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Valerie Brannigan
Also known as:
Race: New Human
Home Planet: New Earth
Home Era: Early 5,000,001st millennium
Appearances: DW: Gridlock
WC: In-Flight Entertainment (mentioned)
Actor: Jennifer Hennessy

Valerie was the human wife of the Catkind Thomas Kincade Brannigan. She had travelled with her husband for twelve years, stuck on the motorway in their car. Despite being of different species, they had two-month-old children who looked like regular kittens. (DW:Gridlock)

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race: Human
affiliation: Vault City
role: Repairwoman
location: Vault City
family: Vic (father)
appearances: Fallout 2
quests: Deliver pliers (tools) and a wrench to Valerie
dialogue file: Vcmainwk.msg

Valerie (born 2221) is the brown headed child of Vic the trader, living in Vault City, where she works as the town's primary repairwoman. Unlike most citizens, she isn't a bigot, but has an attitude and short temper, more often than not leading to conflicts with other citizens, in particular those responsible for supplying her workshop. She doesn't have a particular focus, just repairs whatever needs fixing in the city, from laser turret parts through terminal elements to firearms.

Her father, Vic, conceived her with a Vault City citizen in 2221, when he arrived in the city on one of the caravans. In the following years, he visited her on and off, until he stopped coming in 2236. The benefit of being born of a citizen was that Valerie automatically became a citizen herself. Her mother died sometime between 2236 and 2241 of radiation poisoning due to drinking unfiltered water from the courtyard well.


Apparel Weapon Other item
- - -

Interactions with the Player Character

The Chosen One can fetch her a pair of tools and a wrench in exchange for a Snap-Off Super Tool Kit as well as convince her to give her dad a chance.

Weapon upgrades

As the city mechanic, Valerie also upgrades weapons; the following are available (values after the slash apply if a Barter check is passed):

Base Weapon Upgrade Type Cost
Cattle Prod Increased electrical discharge,
Increased damage
Desert Eagle Expanded magazine,
+12 magazine capacity
.44 Magnum Revolver Speed loader,
Reload speed halved
AK-112 Assault Rifle Assault Rifle (Exp. Mag.),
+76 magazine capacity
FN FAL Low-light scope,
Increased nighttime accuracy
Vault City

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Valerie McTavish
Valerie McTavish
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Valerie McTavish
Also known as
Date of birth
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Sydney, Australia
Autopsy assistant
In Australia...
On the plane...
On the island...
Family members
Heard on tape Eko listened to

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Valerie McTavish is the woman who washed and prepped the body of Charlotte Malkin in preparation for autopsy, according to the cassette tape recording coroner Ian McVay lets Eko listen to. Ian calls her "very lovely" and flirts openly with her. She is heard screaming on the audio tape along with Charlotte, when Charlotte wakes up during the autopsy. ("?")

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