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Real Name
Current Alias

Telford Porter


X-Force (Strike Team) (former) Outer Circle of Enforcers II, Factor Three, Fallen Angels


Base Of Operations
(former) Factor Three headquarters, Europe; Beat Street Club, New York City


5' 5"

175 lbs (80 kg)




Marital Status

Professional criminal, (former) Subversive

Place of Birth
Boston, Massachusetts

First appearance

X-Men #2
(November, 1963)


The Vanisher embarked on a one-man crime wave of spectacular thefts using his power of self-teleportation. Thanks to his remarkable successes, the Vanisher quickly assembled a criminal organization under his leadership. In his greatest coup the Vanisher stole top-secret American defence plans and demanded ten million dollars for their return. Confident that no one could capture him, the Vanisher showed up on the White House lawn accompanied by his men to claim the ransom money. Professor Charles Xavier was present and used his psychic powers to give the Vanisher amnesia. Unaware of his own powers, the Vanisher was easily captured and the defense plans were safely returned to the government.[1]


First Appearance: X-Men (Vol 1) #2

Eventually, the Vanisher's memory returned and he escaped from prison. He joined Factor Three, an organization of superhuman mutants intent on world domination. However, the X-Men thwarted Factor Three's efforts to bring about a nuclear holocaust . When Factor Three's leader, the Mutant Master, was exposed as an extraterrestrial, the Vanisher and other members of Factor Three teamed up with the X-Men in defeating him.

Vanisher later tried to prove himself by trying to defeat the Champions, but his power was disrupted by the mutant Darkstar's attempt to use her own version of teleporting to keep him in one place. Later still, when the X-Men's Nightcrawler was investigating the Vanisher, he somehow re-triggered the Vanisher's power, sending them both into another dimension before managing to return to Earth and going their separate ways.

Later, seemingly tiring of high profile crimes, the Vanisher organized a small rag-tag group of young mutant runaways, a number of whom had superhuman powers, called the Fallen Angels. He remained a leader in name only, as the mutant alien Ariel was the one who gathered the misfits together for her own species' purposes of studying mutations. (Porter would also use the kids to steal for himself, and he would usually teleport away if any trouble began to appear.) Even so, Ariel's plot was soon revealed, and the Fallen Angels managed to escape back to Earth. It is assumed that the Vanisher remained involved with the Angels for some time. The Fallen Angels eventually disbanded.

For a time, the Vanisher was a dealer of drug Mutant Growth Hormone.

The Vanisher fell under the mental domination of the Darkling, a mutant who controlled forces from the Darkforce Dimension, the realm through which the Vanisher apparently traveled when he teleported. With the Darkling's defeat the Vanisher regained his free will.

The Vanisher once joined the Outer Circle of the New Enforcers, but the Outer Circle was defeated by the hero Spider-Man and disbanded.

Once, when stopping mid-teleport in order to learn more about his powers, the Vanisher found himself trapped in the Darkforce Dimension by its inhabitants. He was later freed by the mutant Warpath (now, Proudstar) in exchange for information from the mutant information broker Sledge. Sledge's motives for this exchange remain unrevealed.

Telford Porter abandoned his costumed identity and took control of a drug cartel responsible for manufacturing and shipping a gene-altering drug that gave those who took it superhuman powers. His plans were foiled after his company was bought out and then dismantled by Archangel of the X-Men, whilst Porter himself was kept occupied by the X-Men's Stacy X.



Vanisher with X-23

The Vanisher was one of the few mutants who retained their superhuman powers after M-Day. He resurfaced again [2] in possession of a large stockpile of the long-thought destroyed Legacy Virus. Cyclops ordered X-Force to recover it at all costs. In a confrontation with X-Force, he was injured and given a terminal brain tumor by Elixir, in order to secure his co-operation in retrieving the Virus. He transported the team to one of the bases, only to be attacked by soldier of The Right, under command of the resurrected Cameron Hodge. During the battle, he teleported away. Later he was bound and gagged and was seemingly forcibly inducted into the ranks of X-Force, for use as transport and extraction. He continued working with the team for some time, even following them into the future to help find what seemed to the first and last mutant child.[3] Vanisher also participated in X-Force's battles.[4] However, in the future, his teleportation abilities failed to work, because Stryfe had Kiden Nixon hooked up to a machine. Domino was forced to kill her, just as the time limit on their time travel devices was up. Vanisher took off his Time Band and ended right back in the present at the Xavier Institute.[5][6]

Powers and Abilities


Darkforce Teleportation: possesses the psionic ability of Teleportation. Apparently the Vanisher traverses the Darkforce Dimension when teleporting from one place on Earth to another. The Vanisher has an extrasensory ability that prevents him from materializing part or all of his body within a solid object.

Strength level

The Vanisher possesses the normal human strength of a man of his age, height, and build who engages in moderate regular exercise.


The Vanisher's teleportational range or the amount of mass he can teleport with himself remain unrevealed. It is known that the Vanisher can go from southern California to New York State in a single teleport.



The Vanisher has guns which shoot sleeping gas or fire energy beams, and once reprogrammed Sentinel robots to do his bidding.


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