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Vampyre is an effect.


Equip any part of the Cursed Vampyre set.


  • Makes a strange black aura surround your characters body.
  • Allows you to cast the spell: Ghoulification.
  • You receive a tag under your character's name. The more people you make ghouls, the 'higher' Vampyre rank you have. Vampyre ranks known so far are:
    • << Vampyre >>
    • << Bloody Vampyre >>
    • << Cursyd Vampyre >>
    • << Ultymite Vampyre >>
    • << Demonyc Vampyre >>


  • This aura looks like a purple bat flying over your characters head.
  • Vampyre 'rank' comes with item - you don't lose it when you take it off or place in bank. You can also give items with better 'rank' to other people - they will have it too.

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This article is about the race of non-player characters and attackable monsters. For the specific monster, see Vampire.

Vampyres are a humanoid race. They are the dominant race of Morytania, and are most often found in the Sanguinesti Region. They live on human blood, and force all residents of Morytania to pay a blood tithe. A few notable vampyres are found outside Morytania.

Vampyres appear to have at least three forms: human form (looks like a regular human, but with fangs and a sickly colour), vapour form, and bat form (looks like a large bat-like creature with horns). Vyrewatch also have a subhuman form, which is a cross between the two. Vampyres do not die of old age, or of natural causes.


Vampyre development

There are three main stages of development for the vampyres in Morytania, namely vampyre juveniles, vampyre juvinates, and vyrewatches.

Vampyre juveniles

Main article: Vampyre juvenile

Vampyre juveniles are the first and weakest stage of vampyres. If players speak to the citizens of Sanguenesti, they will reveal that juveniles are "probably converted from some sort of a bipedal creature". They can be found in the woods east of Burgh de Rott, and in Meiyerditch.

Players can kill them with any weapon, but those in Meiyerditch must be damaged with the Rod of Ivandis or Ivandis flail, and killed with the Guthix balance potion. When the potion is not used, they will transform into vapour form, and escape.

Vampyre juveniles should not be confused with vampires who inhabit the Haunted Woods, the God Wars Dungeon, and the area between Burgh De Rott and the Abandoned Mine. They belong to a different breed.

Vampyre juvinates

Main article: Vampyre juvinate
A detailed view of a vampyre juvinate

Vampyre juvinates are vampires that have been initiated into an order, which makes them immune to any non silver weapons. They are stronger than vampyre juveniles. They turn into fog and retreat unless the player binds them with an Ivandis weapon (rod or flail) and then uses a Guthix balance potion on them.

Vampyre juvinates often do dirty work for the vyrewatch, such as collecting blood tithes, ambushing travellers, and guarding the mines. They are located east of Burgh de Rott, in Meiyerditch, and all over Morytania during Temple Trekking.


Main article: Vyrewatch
A detailed image of a Vyrewatch

Vyrewatches are fully grown vampyres. They have the ability to fly, and are currently immune to all known weapons, only killable using the Ivandis flail and only the Flail made of Silver. They can perfectly disguise themselves as humans whenever they want.

Vyrewatches are found all over Meiyerditch, and east of Burgh De Rott during and after Legacy of Seergaze. Wearing a ring of recoil used to work, but now whenever a vyrewatch damages a player wearing one, a message appears that says that the ring will not work on this creature.

Notable vampyres

In Morytania

  • The Drakans - Lord Lowerniel Vergidiyad Drakan is the ancient and powerful ruler of Morytania, but nobody has seen him in years. The day to day running of Morytania is done by his son and daughter, Ranis and Vanescula. In a Postbag from the Hedge, a letter response says that a Vampyre at its full strength can control Darkness ("turn darkness to solid form"), Corrupt peoples minds ("control the weak willed"), and draw the blood from ones body with a thought ("pull the blood from your body without even touching you"). This implies that there is an even stronger form of Vampyre than the Vyrewatch, since none of the Vyrewatch seem capable of these things. However, note that the two abilities of "drawing blood with a thought" and "controlling darkness" are very similar to the Blood, Shadow and Smoke spells from the Ancient Spell book. Furthermore, the ability to "control the weak willed" raises the question as to why Drakan would need Charos in the first place, although it is possible that with the Ring of Charos he could completely control anyones mind.
  • Malak, whom players meet in the Desert Treasure quest. He teaches players how to defeat the guardian of blood so that he can own more land. He once got sick when he drank blood from the citizens of Mort'ton.
  • Vanstrom Klause, the main villain of the Myreque series. He is often praised by the Drakans and seems to be fourth in command.

Outside Morytania

There are very few vampyres residing outside of Morytania, and the few that are have been greatly weakened. Most of them are lesser forms, such as vampyre juveniles. Known vampyres outside of Morytania include:

  • Count Draynor, the younger brother of Lord Drakan, and the owner of Draynor Manor. He rests in a coffin in the basement, though players fight him in the Vampire Slayer quest.
  • Ruantun, who probably used to be a vampyre juvinate. He is found in the sewers of Draynor Village, and helps players to make a silver pot in the Desert Treasure quest.
  • The Sinister Stranger, a fisherman who denies being a vampyre at all, but he is overpowered by garlic. He is involved with the Fishing Contest quest.
  • There is also a vampyre in the coffin upstairs in the Paterdomus temple, who is involved with the Priest in Peril quest.


  • Vampyres are a possible reference to Terry Pratchett's 1998 novel Carpe Jugulum in which a family of vampires trains themselves to be immune to most traditional anti-vampire techniques, start calling themselves vampyres and try to enforce a "blood tax", making them almost identical to the vampyres in Runescape.

This article uses material from the "Vampyre" article on the Runescape wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.

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