astrid to the Dagannoth Kings. He later moves back into the castle with his new wife and allows the player to still be Regent, saying that they are the closest thing to a son/daughter he has left.


  • In the cutscene in Glorious Memories, he appears to be wielding a Dragon longsword, but doesn't hold it like players.
  • Before, King Vargas use to stand up perfectly straight on two feet when he was a yeti, but when his look was updated, he leans over on his hands.

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Warning! This page contains MAJOR spoilers for a recently released or soon to be released product. Caution is advised.

Physical description




Hair color


Eye color


Chronological and political information

Old Republic era



Vargas was a Human male and Admiral of remnants of the Sith Empire commanded by Darth Haagen.

Behind the scenes

Vargas was portrayed by concept art for a character of the same name which was to be used in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic III. He is a major character in the Darth Haagen trilogy.


  • Darth Haagen: Teachings of the Dark Lords (First appearance)
  • Darth Haagen: War of the Force

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