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Vanstrom Klause
Vanstrom Klause Vanstrom Klause
Release date Unknown edit
Race Vampyre
Members NPC? Yes
Quest NPC? Yes - In Search of the Myreque, In Aid of the Myreque, Darkness of Hallowvale
Location Canifis pub, Myreque Hideout, Meiyerditch, Burgh de Rott
Sells items? No
Skill requirement? No
Quest requirement? Yes- Priest in Peril
Gender Male
Examine An evil vampire.
Notable features Agent of Lord Drakan

Vanstrom Klause is one of the brutal henchmen of Lord Drakan and member of the Vyrewatch who rule Morytania from the capital, Meiyerditch. Vanstrom is the main antagonist of the Myreque quest series, and is responsible for the murders of at least two Myreque members.


It is unknown how old Vanstrom is, or who his parents were, or how he became involved with Drakan. As he is a Vampyre, he is almost immortal, and, as explained in From The Hedge, issue 40, he recalls the days of the Mahjarrat. He appears to be a direct underling to Drakan, possibly an advisor. It is rumoured that he could possibly be Lord Drakan's cousin.

Though little is known about his past, Vanstrom was first met by the player in the Hair of the Dog tavern in Canifis on a mission to locate the Myreque to supposedly give them weapons. However this was a trick of his, used to determine the location of the Myreque's hideout in the Hollows.

After the player located the Myreque in the In Search of the Myreque quest, Vanstrom revealed that he had used the player to discover the Myreque, and murders two Myreque members, (though, the "murdered" members stay standing in the same spot after the cutscene, and stay standing there until you move bases in the quest "In Aid of the Myreque". You cannot talk to the murdered members) but due to the assistance of the player, the rest managed to escape and flee.

He is later seen telling Gadderanks to collect blood from the villagers of Burgh de Rott. Vanstrom is believed to have ordered Vampire Juvinates to ambush Ivan Strom on his way to Paterdomus, as Veliaf mentions Vanstrom wanting to capture him.. This attack failed, however, and Ivan was able to reach the Temple.

After returning to Meiyerditch he was last seen discussing plans with Ranis and Vanescula Drakan before spotting the player (who was standing on the wall at the time, having just finished sketching Castle Drakan for Safalaan. He descended upon the player and initiated battle. However, the Vyrewatch possess the unique ability of foresight, allowing them to anticipate attacks and block them before they can be hit. Because of this, the player was not able to hit him, and was defeated. Vanstrom was about to kill the player, but Sarius Guile, a human servant to the Vampyres, stopped him. He then disappeared into the night and has not been seen since.

For a strange reason, during In Search Of Myreque Vanstrom is shown without any facial hair in his human form. But during a cutscene in Darkness Of Hallowvale, he is shown with a beard and moustache.

Some players speculate that Ivan Strom is really Vanstrom Klause in disguise, as Ivan Strom sounds like Vanstrom. However, during In Search of the Myreque, Vanstrom and Ivan were in the same room at the same time, and also, in both In Aid of the Myreque and Legacy of Seergaze, Ivan is capable of wielding a Silver sickle, which, if he were a vampyre, would be physically unbearable.

Vanstrom in Combat

Vanstrom, in the Darkness of Hallowvale quest, finds the player spying on Castle Drakan on a mission for the Myreque leader Safalaan. He attacks the player on the walls of the castle and a brief battle is initiated. Vanstrom is shown to be level 169 and fights unarmed, but it is impossible to kill him as he is a member of the Vyrewatch. Instead, whenever the player attacks him, a strange mind-shield appears around him and the player's attack deals no damage. It is thought that, now that the player possesses the Flail of Ivandis, they will be able to kill him in the next installment of the Myreque quest series.


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