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Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Boss
Vajradhara Wu
Level MP
7 22
HP Normal HP Hard
2,900 5,610
14 1 27
1 4 69
SP Gil
80 38
Elemental Affinities
Fire Ice Lightning Gravity
- - - -
Status Resistance
Poison Silence Stun Stop
0 0 0 Immune
Death Blow Away Zantetsuken
100 50 0
Japanese {{{japan}}}
Romaji {{{romaji}}}
Location Wutai - Arena
M4-1-2 - Anti-SOLDIER Monsters
Steal Potion
Items Dropped Potion, Potion x2
Effects -
Recovery Time 1.5s
Stagger 5
Interruptible No
Abilities {{{Abilities}}}
Additional info Abilities whose names are not shown when used are highlighted in italics.

The Vajradhara Wu is a boss in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-. It is fought along with the Vajradhara Tai.


Keep Zack's distance from both of the beast, and try to land some critical hits from their behind. These beasts have a deadly swinging axe and they can surprise Zack with backhand slaps. Be sure to guard whenever they raise their hand, or dodge if possible. Try to focus on one of the Vajradhara at a time. This may be difficult, but after of one the giants has fallen, the battle will be easier for Zack. Magic attacks will do more damage than physical attack, as the beasts have low Spirit stats.

Occasionally they will attack Zack with their synchronized Twin Tomahawk attack which is unavoidable. Use Potion or Cure when necessary. With correctly-timed attacks and guarding, this fight shouldn't be too hard to win.

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