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Vampires are creatures affected by the Great Vampires. Though there are vampire legends on at least 17 planets (and vampires on countless more), the most commonly seen were Humans.

The three Human-based Vampires


The fictional vampire Dracula provided the inspiration for a robot featured in the "House of Horrors" exhibit at the Festival of Ghana. (DW: The Chase) The actual presence of the Ancient One and humans-turned-Haemovore in Eastern Europe may well have inspired some of these legends. (DW: The Curse of Fenric)

The Doctor mentions that legends state that vampires can only be killed by a stake to the heart (like the Great Vampires). They also can't cross running water and are injured by sunlight. Whether these are true or just myths is unknown. (DW: State of Decay)


Created by the Great Vampires, Human vampires were pale and had fangs. They had increased strength and had hypnotic powers, being able to control Gallifreyans, Alzarians and bats. Vampires feed on the blood of other creatures, preferring that of living to dead creatures. Like the Great Vampires themselves and like the Haemovores, they can convert living humans into vampires like themselves. Though they are technically immortal, if their Great Vampire progenitor dies, they quickly age and disintegrate. (DW: State of Decay)

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Vampires are mythical creatures which strangely exist in almost every culture on Earth. With some variation, they drink blood and live forever.

Pavel Chekov suggested that all doctors were vampires. (TOS novel: Uhura's Song)

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Race Template Race Template

The Undead


Base Of Operations



Number of Limbs

Number of Fingers

Number of Toes

Special Adaptations
Fangs; flight (see powers)

Unusual Features

Reanimated through either mystical means.


Place of Birth

First appearance




Vampires can be considered a sub-set (or sub-species) of Zombies. A zombie is a reanimated human corpse. The means by which one reanimates a corpse may vary, but traditionally it is accomplished through supernatural practices.

Vampires typically require sustenance from human blood, are unable to move about in daylight, and have an aversion to garlic and religious symbols.

Powers and Abilities


  • Immortality: So long as vampires continue to consume blood, they will not age beyond the physical state they were in when they first became a vampire.
  • Invulnerability: Vampires are invulnerable to most forms of injury (certain exceptions apply). Bullets, blades and blunt objects do little to no damage to a vampire's body.
  • Regeneration: In addition to being virtually indestructible, whatever damage a vampire does in fact suffer can be healed through the consumption of human blood.
  • Superhuman Strength: A vampire's strength level is several times that of a normal human being and they are considered superhuman.
  • Superhuman Stamina: So long as they continue to consume human blood, a vampire can function tirelessly without rest or relaxation. However, a vampire's stamina wanes the closer it is to sunrise.
  • Transformation: Vampires often possess the ability to transform into a variety of creatures or effects such as bats, wolves, rats or even mist. While their physical attributes may fluctuate during such states, a vampire's mental acuity is the same as that when they are in their human shape. A vampire who transforms into an animal may also benefit from that particular animal's attributes including razor-sharp claws, fangs or the ability to fly.
  • Psychokinesis: Most vampires possess some form of psychokinesis. Some are clairvoyant, others can communicate telepathically, some possess mind control. Particularly powerful vampires can control the minds of several people at once
  • Vampirism: In addition to the various mental and physical benefits that vampires are heir to, they also possess the ability to turn others into vampires as well. Each new vampire is traditionally subservient to the one who "turned" them, but some strong-willed vampires have been known to rebel against their masters.


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Average Strength level



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Vampires are creatures of legend who typically drink blood and avoid sunlight.

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  • In the opening sequence for episode 119 of The Muppet Show, Fozzie Bear delivers the following joke: "I once met a vampire who was so rich, he lived in a split-level coffin."

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Dofus Wiki

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Vampire is a monster.



Normal monster

Level Stats Resistance (%) Base XP Characteristics Aggro range
Life AP MP Resist Neutral Resist Earth Resist Fire Resist Water Resist Air AP loss Resistance MP Loss Resistance Initiative Wisdom Strength Intelligence Chance Agility
9 70 6 3 14 14 -10 -10 10 5 5 0
12 90 6 3 16 16 -10 -10 12 10 10 0
15 110 6 3 18 18 -10 -10 14 15 15 0
18 130 7 4 20 20 -10 -10 16 20 20 0
21 150 7 4 22 22 -10 -10 18 25 25 0

Archmonster - Vamp the Impalest

Level Stats Resistance (%) Base XP Characteristics Aggro range
Life AP MP Resist Neutral Resist Earth Resist Fire Resist Water Resist Air AP loss Resistance MP Loss Resistance Initiative Wisdom Strength Intelligence Chance Agility
9 140 7 4 24 24 0 0 20 40 40 0
12 180 7 4 26 26 0 0 22 45 45 0
15 220 7 4 28 28 0 0 24 50 50 0
18 260 8 5 30 30 0 0 26 55 55 0
21 300 8 5 32 32 0 0 28 60 60 0



Item Name Prospecting Lock
# players (Min observed PP)
Drop Rate (%)
Normal (Archmonster)
Bat (100)
Blood Fabric (549)
Dark Tissue (100) 0.5  (1)
Pointed Tooth (800) 14  (28)
Vampire Leather Briefs (400) 1  (2)
Vampire blood (100) 14  (28)

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Final Fantasy

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Vampire may refer to:

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Guild Wars

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A Hopping Vampire, one of two types of Vampires that can be found in Urgoz's Warren

Vampires are a group of kamikaze creatures that lurk in the first areas of Urgoz's Warren. They will chase their victims around until they catch them, then suicide. This results in the victim being totally drained of either energy or health, depending on the sub-type of the attacker. Their ambush can be devastating to an unwary party.

It is important for a party to dispatch vampires from a distance. Their low level makes this easier to do before party members fall victim to them. Vampires use no other skills and do not attack, so avoiding getting into adjacent range with them is paramount.

Items Dropped

Vampiric Fang

Known Sub-Types

Location Sub-Species Collectable Drop
Urgoz's Warren Image:NA-icon-small.png10 Hopping Vampire
Image:NA-icon-small.png10 Thought Stealer
Vampiric Fang

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(19 votes)
Production information


Technical specifications
Slipspace Drive

Unknown, but unlikely.


No shields




Human-Covenant War




The Vampire is a Covenant aircraft seen in Halo Wars. It is primarily designed for engaging enemy air units and could be the closest Covenant unit to be equivalent to the UNSC Hawk. It fires purple rounds from its Heavy Needler turret at a extremely fast rate. When upgraded, it can drain energy from hostile aircraft using a stasis field, making them crash to the ground, and regenerating itself. Also, once it has been researched, it can make drained aircraft explode with the Stasis Bomb, causing large AOE damage.



It consists of a U or V shaped hull, with a cockpit/weapon attached to the rear, similar to the Spirit dropship. In crude terms, it looks like a Covenant Plasma Rifle on its side with a Needler attached to the rear. Though lacking artificial gravity generators [1], it can develop a stasis field between the "booms"[2]. It can host up to two pilots, whose cockpits are placed on its wings. Its size appears to be much larger than a Banshee's. The 'eye' shape on the front appears to have an upside-down Marathon symbol upon it.


An excellent anti-air unit, the Vampire boasts high AA firepower, yet is not as able to defeat ground units. It is not as fast as the Banshee but it is considerably more resistant to damage. Due to its Heavy Needler turret and wing-mounted plasma cannons, it is able to engage multiple targets at a time. When upgraded it becomes an even worse threat, being able to regenerate itself once the Stasis Drain is researched, and making drained units explode with the Stasis Bomb. It is extremely effective against Hornets/Hawks and Vultures. However it can be easily taken out with Wolverines or by Marine's Rocket Launchers. It is also capable of being hijacked by Spartans. It is also very useful as a escort as it can clear the skies of any incoming aircraft.

On the bottom left: Vampire concepts. On the top left: a Vampire using its Stasis Beam. On the right: the Vampire itself.

Halo Wars Stats

Resource: 250

Minimum Tech Level: 2

Population Count: 2


  • Stasis Drain: Allows the Vampire to regenerate itself when using the Stasis Drain (Y ability) against enemy airborne units draining their health.
  • Stasis Bomb: Drained aircraft no longer crash to the ground but explode causing large Area of Effect (AOE) damage.


  • The Vampire cannot be made in Halo Wars until the Age of Doubt is researched.
  • You can see the needles from its heavy Needler on its back.
  • Its turret can turn and keep shooting at flanking enemy aircraft.[3].
  • This vehicle greatly resembles the Corsair from Starcraft.
  • The Vampire most likely got it's name from its ability to drain it's enemies health like a vampire does to a creature's blood.
  • Like all Covenant technology, the color scheme follows the artistic, flamboyant colors of their ships and other vehicles.
  • The Vampire seems to have two pilot seats on either sides of its wings. The blue "eye" was thought to be the cockpit, but when a Spartan hijacks the vehicle they open one of the doors on the Vampire's wings and enter, similar to the two hulls of a catamaran.
  • The Vampire is called as a bomber, yet its used as a anti air unit.
  • Despite using a heavy Needler, the needles don't explode or make a flak effect.
  • When faced with ground targets and no other support, the Vampire will rain plasma bolts onto their enemies, doing similar damage to the bolts of a Plasma Pistol.


Ground and Air Vehicles of the Covenant
Light Combat Units GhostSpectreChopper
Armored Units ProwlerShadowWraithAnti-Air WraithHonor Guard Wraith
Walkers LocustScarab
Transport Aircraft SpiritPhantom
Combat Aircraft BansheeVampireSeraph
Other Shade

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Marvel Database

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Race Template Race Template

Undead, Creatures of the Night, Bloodsuckers



Base Of Operations


Same as humans

Same as humans




Number of Limbs

Number of Fingers

Number of Toes

Special Adaptations
Vampires cannot live in the sunlight

Unusual Features
Vampires are a form of mystically resurrected humans, therefore their general appearance is as varied as the human race.

Atlantean magical creations



First appearance




The race of vampires first appeared in the pre-cataclysmic era (before the sinking Atlantis and Lemuria), circa 18,500 B.C., when the Atlantean cult of Darkholders used the power of the Chthon Scrolls in order to oppose King Kull, who had slain their leader, Thulsa Doom. The result was Varnae, one of their own raised as the world's first vampire. Varnae quickly slew the other Darkholders and used them to found the vampire race, with himself as Vampire Lord. Other races of vampires -- the Adze, Ancients, Charniputra, Huskies, Jumlin, Nosferati, Purebloods, Tryks, and Yiki Onna -- either diverged from this original Varnaean line, or else arose out of other circumstances. When Atlantis sank 500 years after his creation, Varnae went into hibernation, emerging from time to time to confront threats (such as that posed by Conan in 10,000 B.C.) and to coerce the sorceress Aamshed into creating a ritual to increase his power. This Ritual of Ascendance could only be performed once every 2000 years on the vampire's home soil, however, and twice Varnae failed to complete the ritual before he gave up and resolved to instead seek an heir. Varnae reigned as the unchallenged leader of Earth's vampires for many thousands of years before ceding the title and position to Vlad Dracul in the year 1459. Dracula retained this title in a nearly unbroken reign until Earth's Sorcerer Supreme, Dr. Stephen Strange, uncovered a mystical spell called the Montesi Formula that would banish all vampires from this dimension. Ironically, this spell was found within the Darkhold, the same mystical text containing the spell used to create vampires in the first place. Like most spells, the Montesi Formula contained a counter-spell, and within a few short years, vampires began to appear across the world once again. Dracula himself rose from the grave and reclaimed his title as Lord of the Vampires.


The only substances which could cause a vampire pain were silver and, to a lesser extent, unless it penetrated the vampire's heart, wood. The surest way to kill a vampire was to drive a wooden stake or a silver blade through his or her heart. The stake or blade prevented the heart from supplying ichor to the rest of the body. If the stake or blade was removed, however, even if the vampire's body had crumbled to dust, the vampire's mystical vitality would restore his or her body to the condition it had before the vampire was slain, and return him or her to vampiric "life." Beheading a vampire would also kill him or her. However, there were only three methods of making sure of destroying a vampire permanently. One was to expose the vampire to direct sunlight and then to scatter the ashes. Another was to pierce the vampire's heart with wood or silver, sever his or her head, burn the head and body in separate places and scatter the two resulting piles of ashes in separate locations. The third was mystically, most notably by using the incantation known as the Montesi Formula (after the monk who first realized its significance). Montesi created the incantation by studying fragmentary copies of the Darkhold. It was lost amid many other documents copied by various anonymous monks over the centuries. Research by various vampire hunters over the past few decades revealed its significance, and it was sought by both those hunters and by Dracula, who wished to destroy all copies of it. The incantation apparently canceled the mystic curse that allowed any vampire within earshot to exist, causing it to crumple to dust. The danger is that, as the Montesi Formula was created from black magic theory from the Darkhold, using it untrained (in the mystic arts) causes the user to lose his soul.

At one point, a cult who worshiped the elder demon gods apparently fixated on Dracula as a recipient of their power. Dracula gave them the fragments of the Darkhold he had discovered; the cultists (who were low level mystics) repeatedly recast the original spells that created the first vampires. This increased Draculas powers considerably, and he lost his vulnerably to sunlight and others. Dacula was able to take full control of their minds (as well as anyone around the world that Dracula had ever hypnotized in the past, at will).

Doctor Strange (who at the time was in a great battle with Dracula) was aware of the Montesi Formula. He tracked down the Darkhold and using the original source material to study the spells that created vampires, Doctor Strange created a massive version of the Montesi Formula (backed by his power as Sorcerer Supreme) to wipe out all vampires in the Marvel Universe.

Known Vampires

See Known Vampires.

Pseudo Vampires


The followers of Ba'al exhibited many of the same properties as traditional vampires, but were not in fact true vampires. They wore false fangs and were not inhibited by ultraviolet radiation, but they did partake in the consumption of human blood. Ba'al bestowed power to his underlings, making them stronger, faster and more durable, but they did not possess characteristics that could be defined as superhuman. The Baalist vampires originate from the region known as Gehenna and have followed the edicts of Ba'al since about 13,000 BCE. [1]

Powers and Abilities


None known.


A vampire is a human being who has died but has been resurrected by specific supernatural means and possesses a variety of supernatural abilities and specific limitations, most notably to frequently ingest fresh blood in order to maintain their own existence. Vampires have often been referred to as "undead" throughout the centuries since, even when active, they were not truly alive in the same sense as ordinary human beings. Technically, they can be classified as actually being dead.


Vampires require the fresh blood of living beings, preferably the blood of humans, in order to sustain their physical existence and, usually, obtained it by biting their victims and draining their blood. The bite of a vampire transferred a very mysterious enzyme found only within the saliva of a vampire into the bloodstream of the victim. If the vampire drank enough blood to cause the death of the victim, this enzyme would trigger an unusual metabolic change within the victim's body, beginning with the production of an unusual green liquid referred to as ichor into the bloodstream.

After roughly three days, there would be enough of this liquid in the victims body that it would begin to course through the victims veins in the same way their blood once did. The victim then returned as a vampire and was capable of all the basic capabilities of ordinary humans, with the exception of being able to have children, plus a number of superhuman abilities. However, if the victim retained sufficient blood to survive the vampire's attack, he or she would begin to show signs of anemia because of the presence of the enzyme in his or her bloodstream. The victim would not die under such circumstances. Until a newly created vampire's body metabolized the enzyme, a process that might take as long as several months in some cases, he or she would be extremely weak and highly susceptible to hypnotic suggestions, verbally or through long range mental contact, by the vampire responsible for the attack. There was also a distinct possibility of the newly-turned vampire developing a perverse sexual attraction for the vampire responsible for the transformation.

Note that a new vampire is not created unless the attacking vampire wishes to do so, or loses control and injects too much enzyme.


The overall extent of a vampire's abilities depended upon the strength of the vampire's will. Exceptional vampires with powerful wills, such as Dracula or Varnae, were capable of summoning and controlling thunderstorms, even though the mystical concentration required to do so left them extremely weak for a certain period of time. The vampire's willpower could also determine the extent to which he or she could master their craving for blood and retain the same personality they had in life. However, most people that became vampires quickly found themselves unable to resist the all consuming craving for blood. They quickly degenerated into cruel and animalistic hunters of ordinary human beings, even if these new vampires had been kind and sensitive people in their mortal lives.

Summoning and Shape-shifting

Vampires could summon and control certain creatures such as bats, wolves, and rats. Vampires could also transform themselves into bats, and in the case of some vampires, wolves, while retaining their human intelligence in these forms. Some vampires could even become human-sized bats. Vampires could also transform themselves into mist at will, while still retaining their normal consciousnesses in that form.

Mind control

A vampire could make most human beings into his or her temporary slave if he or she could catch their gaze for a sufficient amount of time, usually only a matter of seconds. The exact length of time needed to mesmerize the victim depended on the strength of will of the vampire and that of his or her victim.


Vampires were rendered immune to the ravages of disease and of aging. However, if deprived of blood for a lengthy period of time, a vampire would begin to show distinct signs of aging, such as his or her hair turning gray. Upon ingesting fresh blood, the vampire would revert to the age in which he or she had been at the time of death.

In most cases, vampires were able to heal themselves from minor injuries within a very brief period of time. Some vampires, such as Count Dracula, could heal from severe burns or broken bones within the span of a few hours, where as most other vampires might require several days to heal the exact same injury. Vampires were not able to regenerate missing organs or severed portions of their anatomy, with the exception of hair. Apart from periodic inconveniences, injuries like these would not critically impair a vampire's effectiveness. Because the ichor was similar in function to blood, poisons and other toxic substances that were circulated in its bloodstream would adversely affect a vampire, although no dosage was large enough to cause death.

Average Strength level

Most vampires possessed superhuman physical strength anywhere from 10 to 20 times greater than they possessed in their mortal lives. The vast majority of known and recorded vampires were capable of lifting from 1,000lbs to 4,000lbs, with only Count Dracula and his predecessor Varnae being known to lift more at 4 and 7 tons respectively due to their special stance as ruler of Earth's vampire race.


Vampires had many limitations imposed upon their supernatural abilities, and even upon their very existence. Below are a listing of weaknesses common to supernatural vampires.

Blood Consumption

Vampires are regularly required to consume a few pints (litres) of blood every other night. Failing to do so would cause the vampire to weaken and after an extended period without blood seemingly perish. A vampires ability to metabolize blood and their frequency of feeding usually varies however depending on a number of factors: Length of time between feedings, damage or injury to the body, resurrection from a near death state, and excessive use of their supernatural abilities and strength.

Native Soil

Typically, vampires cannot travel more than 100 miles (160 km) from their land of birth, unless their bring at least one pound (500 g) of their native soil wherever they choose to sleep during the day. For example, Dracula would typically have coffins with dirt from his native Transylvania shipped to his various hideouts all over Europe and the United States so that he would have a place to rest unharmed from the sun.

However, in many instances vampires (including Dracula) have been depicted being able to travel to far off places and sleep in locations that do not have their native lands earth on hand.

The result of a vampire who does not do this remains unexplained, however given the instances that a vampire has slept without being around soil from their native land suggests that this is not a lethal weakness.

Sun Light

A vampires greatest weakness is sunlight, due to their altered metabolism, vampires were unable to withstand direct sunlight. Sunlight, somehow, caused the ichor to congeal within the vampire's veins and the skin to rapidly decay. Direct exposure to sunlight caused the vampire to dehydrate completely and turn to powder.

Some vampires, such as Dracula have been able to reform their bodies following being turned to powder from the sun, while others have been completely obliterated from contact with the sun. The conditions in which a vampire can come back from the dead may be particular to one who is rightfully the lord of all vampires.

Religious Symbols

Vampires also had an aversion to any religious symbol (such as a crucifix, cross, Star of David, or holy water) wielded or placed by anyone who believes in the religious significance of the symbol. The size of the symbol was not a consideration on its ability to repel vampires, only the strength of belief: for example, a believing Christian wielding a small cross could hold a vampire at bay with it and even sear the vampire's flesh simply by touching him or her with it.

However, the deity must be one that was believed in at the time of the vampire's original death; a cross had no effect on Varnae, for example, since he died approximately 16,000 years before the crucifixion.

Another consideration is if the vampire in question worshiped the faith whose religious symbol is being used against them. For example, when David Eshocl used the Star of David against Dracula [2], Dracula was weakened by it's sight, but stated that because he followed Christianity and not Judaism before becoming a vampire, the Star had a lesser effect on him.

Further, there may be an element of belief by proxy or a vampires own belief that a symbol may harm them, as there have been instances where a crucifix has been used by someone who is not holding the item. For example, Quincy Harker [3] and Elainne Turac [4] have both utilized weapons that would project the symbol of the cross against Dracula while not actually holding the religious symbol. Further, Quincy's faithful dog Saint, has a collar lined with silver crosses [5] that were able to harm Dracula. It's highly improbably that Saint understands the symbolism let alone having faith in Christianity, however either Quincy's faith, or Dracula's belief that the crosses could harm him caused the vampire lord pain.

Lastly, a religious symbol can lose it's power over a vampire if the vampire is capable of making the believers faith falter. In a situation like that, the strength of the religious symbols ability to repel a vampire would weaken.

Invitations Only

Vampires also had a mystical aversion to entering any human dwelling place to which they were not verbally invited. Once invited, they could enter the place at any time thereafter. This appears to only be the case with peoples personal dwellings, as vampires have been seen entering public buildings without the need of being invited inside.

Impaling the Heart

Another weakness of vampires is to impale them through the heart, causing them to eventually decompose into a skeleton. Originally it was thought that a wooden stake would be the only means of doing so, however advancement in vampire hunting techniques have indicated that any object that can break through a vampires chest and pierce the hart is sufficient in killing a vampire.

For example, Blade learned that wooden daggers would prove to be just as effective [6], while Frank Drake and Rachel van Helsing have used wooden bullets [7], Quincy Harker once even defeated Dracula by driving one of the spokes of his own wheelchair into Dracula's heart [8].

However, this does not instantly kill a vampire, as their remains can be reanimated should someone remove the stake from their heart [9][10][11]


The scent of Garlic can sap the strength of a vampire. It has been used as a rope to bind vampires, sapping their strength sufficiently to prevent them from breaking the bonds. However, this weakness is not a lethal one, however it can leave a vampire vulnerable to it's other weaknesses.


Magic wielders such as Doctor Strange and Topaz have been able to harm vampires with magic, and some spells have the effect to kill a vampire. The most lethal spell is the Montesi Formula is a spell from the Book of Darkhold which can destroy all vampires. It was once utilized to do just that, however upon it being broken all the vampires that were destroyed found themselves restored to life once more.

Other Limitations

Vampires cast no reflections, and their images could not be captured on film.


Habitat: Habitat of this race is unknown.
Gravity: Same as Earth
Atmosphere: Same as Earth
Population: Population of this race is unknown.


Type of Government: Government type unknown.
Level of Technology: Technology level unknown.
Cultural Traits: Cultural traits unknown.
Representatives: Count Dracula, Baron Blood


  • Only true vampires possessed the listed vulnerabilities, since their supernatural nature originated within the pages of the Darkhold. Individuals such as the vigilante Michael Morbius, often referred to as "The Living Vampire", and the undead mercenary known as Bloodscream were immune to them since they're referred to as pseudo-vampires. They possess many vampiric qualities, including appearance and many similar superhuman abilities, but have none of the special vulnerabilities because the origins of these abilities had nothing to do with the magic found within the Darkhold.
  • The Vampires in the Blade Movie series, and TV Series, are very different from the Vampires in traditional Marvel Universe, considering they are based on semi-scientific premises, based around a Virus, and how this Virus has mutated the Infected, into another Species of Human, and the Progenitor of the Vampire Race is Drake AKA Dracula, as stated in Blade: Trinity.


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  1. The Gehenna Stone Affair
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Combine ingredients in a shaker over ice. Serve as shots in a highball (rocks) glass.

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This article is about the specific type of attackable monster. For general information about the race, see Vampyre.

Vampires are dangerous creatures found in the Haunted Woods east of Canifis and near the Abandoned Mine. They are aggressive, and will attack anyone. They will occasionally bite players' necks, which can sometimes drain combat stats and the Vampire will recover a small amount of hitpoints. This maneuver will backfire if a player is wearing blessed holy symbols, as the vampire will be weakened and become easier to hit.

While a player was being attacked by a level 61 vampire, a level 72 vampire appeared suddenly.

Level 61 vampires wear brown shirts, while level 72 vampires wear a very light blue shirt, which against their dead-white skin makes them look shirtless to some players.

A level 77 version can be found in the God Wars Dungeon.


Hunting and Rewards

The main reason to hunt vampires is their relatively high hit points and consistently aggressive natures. That combination ensures good experience per hour, since a player will rarely run out of vampires to fight. On the flip side, the player must have high enough defence levels and/or healing items to last.

Vampires offer mediocre to decent treasure rewards, depending on the price of vampire dust. Before the discovery of Summoning, vampire dust had no use and most players refused to collect it. The few who did allegedly made some money in the early days of Summoning, when players levelling up the skill would buy the dust at high prices. At the time of the release of Soul Wars, which features vampire dust as a possible gamble reward, the price had collapsed.

A good spot to kill vampires is the most south-east corner of the woods, just outside the wall gate of Port Phasmatys, it's near to the bank and much less populated with leeches.

Characteristics and History

Vampires are savage beasts closely related to Vampyres, but are considerably less intelligent and are distinguished by their wide grins. Vampires can normally be attacked and killed with any weapon. They were used as warriors by Zamorak since the beginning of God Wars, although recent evidence has shown they were merely allies with Zamorak and not actually followers as once believed. They were used again in large numbers in Misthalin/Morytania conflicts during the 4th age.

Once the River Salve became a barrier to conquest, however, need for Vampire armies diminished. It is theorized that with the usefulness of vampire armies so diminished, and the blood expense of maintaining them unchanged, the vampires were driven outs of Drakan's populated areas, and became feral. Vampires started to reside outside the settlements in Morytania, lurking for possible prey. Most of them can be found in Haunted Woods and near the Abandoned Mine, where they will not be bothered by the Ghasts found wandering around in Mort Myre. Since the vampires would be vulnerable to ghast attacks and cannot make ghasts visible/attackable, this avoidance makes logical sense.

It is interesting to note that Vampyres angered by Guthix balance potion take a form that looks like an enlarged vampire. Unlike vampyres that are vulnerable only to silver weapons, vampires are vulnerable to all attacks. This hints that vampires may have stemmed from vampyres who have lost their powers in one way or another. A different theory is that vampyres are an enhanced version of vampires whose population is carefully controlled, and whose artificial enhancements are disrupted by the Guthix balance potion.


100% drop



Charm drop percentages
No Charm


10 - 16%

1 - 3%

2 - 4%

0 - 2%

Represents 90% confidence range, based on a sample of 347 kills.
1 charm is dropped at once.

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This creature is in the The Undead class.

475 Hit points
305 Experience points per kill

Summon/Convince: --/-- (Illusionable)
Abilities: Melee (0-150), Life Drain (50-200), Paralysis, Haste, Self-Healing (has no graphic), turns itself into a Bat
Pushable: ?
Push Objects: ?
Est. Max. Damage: 350 hp per turn
Immune To: Death, Earth, Drown, Life Drain, Invisibility, Paralysis, Drunkenness
Strong To: Physical (-35%)
Neutral To: Energy, Ice
Weak To: Holy (+25%), Fire (+10%)
Sounds: "BLOOD!"; "Let me kiss your neck"; "I smell warm blood!"; "I call you my bats!, come!".
Behavior: Vampires travel relatively fast, this combined with paralysis and haste makes them difficult to run from. Vampires will retarget, it's best to keep the blocker between the vampire and the weaker individuals. Vampires also haste away from you in very low health. But it heals and will attack you again when you have found out where he ran.
Field Notes: You can obtain some Vampire Dust when you use a Blessed Wooden Stake on a slain vampire's fresh corpse. Also fresh vampires summoned by Braindeaths can be staked.
Location: Drefia behind the Scorpion mountain, Ghost Ship between Venore and Darashia, some Ankrahmun Tombs, Lich Hell, Serpentine Tower (unreachable), Ghostlands (unreachable). House between Plains of Havoc and Dark Cathedral, Hellgate (since summer update 2008), Edron Vampire cave, Vengoth Castle (and mountains before door).
Strategy: A team for a vampire hunt can consist of one knight of about level 30, plus a couple of shooters. More shooters and better skills will make vampires less expensive to hunt, but you probably will not break even until it drops Vampire Shield. The vampire shield is a great loot item for a relatively easy creature, but you may find yourself trying for weeks to loot one.
Everything from these creatures are rare drops, you will be hunting for awhile to get anything from these hard-hitting monsters. If you are attempting to solo a vampire by running it, you need to be ready to heal yourself, as this will cure paralysis. Since you can no longer cure paralysis with potions keep a close eye on your health since you will be forced to use a healing spell, it's best to use exura since they paralyze you often.
Mages can easily solo them from level 40 and up. Druids can use Hailstorm Rod and Flame Strike, and use Exura when their health goes below 310. Sorcerers could do the same with Wand of Inferno, but more effectivelly, as Vampires are weak to Fire Damage. Keep Exura Gran ready at all times, as a combo can take away most of a Mage's health in one shot.Also when stalkers appear as same as vampire either kill the vampire fast or try killing the stalker since it will turn invisible and block you and hit pretty high
Knights with 80+ skills can solo vampires relatively easily (with a Barbarian Arena - Scrapper Mode weapon)
Paladins can solo them using Exura to heal the paralysis and just running and shooting Bolts combined with exori san. Although it would be recommended to use a decent shield and Royal Spears or Enchanted Spears.
Loot: 0-20 gp, Bag, Leather Legs, Bowl, Skull, Grave Flower, Katana, Bronze Amulet, Strong Health Potion (semi rare), Black Pearl (semi rare), Vampire Teeth (semi-rare), Strange Helmet (rare), Spike Sword (rare), Ice Rapier (rare), Emerald Bangle (rare), Vampire Shield (very rare). (Loot Statistics)
See also: Creatures.
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A computer system controlled by Virus. The most common usage being to refer to Virus-controlled vampire ships, or fleet of ships with one huge linked electronic mind — the vampire fleets.

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Tilla Mook and Vampires

Japanese (kanji)




Japanese translated




Appears in (Anime)

Yu-Gi-Oh! (Duel Monsters) GX

Appears in (Manga)

Yu-Gi-Oh! R

In the manga, there are certain Spell and Trap Cards that specifically support Vampire (ヴァンパイア) monsters. However, there is no 'vampire' sub-type in the real OCG/TCG. Most of these cards are Zombie-Type and are usually good additions to Zombie Decks.

Camula in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, and Tilla Mook in Yu-Gi-Oh! R, use Vampire-themed Decks.

"Vampire Orchis" original name is 「-ブラッド・オーキス-」 (Blood Orchis), so it is excluded from cards that refer to "Vampire" monsters. But Red-Moon Baby could be considered part of this archetype because it's original name is 「ヴァンパイア ・ ベビー 」 (Vampire Baby), so it might be in this archetype.



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This article is about the Halloween enemy faction. For the Council subgroup, see Vampyri.


Vampire is an enemy group that appeared during the Halloween Event 2004 and Halloween Event 2006. They appear when players click on doors and get a "Trick".


There is no official background about this group at this time.

Enemy types

Vampire (Lieutenant)

Impervious to pain and to most forms of death, vampires know only one discomfort: thirst. It gnaws at them from the moment human blood first touches their lips. Although they spend their immortal lives trying to slake this thirst, it is only in rare moments that any vampire feels truly sated.


Gloom (Ranged) High Damage over Time, Negative, Foe -Accuracy
Gloom slowly drains a target of life and reduces his chances to hit. Slower than Dark Blast, but deals more Damage over Time.

Life Drain Ranged, Moderate Damage (Negative) Foe: -Accuracy, Self: +Health
The vampire has drained your life to heal itself. Your accuracy is reduced.

Siphon Life Melee, Negative, Foe -Accuracy, Self +HP
The vampire taps the powers of the netherworld to steal life from a target foe and transfer some of it to himself. Siphon Life can sometimes miss more often than normal since a good contact with the foe must be established for a sucessful transfer to occur. A sucessful hit can reduce the target´s accuracy.

Shadow Punch Melee, Smash/Negative, Foe -Accuracy
A basic punch draws power from the netherworld. Shadow Punch deals moderate damage and reduces the target´s accuracy.

Smite Melee Smash/Negative, Medium Damage, Foe -Accuracy
More powerful version of Shadow Punch, Smite deals more damage, but takes longer to recharge. Like Shadow Punch, Smite can reduce the target's accuracy.

Vampire Lord (Boss)

By nature vampires resent authority, but they do recognize the need for a little organization. Vampire Lords have distinguished themselves by their daring, their bloodlust, and their imaginative ways of killing. But they must always keep a sharp eye on their followers, for loyalty is a concept alien to the vampire mind.


Gloom (Ranged) High Damage over Time, Negative, Foe -Accuracy
Gloom slowly drains a target of life and reduces his chances to hit. Slower than Dark Blast, but deals more Damage over Time.

Reconstruction Self Heal
The Vampire can concentrate for a few moments to heal himself.

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