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Final Fantasy Boss
Japanese バンパイア
Romaji Banpaia
NES Name Vampire
PS Name Vampire
GBA Name Vampire
PSP Name Vampire
"All living things are born to die. No one can defeat me, the Vampire!!"

The Vampire is a monster from the original Final Fantasy, which is located on the third floor of the Cavern of Earth. When the Light Warriors arrive to Melmond, they find the earth rotting and the people suffering, and blaming everything on the Vampire. The Light Warriors travel to the Cavern of Earth to confront him. After defeating him, however, they find out that the land in Melmond keeps rotting, and thus they go to the Sage's cave, where they find out that the vampire was working for one of the Four Fiends, the Lich. Vampires like it later appear as random encounters in more places, and in a secret room in the Whisperwind Cove.



At this point of the game, 280 HP is weak; it even has less HP than the Earth Elemental, which appears as a random encounter in the same cave. Its regenerating and Gaze attack can be slightly tricky. Still, it is not a challenge, but that doesn't mean you should attack mindlessly. Just concentrate in the battle and do as you would to a normal enemy.

Final Encounter

"Forgive me, Lich."

In the Whisperwind Cove, there is a room which has all the souls of the monsters who died. Inside, the player can find the Vampire, as well as Astos again. There, the Vampire wants revenge, and attacks the Light Warriors again. However, as the Warriors had already beaten the last fiend to access the Whisperwind Cove, they are very strong for the Vampire, and only one hit will defeat him. After the second defeat, he says his last words, and then disappears for good.

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  • Before the battle with him, the vampire says that "all living things are born to die". This is the same phrase that Minwu uses before the king dies in Final Fantasy II.



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