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Valley of the Jedi
General information

c. 1,000 BBY




Johun Othone

"Welcome, Lord Hoth. Welcome to the grave and darkness from which none will ever emerge."
Kaan to Hoth

The Valley of the Jedi or the Valley of the Souls was the site of the Seventh Battle of Ruusan, the last battle of the New Sith Wars almost a thousand years before the Battle of Yavin.

There, Lord Kaan's thought bomb trapped the souls of over one-hundred Jedi and Sith until they were finally freed by Kyle Katarn.

The Valley of the Jedi then became a concentrated area of Force energy called a Force nexus, and is widely believed to be the most powerful Force nexus in the entire galaxy.



A monument to the Army of Light

The Force nexus in the valley.

At the close of the New Sith Wars, the Brotherhood of Darkness's situation had become so fragile that their leader, Lord Kaan, resorted to the use of a thought bomb to end the war.

Luring the Jedi deep into one of Ruusan's caves, Kaan and his Brotherhood detonated the thought bomb, hoping to wipe out Jedi Lord Hoth's Army of Light. However, Hoth perceived Kaan's strategy and left most of his army behind, taking only ninety-nine Jedi with him (one-hundred in total, including Hoth himself). This sacrifice was not in vain, as the Sith proved unable to control the thought bomb, killing the entire Brotherhood of Darkness and ending the New Sith Wars.

Jedi Johun Othone, Hoth's former Padawan, went against the will of the Jedi Council to build a monument to the heroes of the Army of Light and Lord Hoth, with a mausoleum adorned with massive statues. He also placed a huge Adegan crystal in a meditative chamber for the Jedi. The monuments were made by stones that came from various planets, like the heroes of the Army of Light. The graves of the heroes were contained in a central underground cavern of natural origin, with several satellite chambers hewn around it. They were filled with artifacts that presumably belonged to the fallen Jedi warriors. At least one aqueduct brought water into the Valley.

It is believed that the spirits of the Jedi were trapped and the Bouncers of Ruusan said that they would be freed when a "Knight that never was" returned to release them.

Shifting nebulae soon erased hyperspace routes to Ruusan, leaving it inaccessible from the Galaxy at large. Because of the monument's "illegality," the Jedi Council forgot about the Valley which eventually became legendary. Yoda and a few others, including Luke Skywalker who learned about it from Yoda, knew about the Valley, but did not know its location or even whether it existed at all.

Poem of Ages

Map of the Valley of the Jedi.
"And a Knight shall come, a battle will be fought, and the prisoners go free."
Poem of Ages
The spirits of the Valley of the Jedi.

Over a millennium later, the location of the Valley had been lost to all but a few. The Jedi Qu Rahn believed that the Empire or the Dark Jedi would try to take advantage of the power trapped in the Valley and tried to keep its existence safe when his friend Morgan Katarn accidentally discovered its location.

Years after Jerec murdered Katarn, he and his minions learned of the existence of the Valley and captured Rahn, whom they executed after ripping from his mind the fact that Katarn had a map to Ruusan carved into the ceiling in his house. Traveling to Sulon, they took the map and began occupying Ruusan. There, Jerec basked in the power of the Valley, becoming almost godlike in his power.

However, his dominion of the Valley would not go uncontested. Rahn's spirit spoke to Kyle Katarn, Morgan's son, and instructed him in the Force. Katarn tracked down the map, only to have it destroyed before he could read it. He proceeded to hunt down 8t88, the droid that had deciphered the map, and retrieved the coordinates from his internal memory.

With the coordinates, Katarn and his partner Jan Ors made their way to Ruusan. After Jan was captured by Jerec's forces, Katarn fought his way through hordes of stormtroopers and defeated Jerec's remaining Dark Jedi minions until he finally confronted Jerec himself at the Valley's focus. There, he was able to cut off Jerec from the Valley's power and defeat him. Katarn freed the trapped spirits, finally fulfilling the Poem of Ages.

Desann discovers the location of the Valley

Raven's Claw leaves the Valley of the Jedi.

Years later, after Jan's "death" at the hands of Desann and Tavion Axmis, Katarn once again traveled to the Valley in order to make use of its residual Force energy to re-establish his lapsed connection with the Force. Unknown to him, he was tracked to Ruusan as part of Desann's plan. Desann moved in his forces and began using the Valley's power to boost that of mildly Force-sensitive recruits, creating the Reborn.

Fortunately, Katarn had revealed the location of the Valley to Luke Skywalker as a precautionary measure. Skywalker led Rogue Squadron to Ruusan and routed Desann's forces, driving him from the planet and cutting off his supply of Reborn warriors.

The planet also became a target of Tavion's Disciples of Ragnos. Tavion was using Ragnos's scepter to drain areas of the Force to resurrect Marka Ragnos. Kyle Katarn was assigned to investigate cult activity there.

Two statues of the Valley of the Jedi on Ruusan.

Despite the fulfillment of the ancient prophesy by Katarn, Jerec's spirit, as well as that of the ancient Sith, continued to linger in the valley for thousands of years.[1]

Behind the scenes

The name "Valley of the Souls" was used interchangeable for the Valley of the Jedi on the LucasArts website for Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II. The name was also used in Part 2 of The Dark Forces Saga.


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Notes and references

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Valley of the Jedi
General information

1,000 BBY



Physical specifications

The Valley of the Jedi was a large area on the planet Ruusan that was built by the ancient Jedi in 1000 BBY.



Old Republic

The Valley was created by an ancient Jedi to lock in the power of many Jedi spirits. It was told to have great power within it. The location was hidden after that and wasn't re-discovered for about a thousand years.

New Republic

The Valley's location was eventually found, and was put into the hands of Morgan Katarn, the father of the Rebel agent and later Jedi Kyle Katarn. The dark Jedi Jerec had killed Morgan in 1 ABY and then took the map from hip after his posession of it was revealed by Qu Rahn. He had stole the map and went to the Valley. However, Kyle Katarn had followed Jerec to the Valley along with his partner Jan Ors. Although Jerec had obtained the power to the valley, Katarn had still beaten Jerec in battle. The Jedi spirits were then released and the Valley was free. Kyle and Jan were then the only ones who knew the Valley's location. Several years later, a Dark Jedi named Desann had taken control of the Empire. When meeting with the now powerless Katarn on Artus Prime, he had easily beaten him in battle. Katarn then became outraged and used the Valley's power to help him be familiar again with his powers. The plan was a trap though. Desann had tracked him to the Valley and tokk the power for himself to create an army of force actives. The army was destroyed in a failure attack on the Jedi Academy on Yavin IV.


The Valley of the Jedi contains a few different parts that make it up.

The Core: Where the Jedi spirits and their are kept. The flow to the Valleys power is filtered through this area. This is also the location where Katarn and Jerec had fought and where all the ancient statues were created.

Ruins: The ancient works of the Jedi surround the Core, including ancient markings and symbols engraved within the wall's. Many excavations had taken place here by Jerec's Empire during its capture of the Valley.

Dragon's Den: A small room that cut off the trail to the Valley that had housed a small group of Kell Dragon's summoned by the Jedi spirits to defend the Valley.

Ancient doors: Large impenetrable doors that block off the entrance. They had to beactivated by a nearby switch to be successfully opened.


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This article uses material from the "Valley of the Jedi" article on the Star Wars Fanon wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.

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