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From Muppet Wiki

Vandalism is an addition, deletion, or change to content made in a deliberate attempt to compromise Muppet Wiki's integrity. The most common types of vandalism are replacing text with obscenities, blanking pages, or adding nonsense.

Any good faith effort to improve the wiki, even if it's misguided or incorrect, is not vandalism.

Vandalizing pages is a violation of Muppet Wiki policy. Wikipedia's policy is to give vandals three warnings, and then block them for a short period of time. We do things differently here, because Wikipedia has 26,000 active contributors, and they can afford to spend time chasing after vandals. We're a niche wiki, with a dedicated but small team of contributors, and we don't have the time or the patience to play whack-a-mole with the vandals.

Fix vandalism

When you see that a page has been vandalised, please revert the page to the previous version. Reverting the vandalism quickly helps to protect the wiki, and it sends a message to the vandal that his or her efforts have been wasted.

  • Click the "history" tag on the page, and you'll see a list of all of the previous versions of the page.
  • You can see any version by clicking on the date. Click on the most recent version before the vandalism.
  • Click on "edit", and you'll see a regular edit page, plus a warning that says that you're editing an out-of-date revision of the page.
  • Hit save, and the unvandalized version will become the current version of the page again.

Check the vandal's contribution history

It can also be helpful to click on the vandal's IP address or username to see their contribution history. They may have vandalised other pages, too, and you can revert those.

Don't tease the vandals

Vandalism is irritating, especially when you can tell that it's the same vandal who's come back more than once. Please resist the urge to let the vandal know how annoyed you are. Don't write anything in the edit summary except "vandalism", and don't post anything on the contributor's talk page.

Vandals are looking for two different kinds of satisfaction: the pleasure of defacing our work, and the pleasure of watching us get angry about it. When you revert the vandalism and ignore the vandal, you take all the pleasure away; the vandal will get bored and move on to pulling the legs off of spiders or whatever else they enjoy.

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From Grand Theft Wiki

Vandalism is the act of editing pages on Grand Theft Wiki with the intent to cause harm or distress. This includes adding offensive material and removing useful material.

"Offensive material" includes swearing, offensive comments, racism, homophobia, and pornography. It also includes any media, whether text, image, video or audio that our Administrators deem to be offensive.

If you spot a page that has been vandalised, please mark it with {{vandal}} in accordance with our Deletion policy. Please read the Policy article for more information. The decision of Administrators determines what happens to vandalised pages. In any dispute, the decision of a Manager is final. Articles that have been marked with {{vandal}} are placed in Category:Vandal.

The NSfV policy (No Shrines for Vandals) states that vandals and spammers should not have monuments to their "success". This means that there should not be big warnings exclaiming about attacks, nor public outcries about how the Staff may not be coping. The main purpose of vandals is to cause disruption, so if the disruption they cause is dealt with quickly and quietly, that will discourage them from continuing.

This article uses material from the "Grand Theft Wiki:Vandalism" article on the GTA wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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From Halopedia, the Halo Wiki

Policies of Halopedia
Article Policies
Canon Policy • Inclusion Policy
Manual of Style • Spoilers Policy
User Policies
Blocking Policy • Poll and Quiz Policy
Signature Policy Voting Policy
Site Policies
General Disclaimer • Image Policy
Protected Page Policy • Usergroup Policy
What Halopedia is not
About Vandalism • Dealing Vandalism

Welcome to the Halopedia's Education Center for Vandalism!


Introduction to Vandalism

Definition of Vandalism

Vandalism is any addition, removal, or change of content made in a deliberate attempt to compromise the integrity of Halopedia. Anyone who commits such an act is a vandal. Vandalism is prohibited on Halopedia.

There are four mechanisms by which vandals can vandalize:

  • plain-text edits (includes "hidden" vandalism embedded within an article)
  • image uploads/inclusions
  • addition of external links
  • page moves/redirects

There are two types of vandalism: deliberate and ambiguous. A concerted effort should be made to differentiate between the two in regards on how to counter vandalism.

Deliberate Vandalism


Deliberate Vandalism is vandalism where it is definitively concluded that vandalism was intentional and was a deliberate effort to damage Halopedia, and not a faux pas on behalf of the vandal.


Types of deliberate vandalism are as follows:

  • Sexual mentions
  • Racist mentions
  • Making article(s) with offensive name(s)
  • User page blanking/replacement
  • Talk page blanking/replacement
  • Creation of account(s) with offensive name(s)

What Can I Do?

  1. Leave a message on the vandal's talk page telling them to stop immediately. However, do not provoke the vandal in any way or form, and state it perfunctorily and business-like.
  2. Inform administrators immediately
  3. Administrators should administer a username/IP ban immediately without remonstration with the vandal

Ambiguous Vandalism


Ambiguous Vandalism is vandalism where it can not be definitively concluded that vandalism was an intentional and deliberate effort to damage Halopedia, and may have been an accidental edit, a misunderstanding of Halopedia policy, etc...


Types of ambiguous vandalism are as follows:

  • Article blanking - If a user does not understand Halopedia policy and means to delete a page to recreate it, make space for a redirect, etc...
  • Spam - Examples could be advertisement or self-promotion on article namespace pages, etc...
Example: "Come visit my Freewebs site!" on an article
  • Nonsense additions - Adding irrelevant information to an article that in no way pertains to the article. This does not, however, include adding information to a wrong section of an article. Mentioning that SPARTAN-117 was a male in the "references" section would not be construed as vandalism...the sentence should be moved to the appropriate section. This is, however, NOT nonsense. Nonsense is graffiti, etc...
Example: "hax0r 133t pwnz0r ter8t3btqy948y" on an article or "I LOVE YOUUUUUU!" on the Cortana article
  • Abuse of tags - Adding/removing "{{Delete}}", etc...when inappropriate.
Example: adding "{{Delete}}" to the SPARTAN-117 article
  • Modifying user comments
  • Deleted page re-creation
Example: remaking user talk:PENI.S to taunt the vandal

What Can I Do?

  1. Leave a message on the user's talk page with the below-referenced templates. For the first time of ambiguous vandalism, leave Template:Vandalism Warning-1. For a second time, leave Template:Vandalism Warning-2, etc...
  2. Be extremely careful not to ambiguate deliberate and ambiguous vandalism! Accusing an ambiguately vandalizing user of deliberate vandalism could be very offensive!

Vandalism Templates


  • Template:Vandalism Warning-1
  • Template:Vandalism Warning-2
  • Template:Vandalism Warning-3
  • Template:Vandalism Warning-4
  • Template:Vandalism Warning-5

Part of the Vandalism Warning Template series
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Vandalism Warning-1 Vandalism Warning-2 Vandalism Warning-3 Vandalism Warning-4 Vandalism Blocked


  • Template:Vandalism Blocked
  • Template:Vandal

See also

  • Halopedia:Esperanza

This article uses material from the "Halopedia:Education Center for Vandalism" article on the Halo wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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From Lostpedia

Vandalism is to Lostpedia, like virtually any website or board on the net, an ever-present problem. However, safeguards are in place--Lostpedia is a wiki, and edits need never be permanent, however big or small. Users should never feel too panicked or shocked when there is a troll on the site, as their edits can be quickly reversed and they themselves quickly banned.


Simple Reversions

Reverting text

If you just want to revert the last edit of something that doesn't belong, or simple one-page vandalism that is new, the process for reversion is as follows:

  1. Click the page's history tab
  2. Click the date link of the edit immediately preceding the vandal's edit (this will display the last appearance before vandalism occurred)
  3. Click the edit tab; the line WARNING: You are editing an out-of-date revision of this page. If you save it, any changes made since this revision will be lost. will be seen at the top
  4. Click save without making any edits, and in the summary field, type "reverting vandalism" or "rv" for short.

Generally, this method is much prefered over manual editing (trying to seek the exact words that were changed, and editing them back in by hand). Manual edits are tedious and can leave behind small bits of vandalism, which are harder to sort from proper edits later. If the edit is old and just a silly one-line joke that causes no real offense, you could simply remove the information, but always check the page history diff field to see what exactly the vandal changed first (keep in mind that when you revert to an out-of-date version, all edits after that are reverted, including good ones). Another useful tool to quickly ascertain what articles a vandal has affected is to hit the contribs link next to their name in Recent changes history.

In the case of reverting text due to disagreement (not obvious vandalism), we do not encourage back-and-forth "edit wars" here. If there is a point of controversy between two or more editors, use the talk page of the article (or one another's user talk pages) to try and resolve issues or come to a consensus/compromise first.

Reverting images

People often take the most offense when a vandal uploads inappropriate images. This can actually be easily reversed by clicking on the image and finding rev next to the last good version of the image. This will revert the picture to the appropriate one.

Please note it takes a few minutes for your browser to re-adjust to the image change, so if you revert an image and find its still there, odds are you’ve done nothing wrong, its your computer that’s simply being slow. You may also want to try clearing your browser's cache.

Extensive vandalism

If the vandalism is on multiple pages and more serious in nature, you should report the incidents to a SysOp immediately (via their user talk page or in IRC Chat), and on the whole let them deal with the reverts and delivering punishments or warnings. SysOps have the option of banning users, and rolling back vandalism with a single click, which stops the cycle very quickly and efficiently.

Whilst many users do try to help by reverting edits after a vandal attack, a common misconception is that you should engage in trying to revert vandal edits whilst the vandal is still on the site. This actually causes even more of a problem as it clogs the Recent changes list on the site with simple revert wars between yourself and the vandal. Although it seems like being helpless, the best thing for you to do is simply wait until either the vandal leaves, or a SysOp arrives and blocks the user. This method is much more productive and also denies the vandal attention, which encourages them to leave. It also makes automatic reversion of any mass vandalism with the SysOps' rollback tool much easier, because manual attempts at reversion need not be individually examined.

If you feel the vandalism is so extensive that something should be done immediately, then it’s a good idea to just focus on areas of importance. For instance, you could perhaps revert edits on our most important and popular articles, as well as revert changes to images which is a simple task of clicking a button. You can always leave changes to an obscure guest star whose page is rarely visited for a SysOp to clean up.

What to do if a vandal tries to provoke you

One should always remember to take the words of a troll with a pinch of salt. Whilst being angered by a statement they might target at you and feeling like you want to retaliate, just remember how pathetic this person’s life must be. When you consider this, you realise that there is absolutely no point giving them any kind of affirmation. At Lostpedia, we encourage you to ignore trolls completely, even if they leave personal attacks on your talk page. Simply place a calm message in a SysOp talk page requesting their ban and leave it at that. Should you find yourself very annoyed, just log out and take a breather (the beauty of the internet is that you can walk away from the virtual reality whenever you choose).

Should you have any more questions about what to do in the instance of vandalism, feel free to post questions in the discussion section of this article, or contact a SysOp / fellow editor.

See also

  • A definition of a SysOp
  • List of Lostpedia Administrators
  • Contacting SysOps via chat

This article uses material from the "Lostpedia:Vandalism" article on the Lostpedia wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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From the RuneScape Wiki, the wiki for all things RuneScape

If you are immediately reporting vandalism in progress, click this link. But remember to assume good faith.

Welcome to the RuneScape Wiki Counter Vandalism Unit. This page is here to help combat vandalism on articles.

This page is monitored by administrators who have the ability to deal with vandals and stop them from causing further damage to the wiki. Vandalism is an offence that a user may be blocked for. If you have noticed severe vandalism on an article, please post the article and name of the offending user or IP address under the Current vandalism section, and it will be dealt with.



Here is a list of administrators who can be contacted via their RuneScape usernames:

  • Amaurice (User:Amaurice) - I sometimes have PM on when I play (UK in evenings). Try here if I'm offline.
  • Atlandy (User:Atlandy)- I am on in the morning EST..actually, I am on quite a bit. PM me in game at anytime.
  • Azaz129 (User:Azaz129) - If it's a vandal reported, it's a vandal blocked. Feel free to PM me ingame to report as well.
  • Azn Burger (User:Iiii I I I) - I'm on the wiki more often than I'm playing RuneScape, so leave a message on my talk page.
  • Bonziiznob (User:Bonziiznob) - PM me for help.
  • Calebchiam (User:Calebchiam) - Rest assured, vandals will be dealt with accordingly. PM me in-game at "Calebchiam" if I happen to be online. Best to leave a message at my talk page though.
  • Chrisso125 (User:Cflm001) - PM me or leave a note on my talk page. :-)
  • Chiafriend12 (User:Chiafriend12) - Message me if something's been vandalized.
  • ChickenSeven (User:Chicken7) - I am always on the IRC channel when on the wiki. Contact me if you need help! Smile
  • C Teng (User:C Teng) - You can always contact me on my talk page, or on RuneScape when I am online.
  • Dr5ag2on1 (User:Dr5ag2on1) - Private message me ingame if you need help with a vandal.
  • Dtm142 (User:Dtm142) - You can contact me ingame or on my talk page.
  • Evil Yanks (User:Evil yanks) - You can leave a message on my User talk: Evil yanks or contact me in-game through the official clan chat or PM me.
  • Frede173 (User:Frede173) - I'm either in my own clan chat or R S Wikia when I'm on.
  • Gangsterls (User:Gangsterls) - Contact me on my talk page, via private message, or in the clan chat. Note: Vandals are likely to be eaten by a grue.
  • Gaz Lloyd (User:Gaz Lloyd) - Vandals will be duly (as it is said ingame) owned. Private is always on, and I'm almost always in the wiki's clan chat, "R S Wikia".
  • Huanghe63 (User:Huanghe63) - Ingame, same name. I'll totally leave the vandal feeling violated.
  • King Korihor (User:Robert Horning) - Counter Vandalism is a priority activity for me, and if you spot it, I'll jump right on it! Please private message me, even if you are standing right next to me as I'm often in the grand exchange.
  • kytti khat (user:kytti khat) - I'm the FNG (fine new girl) to the CVU and will do what i can.
  • Muzzy34 (User:Muzzy34) - Removing vandalism is a main activity for me. If there is a vandal, you can be sure I will see the report. I may be contacted through the wiki's clan chat ingame.
  • Powers38 (User:Powers38) - Hasta la Vista, vandals. O_o I'm pretty much online everyday, just PM me in-game(Private on) or on my talk page.
  • Psycho Robot (User:Psycho Robot) - I got a fever, and the only prescription is banning vandals.
  • Quarenon (User:Quarenon) - I'm reachable in game via the R S Wikia clan chat but if I'm not online just leave a note on my talk page.
  • Quaesitum(User:Ruudvan10000) - The R S Wikia clan chat is my permanent residence, notify me there, or leave a message using this nifty link.
  • Rwojy (User:Rwojy) - I'm on 12+ hours nearly every day, and am usually watching Special:Recentchanges. If I miss something, just pm me in-game, as my private chat is usually on.
  • Sir Revan125 (User:Sir Revan125) - My Private Chat is usually off, so leave a message on my talk page if you need to get in touch.
  • Soldier 1033 (User:Soldier 1033) - I usually have my private chat set to friends but you can PM me if I turn it on. If I'm not on RS you can contact me on my talk page.
  • Sue Loves Me (User:Karlis) - I live to combat vandalism. I also enjoy transparency and the GEMW.
  • Usurper Fuji (User:Tienjt0) - I'm nearly always on the R S Wikia clan chat when I'm playing, so you can contact me there or on my talk page.

What should be reported

  • Blanking pages.
  • Posting offensive material, whether it be images or words.
  • Contributing nonsense.
  • False or deceptive information is being added to an article when the contributor knows that it is false.
  • Blatant personal attacks on a user.
  • Content which encourages breaking any of the 15 game rules.
  • Advertising in any form (aside from websites listed under "External Links" which relate to the article that it is being put in)
  • Impersonating another user.

What should not be reported

  • A discussion where differing opinions are being debated or discussed.
  • Common mistakes, such as incorrect categorisation or misspelled words.
  • Contributing in languages other than English. Should instead be directed toward a non-English RSW.
  • Articles about players, except in cases of repeated articles.
  • Incorrect information is being added to an article when the contributor is not aware of them being incorrect.

See also

  • RuneScape:User block policy
  • Wikipedia policy on Vandalism
  • RuneScape:Administrator requests


If you feel you have been wrongly accused of vandalism you will have to leave a comment on your talk page. Comments left will be read by an administrator.

Current vandalism

Administrators: Please review the block list when making a decision. When a vandal has been dealt with, please replace name/I.P. with "insert vandal".
Reporters: When referencing a vandal account, please insert the suspected vandal's name/I.P. into the "insert vandal" in the cvuid template: {{cvuid|username}} or for anonymous users, {{cvuid|IPaddress}}}

Pending Reports

  • (talk • contribs • deleted contribs • block log • block)
  • insert vandal (talk • contribs • deleted contribs • block log • block)
  • insert vandal (talk • contribs • deleted contribs • block log • block)
  • insert vandal (talk • contribs • deleted contribs • block log • block)
  • insert vandal (talk • contribs • deleted contribs • block log • block)

This article uses material from the "RuneScape:Counter Vandalism Unit" article on the Runescape wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.

City of Heroes

Up to date as of January 31, 2010

From City of Heroes Wiki

This article is about the archvillain. For the badge, see Vandal Badge.


Vandal, in Council armor

Vandal is an Archvillain from the Council.

Heroes can find him:

  • at the end of Citadel's Task Force: Citadel's Children, as an Archvillain and an Enemy. (Levels 25-30+)
Vandal, in 5th Column armor

Villains face him:


As 5th Column member:

The fiend known as Vandal was once a humble tinkerer named Othman Doul. In the late 1930's, the villain Requiem recognized Doul's usefulness and recruited him to the nascent 5th Column. Othman was happy to oblige, since it meant he could indulge his scientific curiosity without restraint. Over the years, Vandal has mechanically augmented himself to prolong his lifespan. Now, he seeks to advance his own position within the 5th Column and perhaps even challenge Requiem for supremacy.

As Council member:

The fiend known as Vandal was once a humble tinkerer named Othman Doul. In the late 1930's, the villain Requiem recognized Doul's usefulness and recruited him to produce the fabulous machinery that powers the Council's arsenal. Othman was happy to oblige, since it meant he could indulge his scientific curiosity without restraint. Over the years, Vandal has mechanically augmented himself to prolong his lifespan. Now, he seeks to advance his own position within the Council by pushing his terrible technology ever farther.


During the mission Remove the 5th Column leaders in the Mender Lazarus Task Force:

Before combat: Why are we waiting for them? We should simply kill this Center.
Combat start:
At 75% Life: You think a little scratch is going to stop us?
At 50% Life: Perhaps you should consider a career change.
At 25% Life: Eh... What are you doing to me?
After defeating a player: I'll make sure to throw the Center in the same pit I put you!

See Also

  • Vandal's 5th Column profile for a list of his powers
  • Vandal's Council profile for a list of his powers

This article uses material from the "Vandal" article on the City of Heroes wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.

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