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Vanish in Final Fantasy IX.

Vanish is a magic spell and also an ability that appears in various games in the series.



Final Fantasy VI

Vanish in Final Fantasy VI.

Vanish is learned from Phantom. It inflicts the Vanish status, also known as Clear. Characters with this status ailment are immune to physical attacks, however, their Magic Evade is reduced to zero, and spells such as Reflect and Shell lose their effects, even if caused by some piece of equipment. Characters can also be afflicted with any status ailment, even if they are immune to it, provided that the status is caused by a magic attack. This fact is what causes the infamous Vanish-Doom bug in Final Fantasy VI.

Celes is capable of learning this spell naturally at level 48.

Final Fantasy IX

Vanish is a Blue Magic spell learned from Drakan, Vice, Hornet, Gnoll, and Troll. This spell makes one unit invisible and all physical attacks will miss the afflicted unit. Magic can still connect, however, and when it does it will make the unit visible again. This status also wears off over time. It costs 8 MP to cast.

Final Fantasy XII

Vanish is Arcane Magick 4 License. It makes a target Invisible. However, since many monsters can also detect by sound and scent, this does not guarantee avoiding them.

The International Zodiac Job System version listed Vanish as a Time Magick 3 License. It cannot be bought from magick shops, but obtain from a chest in the Royal Passage in the Tomb of Raithwall. It can be used by the Red Mage and Time Mage Job classes.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Vanish, also known as Sunken State, is a reaction ability in Final Fantasy Tactics. The Ninja class learns it for 900 JP. Once a unit takes HP damage, this ability may add the Invisible status to that unit, protecting them from physical attacks, but making magical attacks do more damage. Invisible is removed once the unit affected by it takes action; attack, sword skills, magic, etc.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Conceal can be learned by Snipers from the Windslash Bow for 100 AP. It grants the unit the Clear status effect, protecting them from being targeted by attacks. The status fades after the use of any action other than movement or a reusing of Conceal.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2

Vanish can be learned by Snipers from the Windslash Bow. It grants the unit the Invisible status effect, protecting them from being targeted by attacks (so long as the user was not previously targeted by a Cannoneer's Target skill when it used Vanish). Hurdy can use the Hide ability to turn himself Invisible as well. It also appears as a Reaction ability, Critical: Vanish. Rangers can learn this from the Jambiya knife, and Hurdy has it mastered when you recruit him.


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