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Vampire in Final Fantasy V.

Vampire, also known as Blood Suck, Bloodfeast, Raid, Red Feast, or Absorb, is an ability that drains HP and in some cases causes Sap. It is essentially a monster version of the normal Drain spell.




Final Fantasy IV

Used by Blood Bats, Vampiress and other related monsters. Also appears as a usable item.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Known as Bloodfeast, is an enemy ability used by the Blood Bats and the Vampiress. It absorbs the target's HP and keeps doing it afterward.

Final Fantasy V

Vampire (known as Red Feast in the Anthology release) appears as a Blue Magic spell. It acts as a mix between Drain and ????.

Drain Touch appears as a Necromancer spell. Unlike Vampire, it also works on undead creatures.

Final Fantasy VI

Several monsters use the Raid ability, which has a similar effect. The boss Number 128 uses Red Feast as one of its attacks.

Final Fantasy VIII

Vampire is an enemy ability used by Grat, which deals and absorbs minor HP. The ability Absorb is learned through the GFs Pandemona and Doomtrain, and is a Command Ability usable by the party. It provides the same effect as the Black Magic spell Drain, albeit weaker, but is not affected by the Shell bonus.

Final Fantasy IX

Absorb is an enemy ability used by Hecteyes, Prison Cage, Seeker Bat, and Malboro. The abilities Absorb More and Absorb Even More are used exclusively by Seeker Bat.

Final Fantasy X

Absorb is an enemy ability used solely by Yunalesca. Drain Touch is a minor version of Absorb that is used by Ornitholestes and Sinspawn Echuilles.

Final Fantasy XI

Blood Drain can be learned from Bats.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Vampire can be used by Marquis Elmdore, the undead form of Zalbaag Beoulve, and the feline unit Vampire when next to an ally with the monster skill support skill. A unit hit by Vampire falls victim to the Vampire status effect: They can only use Vampire and will randomly use it among enemies and allies. If all members of Ramza's party are afflicted by Vampire, it is a automatic Game Over.

The status can be removed using Holy Water and the Princess's Dispelna. Some accessories grant immunity against Vampire, these being the Barette, Ribbon, Japa Mala, and Onion Gloves.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Drain Touch is a Blue Magic spell used by Zombies.


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