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A detailed view of a vampyre juvinate
An angry vampire juvinate.

Vampyre juvinates are monsters only found in Morytania, and are very similar to Vampires. Vampyre juvinates cannot be killed by normal weapons. Instead, they can only be harmed by weak silver weapons (such as Silverlight, silver sickle(b), silver bolts, a blessed axe, or a Wolfbane dagger). When they get to half health or less, it is possible to use the special attack of the Rod of Ivandis or Ivandis flail to hold the Vampyre in place thus making a "held Vampyre". After this, a Guthix balance potion can be used for one of three outcomes:

  • The vampyre dies instantly, earning 100 prayer experience;
  • Becomes human again for a reward;
  • The Vampyre gets angry. When angry, its level increases (and therefore it's combat skills), but can be hurt by any weapon. If this happens, players are recommended to switch to their normal melee weapon, as the Rod of Ivandis' and Ivandis Flail's attack bonuses are weak.

If a Guthix balance potion is not used, then the juvinate will say "Ha ha, time to disappear and rejuvinate!", turn into a cloud of mist and float away when it reaches approximately one-quarter health. No drops will be received when this happens.

Vampyre juvinates seem weaker to the Rod/Flail of Ivandis. Compared to a Wolfbane dagger, a rod seems to have a higher average hit on juvinates, despite the lower strength and attack bonuses. The slightly slower speed, however, tends to make Wolfbane a more favourable choice.





Killing a Juvinate (with potion)

100%: Vampire dust

Killing an Angry Juvinate

100%: Vampire dust

Returning a Juvinate to Human

When returning a juvinate to human in Temple Trekking, the human will hand the player a noted reward as well as take his or her former human name (Miala, Verak, Liam and Benjamin are four of them).

If the player should return a juvinate in the Sanguinesti region to human form, the juvinate will not take a name, but will simply then on be referred to as "Former vampire" (interestingly, not vampyre as would be thought). The former vampire will wander towards a gated portion of the juvinate area and remain there.

Weapon drops

Armour drops

Other drops


  • When Guthix balance potion makes Vampyres angry, they turn into a form which closely resembles Vampires, species closely related to Vampyres. They also lose their immunity to normal weapons. If killed then (and only then), they will count toward a vampire Slayer task.
  • There are Vampyre juvinate in the Sanguinesti Region that appear to have once been Vyrewatch but seem to have their wings removed or torn off.

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